The suit and suspenders are a perfect match! Publish the reason and recommended items!

The suit and suspenders are a perfect match! Publish the reason and recommended items!

Many Japanese people wear suits to look cool, but many don't wear suspenders.

The reason for this is that suspenders are perceived as something worn by people who are overweight and usually don't fit in trouser belts, and that they are unfashionable and old-fashioned.

Comedians and celebrities sometimes wear suspenders to show their individuality, but we, the general public, still don't seem to like them.

However, did you know that the suit style and suspenders go very well together?

If you are aiming to be a fashionable expert, knowing how to wear suspenders and the benefits can help you look cool without looking unfashionable.

This time, we will introduce suspenders that go well with suits, how to combine them, why, and recommended items.

1.What are suspenders and braces?

Suspenders are fashion items that attach to pants and hang from both shoulders.

As a role, you can prevent your clothes from slipping because you can fix your pants.

In Japan, the name suspenders is commonplace, but in the UK they are called "braces".

In Japan, it's "Suspenders".

In the UK, it is called "Braces" by the English name.

In this way, the name suspenders is commonplace in Japan, but in the UK, suspenders mean "garter belts", which has a completely different meaning, so be careful.

And there are various types of suspenders, such as H-shaped for a chic look, X-shaped for formal wear, Y-shaped for casual wear, and side-hung type for people who want to show their individuality or exercise. there is.

2. Merits of matching a suit and suspenders

Suspenders are a fashion item that keeps your pants from slipping out of place.

Suit styles are often worn by businessmen in sales positions, but some people may be reluctant to wear suspenders to work.

However, the scene of wearing a suit is not limited to work.

You can wear a suit for a variety of occasions, such as weddings and other celebrations, anniversaries, and restaurants, so you can combine it with suspenders for a more fashionable look.

And matching suspenders with a suit has various advantages as follows.

Keep your pants long

If you wear a suit and tighten your pants with a trouser belt, the position of the pants may shift if you move for a long time.

By using suspenders, you can "maintain the length of the pants", so you can fix the position of the pants without slipping.

When you have a bag in your hand or your hands are occupied, it is difficult to smoothly fix the trousers of the suit if they are misaligned, but if you combine the suspenders and the suit, the trousers will not fall off. It's easy.

In order not to feel embarrassed when your pants slip off in front of others, it's best to combine suspenders with a suit.

The crease of the pants is beautiful

If you wear a suit and fasten your belt to your trousers, the belt buckle will be in a strange position, or the buckle will look strange from the hem of your jacket, making it unsightly.

If you wear suspenders correctly, you will be able to wear a suit better because the folds of your pants are always neat, and you will not be seen as unclean by others.

Even if the fashion items you wear are fashionable, if you don't wear them well, the silhouette of your entire body will look unfashionable.

It is important to wear expensive branded items, and to increase your fashion level by paying attention to color combinations, sizes, and types, but if you want to care about your appearance, it is also important to be creative so that you can always wear it in a clean state. is.

cannot be tightened with a belt

In a suit style, you can't make your lower body look beautiful unless you wear a belt around your trousers, but if you move for a long time, there is a risk that the part that is tightened by the belt will hurt.

On that point, if you combine suspenders and a suit, you don't have to use a belt, and you can just hang it on your shoulders from your pants and fix it, so it won't be tightened.

By not constricting your clothes or body, you can prevent your clothes from slipping and you can always move comfortably.

Has a leg lengthening effect

If the pants of the suit are fastened with a belt, they are fixed around the abdomen, so when you move, the pants may gradually slide down and you may be seen as having short legs.

Also, the closer you get to the waist, the more deformed the center crease at the fold of the pants, which can make it unsightly.

If you want to make your pants look beautiful, it is important to have clean creases.

By using suspenders, the folds of the pants can be held neatly without bending, so you can expect a "leg lengthening effect".

3. Suspenders have button and clip closures

I told you that suspenders are a great match for suits, but there are "button-fastened type" and "clip-fastened type".

Generally, suit trousers are manufactured on the premise that the belt will be tightened, so they do not have buttons to fasten the suspenders.

Therefore, the suspenders have something to fix the trousers.

button closure

The "button closure type" of suspenders is used by fastening fabric loops, leather, or other materials to buttons on the waist.

Some types of suspenders have buttons on their pants, while others you attach yourself.

The button closure type has the advantage of being hard to come off, so we recommend the button closure type for people who often move their bodies.


The most popular type is the "clip type".

Clips are made of metal or plastic, and metal clips have the advantage of being less likely to break than plastic clips.

However, compared to the button type suspenders, the clip type suspenders are more likely to damage the fabric of the trousers.

4.Combination of suspenders that match the suit

Standard colors for suits include gray, black, and dark blue, but white and black are the basic colors for suspenders to match a suit.

In addition, there are the following as a combination of suspenders that match the suit.

Match the color of your tie

When choosing suspenders, black or white is safe for formal occasions, but as a general rule, there is no problem with "matching the color of your tie".

It is not good business etiquette to wear a brightly colored tie in a business setting, so make sure to match the color of your suspenders to the color of your tie that matches your TPO.

Match with suit lining

The best way is to match the standard color of the suit with the basic color of the suspenders.

If the color of the suspenders is the same as the lining of the suit, the lining can be seen casually, giving a natural atmosphere without feeling out of place.

5. Recommended products for suspenders that look good with suits

Criminal Suspenders | Style Equal

High quality Japanese holster suspenders made by Japanese craftsmen.

It has a charm that neither the X nor the Y type has, and you won't be able to part with it.

Point1. A beautiful silhouette with a beautiful spine

Point2. Less stiff shoulders than other suspenders

Point 3. Two-point closure, so you can't see it when you're wearing a jacket

Point4. Adjustable length with adjuster

・Product name: Criminal Suspenders

・Width: 2.5cm

・Leather part: Fake leather (synthetic leather) *Synthetic leather does not fade.

・Belt part: Polyester *It has elasticity.

·Country of Origin: Japan

・Colors: Black/Gray/Beige/Dark Brown/Navy/Diamond x Black/Stripe x Black/Herringbone x Gray

Holster Suspender | Style Equal

This is also a high-quality Japanese holster suspender made by Japanese craftsmen, but it is made to provide an even better fit.

The secret is the 4-point leather belt on the back.

Each of the four belts can be moved freely, so you don't feel the discomfort of being pulled even though it fits perfectly on the entire upper body.

・Product name: Holster suspenders

・Width: 3cm

・Total length: 100cm (maximum 135cm)

・A leather part: Cowhide

・A belt part: Rayon / rubber

・Metal fittings: iron / resin

・Color: Plain woven pattern x Black/Plain woven pattern x Silver/Wave x Black x Gray/Wave x Black x Beige/Multi stripe x Black x Gray/Multi stripe x Black x Beige/Multi stripe x Black x Brown/Wave x black x brown

6. Suspender suit summary

Suspenders are popular in Japan as Suspenders, but in the UK they are called "Braces" in English.

In the UK, when you talk about suspenders, it means "garter belt", which creates a big misunderstanding, so be careful.

Suspenders go very well with suit styles, so it's important to be aware of the color combination of fashion items such as ties and shirts, and the color combination of the suit itself, so that it doesn't look flashy.

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