A professional teaches you the correct way to attach a tie clip that you don't know!

A professional teaches you the correct way to attach a tie clip that you don't know!

There are many people who have become members of society and work wearing suits and ties.

A tie clip is used to hold the tie in place.

However, surprisingly few people wear their tie clips correctly.

I wear a tie almost every day, so of course I'm used to wearing a tie clip.

This time, we will introduce the correct way to attach a tie pin and how to fix it with an arrangement pin.

1. Just wearing a tie clip is not enough

The role of the tie pin is roughly divided into two.

One is that it prevents the jacket from slipping when you are wearing a tie and moving your body.

In other words, it has the role of fixing the shape of the tie so that it does not collapse .

Second, it has a decorative role as a fashionable item to bring out the gorgeousness of the neck and V zone.

And there is a business etiquette that you must fix your tie with a tie clip when you take off your jacket.

In addition, it is necessary to wear a suit, tie, tie clip, etc. that match the TPO, and there are scenes where you do not need to wear a tie clip.

So just wearing a tie pin is not enough.

It is necessary to understand the correct way to wear it, and to wear a tie clip that is appropriate for various occasions, or not to wear it on the contrary.

2. How to attach a tie clip when wearing a jacket

It is important to tie your necktie and fasten it with a tiepin to maintain your appearance.

If you are wearing a jacket, the tie clip should basically be fastened slightly above the first button of the jacket.

And if the jacket has three buttons and is fastened with only the second button, it is common to attach a tie clip slightly above the second button.

Therefore, the basic position of the tie clip is to attach it slightly above the lower edge of the V zone on the neck.

By doing so, the tie pin attached to the necktie will be visible at a glance, and the degree of fashion will be improved.

If you are wearing a jacket and a tie, you can fix the tie to some extent by closing the button on the jacket, but it will be more difficult to slip if the tie clip is also firmly fastened.

3. How to attach a tie clip without a jacket

If you take off your jacket or don't wear it, it's common sense to fasten your tie pin as a business etiquette.

Because there is no jacket, there is only a tie clip to fix the tie.

This makes it easier for the tie to twist or slip when you move your body.

In addition, there are many businessmen who work and eat in a stooped posture without wearing a jacket.

At that time, the tie will easily become twisted or slipped, so it is important to fasten the tie pin firmly if you do not have a jacket.

When not wearing a jacket, the correct way to wear it is to fasten the tie pin between the 4th and 5th buttons of the shirt.

If you don't hold the tie with your jacket, the tip of the tie tends to float in the air.

Also, if you're wearing a vest under your jacket, your tie won't move easily, so basically you don't have to wear a tie clip.

4. Points for attaching a tie clip

When using a tie clip or tie bar, insert it from the right side to hold the shirt and tie firmly.

It is basic to keep it straight to the side so that it is not too slanted.

And here are some other points to keep in mind when attaching a tie clip:

〇 Match the color, material and width of the tie

A tie clip is a small fashion item, so many people think that it is hard to stand out.

However, if you are a businessman, it is important to be well groomed and pay attention to details.

Businessmen and women who are able to work tend to be more strict in checking other people's fashion.

Therefore, choose a tie clip that matches the color, material, and width of your tie.

As for the color of the tie clip, we recommend silver as it is the safest and does not leave a bad impression on others.

If it's silver, the tie pin won't stand out too much even in the business scene, and it's easy to match with the color of the suit.

Silver, gold, and platinum tie clips are expensive, but they are resistant to deterioration and rust due to metal fatigue.

It is more profitable to purchase the above material than to attach a cheap metal one, and the life will be longer.

Also, pay attention to the width and size of the tie clip.

Recommended silver tie pins

It has been on sale for over 10 years and has been a very popular Federer tie pin.
Swarovski crystal glass of the one point is decided stylishly although being simple.
The corners are also sharp, so it's a good design when you want to make your chest look neat and masculine.


This is a tie clip made of 925 pure silver.
Silver925's charm is "taste".
By using it, it will create a unique texture and taste.
A tie clip that you want to use for a long time and want to cherish.
Also, this tie clip has a chain attached to the back, so you won't accidentally drop it. There are 10 designs in total, and it comes with a solid case that is perfect for gifts.
Perfect for those who want to give a real gift.


A delta tie pin that gives off a calm atmosphere.
There are no flashy patterns or designs that stand out, and it is a tie clip that expresses individuality with just the notch and shape.
Each side is polished differently, so the color looks different depending on the angle, and the three-dimensional shape of the tie clip makes it simple yet discreet.

o Secure your shirt and tie

As a tie clip, it serves as a decorative accessory, but in the business scene, it is important to fix the necktie.

Therefore, in order to prevent the tie from slipping or twisting, it is important to firmly secure the shirt and tie with a tie clip.

You can prevent the tie from dangling by holding the large sword and small sword of the shirt and tie together with the tie clip.

5. How to attach a tie clip (arrangement)

We have introduced the basic method of attaching a tie clip, but once you get used to it, it is also recommended that you arrange it yourself and try various ways to tie it.

You can improve your fashion sense, and you can get a good impression because people around you think you are a fashionable person.

〇Wear quite high

By attaching the tie around the 3rd button of the shirt, the knot of the tie can be lifted easily to create a three-dimensional effect.

By wearing it quite high, you can increase the volume around your chest and give your opponent a masculine and powerful impression.

〇Wear quite low

If the V zone is wide, there is also an arrangement method that dares to place it in a fairly low position.

Also, when you take off your jacket, the tie and tie clip are easy to see, so it's a good idea to refasten the tie clip at the bottom.

〇Wear diagonally

Basically, tie clips are usually held horizontally, but you can give the other person a soft impression by attaching them at a slight angle.

It is also effective for plainly designed suits and tie clips, and you will be able to create a sophisticated and playful look at once.

6. Summary of how to attach a tie clip

A tie clip also has the role of fixing a tie and has the effect of an accessory that creates a fashionable look.

Basically, when you're wearing a jacket, you can fix your tie with your jacket, so if you don't use a tie clip, your tie won't always slip or get twisted.

However, if you take off your jacket, it will be easier for you to hang your necktie, and it is common sense to fasten your necktie with a tiepin as a business etiquette.

Depending on the suit, tie, TPO, etc., let's devise ways to attach the tie clip to the correct position or not to fasten it.

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