A must-see for job-hunting students! How to choose a tie pin that will definitely increase the adoption rate

A must-see for job-hunting students! How to choose a tie pin that will definitely increase the adoption rate

In the Reiwa era, work style reforms for working adults have progressed, and a wide variety of employment forms have emerged.

In particular, the number of companies that recommend telework is increasing, and an environment has been established in which remote work can be done from home or nearby facilities without having to go to the office.

However, many companies still visit the company directly for an interview when joining the company.

When job hunting starts, most people tend to wear a suit and tie.

A tie clip is useful for securing a tie.

In the interview, not only the appearance but also the inside is considered important, but it is important to be well-groomed in order to make a good first impression.

This time, I will introduce how to choose and attach a tie pin for job hunting students.

1. Is it true that job hunting students don't need tie clips?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for a job is grooming.

When you become a member of society, in addition to your company's employees, you have to deepen your relationships with the people of the companies you do business with and build better human relationships.

Businessmen who wear suits and ties to work often carry out sales activities outside the company.

Since I am allowed to work with the company's sign on my back, if I do not make a good impression on the people I meet, it will affect not only my evaluation but also the company's reputation.

Many businessmen who wear suits and ties understand the importance of their appearance, so even if it's just a tie, they wear a tie clip to keep their appearance in order.

However, job-hunting students do not necessarily need to wear a tie pin during an interview.

The role of a tie clip is to position it as a fashion item and to prevent the tie from twisting.

In important situations such as job hunting, wearing a tie clip may give the interviewer the impression that you are overly fashionable and overly enthusiastic.

〇 There is a possibility that the conversation will be lively with a tie pin at the time of the interview

If a job-hunting student wears a stylish suit and tie with a necktie pin while looking for a mid-career recruitment exam, they will be judged more severely than those who are entering the workforce for the first time.

This is because the company is looking for a ready-to-work force, so some interviewers worry that they are too preoccupied with their appearance and have a self-centered personality.

Also, since the interviewers think about whether you will handle the job properly after hiring, it may be better not to wear a tie clip when you go to a company for an interview as a mid-career hire.

Even if you are a new member of society, wearing a tie clip may make the interviewer feel uneasy, but on the contrary, there are many cases where the topic of the tie clip will liven up the conversation during the interview.

It may be a conversation starter, so job-hunting students may be able to loosen the thread of tension.

2. How to choose a tie pin for job hunting students

It is important for job hunting students to choose simple and safe things such as colors, materials and patterns as much as possible.

However, many people are confused about which one to choose.

There may be people around you who wear suits and ties on a daily basis, and who work with their tiepins properly fastened.

However, there are many businessmen who are not job hunting students who wear tiepins for fashion sense, so there are cases where it is not helpful.

If you wear a tie clip that is too eccentric or flashy, it may give a negative impression to the interviewer at the important interview scene that will affect your life, which may affect the hiring rate.

For job-hunting students who want to increase the hiring rate as much as possible, it would be better to choose a tie clip with a length of 4 cm to 5 cm if the necktie has a large sword of 7.5 to 8.5 cm.

And as for the color, "silver" is the most orthodox and common.

If you are too preoccupied with fashion, you may lose the time to practice job hunting and improve your work skills.

There is no problem with your appearance as long as it is kept clean.

Therefore, it is better to spend your time thinking about how you can join the company you want to work for and brushing up your skills rather than worrying about tie clips.

* Choose a simple design

A tie clip is just a small item to fasten a tie, so it doesn't stand out that much.

However, since businessmen who are good at their jobs check their appearance more thoroughly, it is better to pay attention to their tie pins as well.

There are various types of tie pins, but try not to wear character-shaped ones, ones that are too big, or ones that are eccentric and conspicuous.

It's safer to have a design that is as simple as possible.

Moreover, during job hunting, if you want to improve your fashion sense and pay too much attention to fashion, you will not be able to get good results if you neglect your motivation and inner appeal.

When job-hunting students wear tie clips, interviewers at companies may not necessarily think that they are trying to be fashionable in order to give a sense of cleanliness.

As I mentioned earlier, wearing a tie clip that does not match the TPO may give a negative impression.

Therefore, make sure to wear a tie clip with a simple design, safe color, and material.

3. How to attach a tie pin for job hunting students

Tie clips are sometimes attached for fashion purposes, but their main role is to fix the necktie so that it does not bend.

Even if you use a tie clip to keep the tie straight, you still need to make sure the tie is not bent.

If you don't know how to tie a tie clip correctly, it can cause the tie to be fixed at an angle or the tie to become twisted.

As for the mounting position, it is important to keep it slightly above the first button when wearing a jacket.

Also, when you take off your jacket, you often have to eat or wash your hands, so to prevent your tie from getting dirty, change the position of the tie clip to the bottom.

For job hunting students, it is safe to attach the tie clip to the middle of the necktie at the time of interview.

4.Recommended tie clip for job hunting students
〇 Swarovski tie pin [Ranking 1st place! ]

The ultimate in simplicity and sophistication, the Federer tie clip.

The Federer tie clip looks very simple and is perfect for job hunting students.

The name Federer comes from the tennis legend Roger Federer. Speaking of Federer, it is said to be the best forehand of all time. He has achieved many brilliant results with his flash-like stroke.

This tie pin has actually been at number one for many years. It is exactly the "strongest champion" that boasts tremendous popularity like Federer.

Get the courage to win with the strongest champion from this Federer tie pin.

〇Tie clip [Show off the coolness of a true man]

A delta tie pin that gives off a calm atmosphere.

There are no flashy patterns or designs that stand out, and it is a tie clip that expresses individuality with just the notch and shape.

Each side is polished differently, so the color looks different depending on the angle, and the three-dimensional shape of the tie clip makes it simple yet discreet.

It doesn't have a pattern or a unique color, so it can be used stylishly in the job hunting scene.

I want to show a little personality. Why don't you use it when you say?

5.Summary of tie pins for job hunting

Job-hunting students are not required to wear tie clips.

This is because there are people who wear tiepins for fashion sense, and people who wear them to prevent their ties from twisting. .

Wearing a tie clip during an interview may be judged by the interviewer to be wearing something that does not match the TPO, or it may be perceived as wearing too unique fashion, giving a negative impression. There is also the fear of giving.

However, it is rare for job-hunting students to properly fasten a tie pin to their necktie.

Therefore, it would be wise to wear a tie clip to differentiate yourself from other rival job hunters and make an impression on the interviewer.

In that case, if the length of the tie is 7.5 to 8.5 cm, attach a silver-colored tie clip with a length of 4 to 5 cm to give the other person a safe impression.

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