[Strongest belt] Business belt with extreme durability.





●Materials: Pole bear waterproof / natural leather (genuine leather) / satin finish
M size: Obi total length about 108 cm (± 1 cm)
Waist up to 95cm.
L size: Obi total length about 123 cm (± 1 cm)
Waist up to 110 cm.
Band width: about 3 cm.
*Some errors may occur depending on the product.
●Specifications: Adjustable size.
-Country of origin: Japan


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this belt is the best

design too
No compromise on materials

The secret story behind the creation of the strongest belt

"Are all belts the same?" "They'll wear out soon anyway." "There's not much difference." . I want to make a super strong belt that can be used for a long time, blowing away that way of thinking about belts! No, let's make it!! The strongest belt concept began with BOSS's thought.

Miracles of Ideas

Mr. Hatta, the chief of a long-established belt maker who has been manufacturing business belts for over 50 years, and repeated trial and error over several months. When I was at a dead end with only mediocre ideas, Mr. Hatta suggested a certain belt. "Isn't the belt worn by the baseball team good?" A baseball belt that doesn't flinch even after being used hard by a high school baseball player for three years. Based on the belt worn by high school baseball players, let's make a belt that can withstand the tough and hard work of businessmen! Tough leather and a high-density, high-strength core material. Craftsmen in Osaka who have been making belts for 35 years carefully sew each belt with materials that are particular about strength! Just by holding it in your hand, you can feel its strength. "There is no doubt, this is the strongest belt." Thus the strongest belt was born.

Why is called the strongest

The belt called the strongest belt. What makes other Bertotos so different? The materials, production process, sewing, and design all have their reasons.

of the baseball club
A belt that endured 3 years

There is an epoch-making natural waterproof leather developed over many years in the UK. That is the material called Pole Bear. Pole Bear has a strength that overturns the concept of leather so far, and its strength has supported the youth of many high school baseball players for three years.

Strong waterproof leather

Epoch-making natural leather "Pole Bear" was born by combining special high-performance materials and natural leather. Pole Air has strength and another big feature. That is strong waterproof leather. It is made to last longer because it exhibits strong waterproofness even in the rain. There is a leather shape that cannot be imitated elsewhere.

Different core density and quality

There is another reason for the strongest strength of the strongest belt. It was in the core. A common belt uses a layer of hardened fibers called a non-woven core as the core. On the other hand, the strongest belt uses a single sheet of thick Nume leather floor core. As a result, we have created a belt that has excellent durability and is resistant to holes and can last for a long time.


Once you are particular about the material, the next step is to find a craftsman who can make the most of that material. Leather manufacturing has a track record of more than 20 years, and we ask a reliable tanner in Himeji. A safe and secure belt made by Japanese craftsmen. Because of STYLE=, we have realized the strongest belt with attention to materials, sewing, and design that cannot be imitated by others.

What I want you to see is artistic sewing

Sewing by professional craftsmen with over 20 years of experience. The beautiful and regular seams are already art. Careful stitching is an important part of making a durable belt. Professionals worthy of the strongest belt created a "work" that lives up to its name.

The strongest belt has no flaws

The strongest belt also has an eye on the shape of the buckle. If you use a flat type buckle, the surface of the belt will be suppressed and the mold will enter. You can't make a flaw in the strongest belt. This form of the end of thinking. We have selected a buckle that wraps around the belt body so that it does not get damaged.

original box

We have prepared a special box for you. You can be happy with gifts and celebrations for your loved ones. I would appreciate it if you could use it as an accessory case.

The perfect buckle for you


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