[Latest version in 2022] A must-see for businessmen! 7 recommended mail order belts that won't fail

[Latest version in 2022] A must-see for businessmen! 7 recommended mail order belts that won't fail

White-collar workers who usually wear suits to work always wear trouser belts.

Even if you wear a belt, it is hidden by your jacket, so many people who have used it for many years may continue to wear it without realizing that it is damaged.

There must be many men who one day suddenly realize that their belt broke and they've been wearing the same belt for years.

There are many people who don't care about wearing the same belt because they hide it with their jacket anyway.

However, there are many women who look at men's shoes, belts, accessories and other small items to check whether they are stylish men.

Men who pay attention to fashion details and have a sense of cleanliness feel that they are likely to be able to do their jobs, and the opposite sex feels that they will not be good if they go out with them, and they tend to be popular.

It's just a belt, but if you are particular about the design, color, size, material, etc., you will get a good impression from women by purchasing and wearing something suitable for businessmen.

This time, we will introduce 7 recommended mail order belts that are a must-see for businessmen in 2022 and how to choose them.

1. 2022 latest version! Belt mail order recommendation

Businessmen wear belts every day, so they are easily damaged.

In the worst case, it may break while you are wearing it, so it is safer to have multiple copies if possible.

Also, by wearing a trouser belt that matches your business style as much as possible and is not flashy colors or strange designs, it will not be a violation of manners, and on top of that, women will think you are fashionable.

The 2022 latest version, the following are the mail order recommendations for businessmen's must-see belts that will not fail.


STYLE='s strongest belt is recommended for businessmen who wear belts every day.

Let's make a super durable belt that you can use for a long time! It is made of epoch-making natural leather called Pole Bear from the strong desire to demonstrate strength and strong waterproofness.

And not only the material, but also the production process, sewing, design, and everything else, the belt is truly the "strongest belt".

・Product Name: Strongest Belt | Full 3-year warranty. Durable business belt

・Amount: ¥6,380

・Size: M/Recommended waist size up to 95cm L/Recommended waist size up to 110cm *Size can be adjusted. Width about 3cm

・Manufacturer: Made in Japan

・Material: Pole bear waterproof natural leather (genuine leather)

・Finish: Satin finish


This is the 35mm version of the style equal strongest belt that I recommended earlier.

It seems that the thickness of the belt is decided not by the size of the physique, but by what kind of impression you want to give.

Slim and stylish.

If it is thick, it will give a solid image.

Which impression would you like to see?

・Product Name: Strongest Business Belt [35mm Width]

・Amount: ¥7,150

・Size: M/Recommended waist size up to 95cm L/Recommended waist size up to 115cm *Size can be adjusted. Width about 3.5cm

・Manufacturer: Made in Japan

・Material: Pole bear waterproof natural leather (genuine leather)


<quote below>

Orobianco, an Italian brand established in 1996, recommends the "Orobianco ALL BLACK SERIES" belt for businessmen.

Orobianco has a lot of fashionable products for men, and the belts of "ALL BLACK SERIES" are unified in black and give a plain impression at first glance. is.

・Product name: Orobianco ALL BLACK SERIES

・Size: FREE

・Color: Black

・Manufacturer: Made in Japan

・Material: Cowhide


<quote below>

Diesel, a famous fashion brand led by Italian businessman Renzo Rosso.

In addition, it has deep connections with affiliated companies such as "Maison Margiela", "Viktor&Rolf", "Marni", and "Amiri", and is supported by fashionable young people.

From such Diesel, the trouser belt recommended for businessmen is "Diesel B-DELOGO NEW COLLECTION".

Regeneration leather, which reuses leather fragments, etc. generated in the manufacturing process with eco-consciousness in mind, is partially applied, and the embossed D logo on the belt shines.

・Product name: Diesel B-DELOGO NEW COLLECTION

・Size: 80/85/90/95

・Color: Black/Red

・Material: Leather


Not only the leather and buckles used, but also the core materials and sewing threads are all made in Japan, so you can enjoy the "genuine" quality of Japanese craftsmen's heart and skills.

You can also choose from 5 traditional and deep colors.

