A must-see for new graduates! How to choose the right tie and 2 recommended ties

A must-see for new graduates! How to choose the right tie and 2 recommended ties

Many of the new graduates who have just graduated from school wear suits and ties to interviews at companies for the first time in their job hunting activities.

Until now, I've been wearing a uniform at school, and I have almost no chance to wear a suit in private, so it can't be helped that I don't understand business etiquette when it comes to clothes.

In particular, there are many new employees who have become working adults without understanding how to properly wear a tie.

If you are wearing a jacket and a tie, you may not be able to see the entire tie, so people may not pay attention to you.

However, when you take off your jacket, your necktie will stand out more, so if you wear something that is considered bad business etiquette, you may be warned by your employer.

As a new employee, I don't think it's a problem at all to gradually become a person who can do his job while being scolded and scolded.

If you don't like it, learn how to wear a tie.

This time, we will introduce how to choose a tie for new graduates, the colors that are OK for business etiquette, and points to note.

1. Choosing a tie is important for new graduates! What is the reason

New graduates will be working as new employees of a company from April, but it is important not only to work seriously with sincerity, but also to look good.

Choosing a tie is very important for businessmen who wear suits and ties.

By taking care of your clothes stylishly, you will be able to feel positive and be prepared to work harder.

That's not all.

If you wear a necktie with a flashy color or pattern, there is a risk that it will leave a bad impression on your seniors and bosses.

So, new graduates should choose a solid color tie.

While new employees are not ready to work for the company, rather, they will not be useful unless they are properly educated until they are able to work.

Therefore, it is not the time to worry about the color, material, pattern, etc. of the necktie or to be cool.

As long as you wear clothes that are suitable for business etiquette, there is no problem.

2. Not just any tie

There are few new graduates who can work from the beginning, so it is better to be conscious of strictly observing business etiquette first.

So, when you wear a suit and tie to work, you can't just wear a tie.

There is also a necktie that new employees should have.

Even if you are serious about your work, if you get a bad impression from your appearance, it is not easy to overturn the subsequent impression.

If you don't have a chance to talk, you can only judge new graduates by their appearance, so if you give a negative impression to the other person, you may not be able to open up when you have a chance to talk.

In order to avoid embarrassment when starting a business, it is important to follow business etiquette and deepen your understanding of how to wear a tie.

〇 No flashy colors

When you join a company, there are many people other than yourself working there, so you have to work in cooperation with them as an organization.

Therefore, do not dress or act selfishly.

New graduates should avoid wearing brightly colored ties to work.

When a new employee wears flashy colors such as pink or gold to work, people around them may think that they are flirting or that they are excited.

〇No characters

In terms of business manners, it is NG to wear a necktie with a character that is popular on TV or a tie with your favorite character to the company.

There is a fear that people around you will think that you are not serious about your work, so the evaluation of the company will be negative.

Some companies have a homely atmosphere, but it is common sense for new graduates to wear a simple necktie.

〇Too thick or too thin is NG

A necktie that is too thick or too thin is bad business etiquette.

Because if it doesn't fit your body shape, too thick clothes will make you look fatter, and if you wear too thin clothes, you may look unreliable.

〇 Unusual knots are not allowed

There are many ways to tie a necktie, but new graduates should avoid tying their necktie in an unconventional way.

Nowadays, if you search YouTube for how to wear a tie, you will find many videos that carefully teach how to wear a tie.

So you can easily learn how to tie a basic tie.

The "Windsor knot" is the recommended way to tie a necktie for job interviews and business negotiations for new graduates.

3. The perfect tie color for new graduates

New graduates should basically wear a single color tie, but don't wear a flashy color tie.

The color of the necktie that is perfect for new employees is “blue or dark blue”.

The darker the color, the more you can give a sincere impression to the other party, and the lighter the color, the more refreshing and glamorous you can give to the other party.

As long as you wear a suit and tie suitable for business etiquette, the company will tolerate you even if you are unable to work while you are a new graduate.

It takes years to learn a job, so many companies do not expect new employees to be good or bad at work.

However, it is important to keep your personal appearance and business manners at a minimum.

If you do that, you won't be able to do your job while you're a new employee, and the company will judge you as a person with common sense, and you won't get a bad impression from your appearance.

4. Change the color of your tie according to your occupation

There are many jobs that require you to wear a suit and tie.

For example, in the apparel industry and the IT industry, which have an image of a gorgeous and free corporate culture, we recommend yellow or red ties that appeal to individuality.

Also, in civil servants and the financial industry, if you wear something that is too flashy, people will think you are flirtatious.

Therefore, we recommend using a calm gray color.

In this way, it is also important to change the color of the tie depending on the occupation.

It's hard to learn business etiquette and groom yourself when you're a new graduate and have just started working for a company, but if you make it a daily habit, your body will learn it on its own.

And it is recommended that you try to show your personality with your clothes after you are gradually able to work.

5. Number of ties new graduates should have

Most new graduates wear a suit and tie after starting work at a company.

I wear a suit and tie almost every day of the week to work, so the more I use it, the more likely it is to hurt.

Also, if you wear the same tie every day, there is a risk that people in the company will give you a bad impression, such as whether you are lazy or whether you wash it properly.

Therefore, the number of neckties that new graduates should have is "the number of ties for the number of working days in a week" as a guideline.

6.Recommended tie for new graduates
〇 Super water-repellent ties that do not need to be washed] All 15 types

This tie has many advantages.

First, I like the color. It is made with orthodox colors and patterns so that it can be adapted to various business scenes.

You can choose from 6 types of navy blue, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

In addition, this tie is an excellent item that does not get dirty. The surface is treated with Teflon (water repellent), which is famous for frying pans, so it repels cooking oil and spilled coffee.

From the point of view of appearance, a dirty necktie is a no-no. When you absolutely don't want it to get dirty.

So that you can concentrate on your new job, why not make your necktie water-repellent so that you don't have to check your appearance closely.

〇Kyoto silk solid necktie

Plain necktie with no pattern.

It doesn't look flashy, but it doesn't look cheap. 100% silk, made in Japan, the material and quality are good, and you can feel the thickness and moderate luster the moment you pick it up.

The necktie is of good quality, so you can clean the dimples and differentiate yourself from the surroundings.

Too poor a chest is lifeless, but a beautiful necktie that you can see when your chest is tight will improve your confidence even more.

You will be trusted with the passion and freshness of a new employee with the confidence that comes from within you. It's a necktie with such good quality that you want to stick out your chest.

7.Summary of new graduate necktie

New graduates don't understand business manners, so they tend to wear NG neckties.

Start with a tie in blue or navy blue, and try to tie it in a solid color that is not flashy.

After you are able to work, it is recommended that you play with your clothes or change the way you dress a little to show your individuality.

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