Do you like a tie pin as a birthday present? What is the best choice

Do you like a tie pin as a birthday present? What is the best choice

Speaking of birthday gifts that are hard to lose from women to men, there is a "necktie".

A "tie clip" is something that prevents the tie from slipping or twisting.

Recently, more and more men are wearing tie clips as part of their fashion.

Therefore, giving a tie clip as a birthday gift to a man would be appreciated.

You can give it as a set with a necktie, or you can give it as a gift to men who usually wear a suit and tie.

This time, we will introduce how to choose a tie clip recommended for birthday gifts and points to note.

1. Reasons why tie clips are chosen as birthday gifts

When giving a necktie to a man as a gift, it includes things like "I'm in love with you, I want to bind you."

And the tie pin also has the meaning of "I want to support you, I love you".

So it's a perfect birthday gift for the man you like or the man you love.

For men who wear a tie, a tie clip is not necessarily an essential accessory.

However, few men spend the day wearing a jacket, and many men take off their jackets when eating or taking a break.

If you don't have a tie clip at that time, the tie may move around and get in the way, and the movement of the tie may cause it to get twisted or dirty.

To prevent that, you need a tie clip.

That's why it's better to have a tie clip than not have it, so it's a reason why it's a happy birthday present.

It is important to choose the best one by imagining how a man would actually wear it so that the other man can use it for as long as possible.

2. Types of tie clips to choose for your birthday

There is no better tie clip to choose for your birthday.

There are several types, so it is better to give a gift that the other man is easy to use.

Also, it is better to know whether it will be used for private use or for business purposes.

A tie clip is a small accessory item, so for example, if the other man wears a suit and tie and has a job that involves a lot of going around, we recommend a type with a drop prevention chain so that you don't lose the tie clip.

Tie clips are easy to lose, so if possible, it would be nice to buy more than one and have a spare tie clip ready so that if the other man loses it, you can quickly put it on.

If you are giving it to your favorite man or boyfriend as a birthday present, consider the position and situation of the other party and give the best tie clip.

〇 Alligator type

The most popular type of tie clip is the Waniro style.

It has a part that is clamped by the force of the spring and a drop prevention chain.

As I mentioned earlier, Wanilo style tiepins are useful in business situations.

〇Clip type

A type of tie clip that uses the force of the metal itself instead of the force of a spring is called a "clip type."

It's also very popular in business.

It is also easy to use for thick ties such as knit and wool materials.

〇 Tie tuck type

This type of tie clip is a small item for advanced users, but there is also a "tie tack type" that works like a pin badge.

This pin is used to fasten the necktie and shirt together.

As mentioned above, there are various types of tie clips, but some women may be wondering which type of tie clip the man prefers among the alligator type, clip type, and tie tack type.

However, few men care about the type of tie clip, so you don't have to worry about it when choosing it as a birthday present.

3.Recommended color for birthday

If you want to give a tie clip to someone you like or a significant other as a birthday present, you should also pay attention to the color.

As for the recommended color, "silver" is the safest and simplest color for business situations, so it goes well with ties of various colors.

Since the color of the necktie is blue or dark blue, some women may think that it is better to match the tie pin with the same color.

When matching a tie with a suit or shirt, it is recommended to use similar colors, but there is no need to worry about the tie clip.

In particular, many men wear ties for business purposes, so it is best to choose a tie pin for work that is as silver-colored as possible to give a crisp impression without being too flashy.

Even if you make a mistake, don't choose your favorite color from a woman's point of view, or choose an appropriately colored tie clip and don't give it to the other man.

If it is for private use, it may not be such a problem, but if you wear a tie clip in a business setting, your superiors and senior colleagues will warn you if you wear a tie clip that is not suitable for business etiquette. And the evaluation of men may go down.

If that happens, even if you give it as a birthday present, you will end up causing trouble.

4.Recommended design for birthday

When giving a tie clip as a birthday present, you should also pay attention to the design.

If you don't know the position, situation, or preferences of the other man, choose a simple design that will be fine in any situation.

A tie clip with a unique design is also recommended if the other man wears it as a hobby or at an event.

For example, it would be a good idea to gift something with a one-point design that catches the eye, or something with an icon that stands out.

If you are going to wear it in a business scene, we recommend a simple design so that you don't fail.

Women tend to like things with cute designs and stylish things, but this is not always the case for men.

Many men tend to emphasize practicality and simplicity, so it is important not to choose a tie clip from a female perspective.

If possible , it's a good idea to buy several tie clips, each with a different color and design.

Even if you give one as a birthday present, if the other man decides that it is difficult to use, he will not be able to wear it. increase.

5.Recommended tie clip for birthday gift
〇 Shelly Tiepin, who are particular about joint development, design, and natural materials with handmade artists

A necktie pin created by a collaboration between a handmade artist who is particular about natural materials and a style equals that delivers enjoyment to businessmen, focusing on men's business accessories.

This tie clip was born when I learned that apparel is the second most environmentally bad industry in the world. This tie pin was created to reduce waste by using materials that have little environmental pollution in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

No two natural materials are the same in the world. That's why it's so beautiful and precious.

Using such natural materials, we pursue novel designs that do not yet exist.

Although it is unique, the material is narrowed down to one to create a sense of unity and make your chest shine brilliantly.

〇 Genuine silver that you should have from your 40s, Silver 925 tie clip

Most of the tie pins that are out in the world are usually made of brass.

However, this tie clip is made of silver, also known as sterling silver, and is a genuine men's tie clip. Silver925's charm is "taste".

By using it, it will create a unique texture and taste. A tie clip that you want to use for a long time and want to cherish.

Also, this tie clip has a chain attached to the back, so you won't accidentally drop it.

There are 10 designs in total, and it comes with a solid case that is perfect for gifts. Perfect for those who want to give a real gift.

〇 The pattern is completed by matching the tie and tie pin. Playful and iconic men's items

For him who usually uses a fountain pen, for him who likes to travel, and for him who likes golf. How about gifting him an iconic tie and tie pin set to suit his tastes?

The necktie is based on a navy color that goes well with any suit, and comes with a cute orange clear box.

A stylish tie and tie pin set that completes the pattern by matching the tie and tie pin.

SWANK's necktie and tie clip set shipped from NY can be used as a conversation piece at business meetings and dinners just by wearing it, and it may also give you a chance to get promoted.

6. Summary of Birthday Tie Clips

Giving a "necktie" as a birthday present to your favorite man or boyfriend is hard to lose, but a "tie clip" is also recommended.

There are various types of tie pins, such as alligator type, clip type, and tie tack type.

The type, color, and design of the best tie clip will differ depending on whether the other man will use it privately or in a business setting, so be careful.

If you are going to give a tie clip as a birthday present, consider the position, situation, age, etc. of the other man and give the best one.

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