Which cordovan wallet is the best? Disclosure of basic knowledge and types

Which cordovan wallet is the best? Disclosure of basic knowledge and types

Cordovan leather is a valuable leather that can only be harvested from the buttocks of European agricultural horses.

It is characterized by the fibers being aligned in one direction, and it is durable and has a beautiful luster.

Cordovan wallets are a popular accessory for leather enthusiasts.

Many people who are new to fashion are wondering which branded wallet is good.

Cordovan is called "leather diamonds, leather jewels" and so on.

This time, we will introduce the basic knowledge of cordovan wallets, the reasons why they are chosen, and the types and recommended wallets.

1. What is cordovan?

Cordovan is a rare and valuable material that can only be taken from the rump of farm horses in Europe.

It is written as "Cordovan" in romaji, and many people think that it is only in foreign countries because it is an alphabet.

In fact, in Japan, Shinki Leather in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture handles it, and overseas there are manufacturers such as Horween in the United States.

When using Cordovan material as a fashion accessory, it takes about half a year to produce.

It's a precious leather that can only be harvested from horse leather in an amount equivalent to a few pairs of shoes, so mass production is not possible.

Cordovan is popular every year, with many people fascinated by its unique luster and elegant texture.

In order to collect high-quality cordovan, the producers must carefully pour their love into the fattening and production, and in order to achieve a beautiful luster and a luxurious texture, advanced knowledge is required. We need the power of a craftsman who has mastered the technology.

2. Why cordovan is chosen as a wallet

Cordovan wallets are the most expensive genuine leather products.

The reason is that horse leather is the most difficult to obtain among all leather materials.

As I told you, only a few pairs of shoes can be collected from one horse, so it's very rare.

Compared to cowhide leather, it is several times stronger, so it is less likely to get scratched, making cordovan wallets longer-lasting than genuine leather products.

In addition, the reasons why cordovan is chosen as a wallet include the following.


Cordovan leather is known for being extremely durable and durable.

Cordovan wallets are several times stronger than cowhide leather, so many people may want to buy cordovan wallets if they find that the same genuine leather can last for a long time.

The more you use it, the more you will love it, so some people will use it for the rest of their lives.

The more you use it, the more depth you get

Cordovan wallets are glazed to achieve a beautiful luster.

And, of course, when it's brand new, it has a sparkling luster, but the more you use it, the deeper it becomes, and the more you use it, the more it will become more attractive.

Of course, this requires regular maintenance.

3. There are different types of cordovan wallets

Cordovan is used for fashion accessory items, but not all products are of the same type.

The most suitable one is used in the production process by taking advantage of the characteristics as follows.

pigmented cordovan

"Pigment-finished cordovan" is tanned by penetrating only the minimum amount of oil necessary.

After that, pigments are added to the surface for coloring and used in the process of making cordovan wallets.

The pigment finish covers the surface of the leather, which prevents water from penetrating inside the material.

Basically, it is important not to let the wallet get wet, but by applying a pigment finish, the waterproof and water repellent properties are enhanced, so safety is further enhanced.

oil shell cordovan

What has been recognized for a long time is "oil shell cordovan".

Overseas, it is also called "shell cordovan".

Cordovan fibers are treated with oil to allow natural oil to permeate, giving it a glossy feel and durability against bending.

Urethane dyed cordovan

"Urethane-dyed cordovan" is characterized by its high waterproof and water repellency.

The surface is coated with urethane, so it repels water and is highly durable.

In the long term, if you have a urethane-dyed cordovan product, the resin may deteriorate and become sticky or uneven in color.

Therefore, it is important not to neglect regular maintenance.

What is not cordovan

Cordovan is not the only material used for wallets.

In addition, cordovan is made of horse buttocks leather, but there are other horsehide leathers such as horsehide, horsefront, and pony leather.

It is used not only for wallets but also for various products such as leather jackets.

4. I'm glad I chose you! cordovan recommended wallet

Whether it's a business style or a gift for someone special or someone you care about, Cordovan wallets have a simple design and don't stand out badly, so you can rest assured.

Here are 3 recommended cordovan wallets.

Coco Meister

<quote below>

Coco Meister sells the "Cordovan Classic Sherrac" as a classic long wallet.

The design is based on the motif of Ascot Racecourse in England, and is suitable for business style and dress code.

・Product name: Coco Meister Cordovan Classic Sharluck

・Size: Length 9.4cm x Width 19.2cm x Thickness 2.6cm

・Color: Classic Black/Classic Bordeaux

・Manufacturer: Made in Japan

・Material: Exterior = Waxed cordovan / Interior = Amandel leather


<quote below>

Cordovan is already a material with a high-quality luster, but GANZO's "CORDOVAN Long Wallet with Zipper Coin Purse" emphasizes the luster of the interior and exterior materials. is a perfect combination.

It matches your business style and is designed so that it won't feel unnatural even if you store it in the breast pocket of your suit.

As you use it, the transparency will gradually increase, so it will not get tired of the user's eyes, and it is a product that people who like genuine leather should pick up.

・Product name: GANZO CORDOVAN long wallet with zipper coin purse

・Size: Length 9.0cm x Width 19.0cm x Depth 1.8cm

・Color: Black/Hazel/Dark Brown/Dark Green/Navy

・Manufacturer: Made in Japan

・Material: horse leather (cordovan) x cowhide leather


STYLE= offers a cordovan long wallet that is reasonably priced compared to high-end brands.

There are many pockets, so it can be stored without difficulty and is easy to use.

It has a finish called glazing, so the surface is very smooth and has an elegant sheen and a sense of luxury.

Available in two colors: black, which gives off a heavy luster the more you use it, and brown, which gives off a deep color and richness like Bordeaux.

Not only the momentary joy of getting it, but the joy of raising it lasts forever.

・Product name: Long wallet cordovan

・Amount: ¥35,000

・Size: Length 10cm x Width 19.5cm x Depth 2cm

・Color: Black/Brown

・Manufacturer: Made in Japan

・Material: Cordovan

5. Cordovan wallet summary

Cordovan, with its unique luster, is a valuable material that can only be harvested from the skin of the buttocks of European agricultural horses.

It is written as "Cordovan" in Roman alphabet notation.

Cordovan is world-famous, but it is also popular in Japan and is handled by Shinki Leather in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Overseas, the American company Horween is famous as a producer.

Cordovan wallets are popular fashion accessory items for those who like leather products.

It is durable and long-lasting, so you will definitely fall in love with it as you use it.

Why don't you choose cordovan as a wallet for a lifetime?

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