What is the belt life? Timing and how to throw away belts that don't fail

Can I dispose of the belt with regular trash? How to discard a belt without failure

Belts are small items that are worn every day, especially by businessmen.

It is also a fashion item with good durability, so few people will come to a situation where it will break.

Therefore, if the belt breaks, some people do not know whether it should be classified as "burnable garbage" or "non-burnable garbage".

Many of the buckles, metal fittings, and accessories are made of metal, and the leather, rubber, and cloth parts of the belt are combustible, and the separation method is confusing.

If products that should be disposed of as non-burnable garbage are disposed of as combustible garbage, metal will remain in the incinerator, and materials that have not been properly sorted will accumulate, resulting in a situation where combustible garbage cannot enter the incinerator.

If you throw away the belt in the wrong way, it will be a nuisance to your local government and incineration facilities.

This time, we will introduce how belts are classified as garbage and how to properly dispose of them.

1.What sort of garbage is a belt classified as?

In general, there are differences in how to separate belts depending on the municipality where you live and the rules of each municipality.

Therefore, in some municipalities, belt parts are designated as non-burnable garbage, but in other municipalities, they can be separated as combustible garbage.

Therefore, for those who do not want to be bothered, it is important to clean and maintain the belt regularly, such as polishing the belt on a daily basis and applying cream if it is made of leather.

It is recommended that you check with your local municipality as to whether to dispose of belts with decorative items that are difficult to sort as combustible or non-combustible garbage, as this varies from municipality to municipality.

What can be said is that it is NG to dispose of the belt as it is as burnable or non-burnable garbage.

You must use scissors to separate metal parts such as buckles and fittings from leather, rubber, cloth, etc. before throwing them away.

In simple terms, decorative parts such as "buckles and metal fittings" should be disposed of as non-burnable garbage.

It would be desirable to separate the "leather, rubber, and cloth" parts according to the method for separating combustible garbage.

However, as I mentioned earlier, each municipality has a different separation method, so be sure to check before throwing it away.

2. Correct way to dispose of the belt

I told you that it is important to separate the belts into "non-burnable garbage" and "combustible garbage" when throwing them away.

If you understand how to properly dispose of belts, mistakes are less likely to occur, even though there are differences in how to separate belts in each municipality.

can separate

For belts that can be separated, it is better to dispose of parts such as leather, rubber, and cloth as combustible garbage.

And it is common to dispose of metal parts such as "metal fittings and buckles" as non-burnable garbage.

Such a belt is possible if it has a simple design and the belt that can separate the buckle part and the part that wraps around the body.

cannot distinguish

On the other hand, there are some belts that cannot be sorted.

It is often found in items manufactured for fashion purposes.

In other words, it is difficult to dispose of items with decorative parts that are difficult to separate as combustible garbage or as non-combustible garbage. Please look up to me.

3. If you don't know how to throw away your belt

If it's a belt that you've been wearing for a long time, it's difficult to make the decision to throw it away if it's a gift from a loved one or an expensive brand item.

The spirit of thinking that it is a waste is not bad at all, so it can not be helped.

If you don't know how to throw away your belt, you don't necessarily have to throw it away.

If you sell it to someone who needs it on a flea market app, you won't feel guilty than throwing it away.

Other than that, there is also a method of "remaking and customizing yourself" if the belt is still usable.

For example, if you have a leather belt, you can change it into a nice interior simply by arranging the leather part.

In this way, if it is difficult to choose to throw it away, we recommend selling it to someone or remaking or customizing it.

4.Summary of how to throw away the belt

A belt has metal parts such as metal fittings and buckles, and parts such as leather, rubber, and cloth.

Therefore, do not dispose of it as either combustible or non-combustible waste.

It is important to use scissors to separate metal parts from combustible parts such as leather, rubber, and cloth before disposing of them.

However, each municipality has different rules on how to sort belt waste, so it is recommended that you check with your local municipality on how to separate belt parts into combustible and non-combustible waste. increase.

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