What is leather aging? About the reason why aging is preferred

What is leather aging? About the reason why aging is preferred

Did you know that genuine leather products made from animal skins change color over time?

Color change doesn't mean it's faded, peeled off, or unsightly.

It's called leather aging, and it changes to a deep and beautiful color.

For that reason, if you don't use it regularly for a long time, you can't enjoy the real aging.

This time, we will introduce the basic knowledge information of leather aging and the reason why aging is preferred.

1. What is leather aging?

Aging and aging have the same meaning.

It refers to the state of aging, but it is slightly different from the aging of leather products.

Leather products are called [leather aging], and it is a state in which a deep taste comes out in the leather after time has passed.

If it is a second-hand leather product, it may have changed over time at the purchase stage and the color may have changed in a good way.

However, since it is not in a new condition, I do not know what the original color was and cannot compare.

If you want to enjoy leather aging, it is best to buy new leather products and use them carefully for a long time.

That way, you can also see how the color has changed over time from when it was new, and you can compare before and after the color deepens.

Mechanism of secular change

Aging is the charm of genuine leather only, and cannot be enjoyed with synthetic leather products.

In addition, there is a condition that the leather is vegetable tanned.

In the mechanism of aging, the tannin contained in the leather is exposed to ultraviolet rays and combines with oxygen in the air, which causes oxidation and changes the color.

Leather aging is not something you can enjoy within days or weeks of buying a brand new product.

By the passage of time on a yearly basis, it is possible to achieve beautiful and deep colors.

Human memory fades, so when you buy a leather product, it's a good idea to take a photo and compare it with the one after many years have passed.

2. Why people love leather aging

People who purchase genuine leather products can enjoy the color, texture, and luster that they had when they first bought them, and they can also enjoy the changes after leather aging occurs, so they never get tired of it.

What's more, even with the same leather product, the longer you use it, the more you use it, the more the taste will change, so the color will be less likely to fade.

In a sense, genuine leather products that have been used for a long time are like made-to-order products.

By using it for a long time, it will become the only genuine leather product in the world that is exclusive to you.

And there are the following reasons why leather aging is preferred.

color change

Many leather products change from light to dark over time.

In other words, it is the effect of color change called leather aging.

Genuine leather products have a unique charm that can never be achieved with artificial synthetic leather products.

change in luster

When leather aging occurs, not only the color change but also the glossiness will change.

In the case of oil leather, the oil permeates the material during the tanning process, so the oil seeps out over time and coats the surface of the leather product.

By coating, the feeling of luster increases and a beautiful luster appears.

shape change

When a leather product is brand new, it feels hard to hold.

And the more you use it, the softer the leather becomes and the more rounded it becomes.

Ultimately, it settles in a shape that fits in the user's hand, and it feels very comfortable to the touch.

3. Differences in leather aging by color

Leather products come in a wide variety of colors.

By buying your favorite color when you buy it, you will be able to feel attached to it and make it last longer.

It is also recommended to buy several leather products according to the TPO, regardless of the number.

In order to enjoy the beautiful aging, it is important to take care of the beans, so be careful about the storage location and handling method.

Differences in leather aging depending on the color of genuine leather products are as follows.


The black color of leather products is originally a dark color, so there is not much color change.

So, compared to other colors, it can be said that there is not much fun in aging leather.


Brown leather products will turn dark brown as leather ages.

The bitterness increases and it changes to a calm color.


Red is the most popular color as an accent color.

The red color of leather products does not feel out of place even in the hands of men, and the more they are used, the darker the red becomes over time.

4. How to beautifully age leather

Leather products are a pleasure to keep the users who hold them in their hands as they change over time, but regular maintenance is essential to keep them in top condition.

Enjoying beautiful leather aging is like a privilege that can only be enjoyed by those who have taken good care of it and used it for a long time.

It is also not good to leave it for too long because you are afraid of scratching it or discoloring it.

The more you use it, the softer the leather becomes and the more comfortable it feels in your hand.

The best thing is to continue to use leather products carefully and repeat maintenance.

Maintenance doesn't have to be a tedious task and doesn't require a lot of money.

If it is an expensive brand leather product, the product itself is expensive, so we have to be very careful when handling it, but there are many products that are sold at reasonable prices.

Here are some ways to gracefully age your leather:

I'll use you every day

Some people worry that leather products may become brittle if used too often.

New leather products are still hard and don't feel comfortable in your hands, so if you use them every day, the material will become softer and more comfortable to the touch.

If you keep touching it with dirty hands, it will have the opposite effect.

Do not over-maintain

I told you that it is not good to buy leather products and leave them for too long, but it is also NG to maintain them more than necessary.

If you care too much and apply a large amount of cream at once or every few days, the leather will be damaged.

Even once every few months is effective enough, so don't do excessive maintenance.

do not contain sweat

Leather products can cause stains and blisters if they get wet with water or sweat.

Also, if you touch it with your hands for a long time, the leather will become dirty with sweat and it will easily absorb a large amount of moisture, so be careful.

5. Summary of Leather Aging

Leather aging refers to the process in which genuine leather changes to a beautiful and deep color over time.

When the tannins contained in the leather are exposed to ultraviolet rays and stick to the oxygen in the air, an oxidation reaction occurs.

In order to enjoy beautiful aging, regular maintenance is essential.

In order to maximize the appeal of leather over time, it will take several years, so please continue to use it carefully.

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