・Product name: Genuine leather belt [Thoroughly made in Japan]

・Amount: ¥8,580

・Size: Obi total length/about 108cm (Waist maximum 98cm) Obi width/3cm *Some errors may occur depending on the product.

・Manufacturer: Made in Japan

・Materials: front/cowhide, back/pig leather, buckle/brass

Paul Smith

<quote below>

Paul Smith, a high-end brand that is extremely popular in the fashion world and famous in Japan, sells the "Paul Smith Logo Square Buckle Belt" that exudes fashion and elegance.

A simple belt with a Paul Smith logo on the trouser belt that brings out the natural texture and luster.

・Product Name: Paul Smith Logo Square Buckle Belt

・Size: S/M/L/X/L/L2

・Color: Black/Dark Brown

・Manufacturer: Made in Japan

・Material: Cowhide


<quote below>

We recommend the "BEAMS GOLF ITALY mesh belt" for the 2022 latest version of the belt that is a must-see for businessmen and does not fail, from the popular select shop BEAMS.

This trouser belt is produced in collaboration between Japan and Italy, and the mesh material is carefully made by Manifatura Domodossola in Italy.

The simple design makes it a belt that you can rest assured that it will not look flashy or strange even if you wear it for work.

・Product name: BEAMS GOLF ITALY mesh belt

・Size: M/L

・Color: White/Brown/Navy

・Manufacturer: Made in Japan

・Material: 100% rayon, cow leather

2. How to choose a belt mail order that does not fail

This time, we are talking about trouser belts worn by businessmen, so there is no need for something playful or flashy in color or design for work.

Therefore, it is important not to choose such a belt.

On the other hand, even if it is too simple, it will not look fashionable at all, so if you want to impress the opposite sex, wear a belt that makes you look intelligent, mature, and elegant.

A man who can pay attention to the details of fashion coordination is easy to think that he is good at handling women.

The best way to choose the latest version of the 2022 businessman's belt mail order is to be conscious of the following.


Businessmen who wear suits are always expected to be clean, so they must be clean from the top of their heads to their shoes.

The color of the belt should match the color of the shoes.

So, if only the belt is clean and the shoes are dirty or damaged, it will stand out even if they are all in the same color.

It's important to take care of all the small items you wear, not just the belt, make sure you don't use too many different colors and keep them clean.


It is safe for businessmen to wear simple designs that do not violate manners.

There are many plain trouser belts, branded ones, and fashionable and cool designs, so it is possible to create an elegant and mature look.

You don't need to show too much personality in your work clothes, so don't wear anything quirky or flashy.


Many of the trouser belts are made of synthetic leather or artificial leather that looks cheaper or has a shorter lifespan than genuine leather.

Businessmen wear a belt every day, so it is better to wear a belt made of durable material that can last as long as possible.

It is difficult for the other person to think that you are sincere if you give a fuzzy impression.

business private

When choosing a trouser belt, it is better to separate business and personal use.

On days off from work, you rarely wear a suit or leather shoes.

Basically, it is desirable to match the color of the belt with the color of the shoes as a business man's appearance. It's not good because it doesn't fit.

For business, it would be best to wear leather material in a plain color such as black, navy, or dark brown.

Some people think that wearing a belt for work in private makes them conscious of work, so it is better to separate the belts so that you can turn your feelings on and off.


You have to worry about the size as the best choice for the 2022 latest version of the businessman's belt mail order.

There are two sizes of trouser belts: standard length type and cut type.

A fixed length belt is a belt whose length is fixed from the beginning.

The cut type is to adjust the length by cutting the belt.

For businessmen, we recommend a leather type cut belt that does not look cheap.

As a general rule, wear it through the center hole of the belt through the clasp.

3.Summary of belt mail order recommendations

Businessmen often wear suits to work, but many of them wear the same trouser belt all the time.

It's a small item that can be hidden under a jacket, so few men are concerned about dirt, appearance, and damage.

Women are more likely to carefully check the fashion of small items worn by men.

Therefore, it is important to choose a trouser belt that is suitable for business.

There are various types of trouser belts that are perfect for businessmen, so it is easy to choose the best one for work.

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