Is choosing a pattern for a tie super important? A point to be seen by fashionable.

Is choosing a pattern for a tie super important? Points to be seen by fashionable

Many men wear ties for business, but you can't play with ties when it comes to work.

In private, by paying attention to the pattern and design of the necktie, you can expand the range of dressing depending on the color pattern.

In particular, the impression you give to the other party will change greatly by choosing the pattern of the tie, being conscious of the balance with the suit and shirt.

Everyone wants to be seen as fashionable rather than being seen as lame by others.

A fashion item that is often overlooked is the necktie.

This time, we will introduce the importance of choosing a tie pattern and recommended patterns for each scene.

1. The pattern of the tie is important! What is the impression you give to others?

A necktie is a fashion item that is worn from the neck to the stomach, so it is a place where the eyes tend to be drawn when talking to others.

If the necktie is not well-balanced at that time, even a business person who is good at his job may give a negative impression to the other person during the conversation.

Even though you can work seriously, you don't want to be seen as lame or judged for your humanity.

However, especially when you meet someone for the first time, your first impression will be stronger on their appearance than on their insides.

It is necessary to pay close attention to one's appearance when having business negotiations with important business partners or when meeting someone for the first time.

Even if you look good in a suit, if your necktie has a bad pattern, it will make the other person feel disgust.

〇 Dot pattern

A polka dot tie can give your partner a refreshing impression.

In addition, it is not strange to wear it all year round in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

If you are going to tighten a dot-patterned neck tie in the business scene, it is better to choose a smaller dot.

〇Stripe pattern

A striped tie can give the impression of sincerity and seriousness to the other party.

Suits such as gray, brown, and navy go well with striped patterns.

Also, the wider the stripes, the more casual the impression will be on the other person, so if you want to wear it in a formal setting, choose one with a narrower pattern.

〇 Plain pattern

Plain pattern ties can give the other person a dignified, sincere, and gentle impression.

In the business scene, it can be worn most safely and does not violate business etiquette at all.

However, at work, even if it is a plain pattern, you have to be careful about the width, size, length, etc.

Basically, it has the advantage of being easy to match with any color suit.

〇 check pattern

A checkered tie is easy to give your partner a sense of familiarity.

There is no problem in wearing a plaid pattern even in a business setting, but it is best to choose one with as few colors as possible.

As you can see, there are many types of tie patterns, but the most safe one for business and private use is the “plain pattern”.

2. By scene! Recommended necktie pattern

Once you understand the type of necktie pattern and the impression it gives to the other party, it is better to use it according to the season of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, or to use it in various scenes.

In the business scene, plain clothes are the standard, so patterned clothes and flashy designs are not acceptable from a business manner point of view.

However, on occasions such as anniversaries and celebrations, patterned ties are said to give the other person a more elegant impression than plain ties.

If the width of the necktie is a little wider, you can clearly see the pattern and design, so it is better to choose a tie that is slightly thicker than narrower.

〇 Recommended necktie pattern for job hunting and job change activities

When looking for a job or changing jobs, there is always an interview at the company you are applying for.

The interviewer and you meet for the first time, so first impressions are important.

Therefore, you should never give a negative impression to others by your appearance.

The pattern of the recommended necktie is a plain pattern.

If you wear too flashy colors or designs, the other party will judge you not suitable for TPO, so be careful.

* Necktie pattern for important meetings

For important meetings where you should be confident and speak out positively, we recommend a tie with a striped pattern and a red color to give an impact to the other party.

Striped patterns can create an atmosphere of seriousness and sincerity, so persuasiveness is important in important presentations.

It is more important to stand out and be remembered by superiors and executives rather than not stand out at all.

If you can make a strong impression, you may be actively asked for your opinion at the next meeting, or you may be entrusted with some important decisions.

Anything that violates business etiquette is not allowed, but it would be nice to have a little playfulness within the scope that the company allows.

If you behave in the same manner as those around you, your superiors and superiors will not impress you at all.

Therefore, we recommend that you try to be conscious of fashion that gives a little personality.

〇 The pattern of the tie on the date

When you go on a date with a woman, there are many people who wear a suit and a stylish necktie and go to a high-class restaurant or a place where you can enjoy a special feeling.

In particular, if a woman decides that your fashion sense is lame on the first date, you may never have another date.

Fashion is so important.

And the pattern of the necktie that is popular with women is the dot pattern.

The dot pattern gives a refreshing impression to the other party, and it can be worn all year round.

Therefore, even if you suddenly have a date with a woman at any time, you can handle it.

There are inevitable encounters with the opposite sex, but there are also coincidences.

Don't panic, always stock up on polka dot ties to be ready for a date.

〇 The pattern of the necktie at the ceremonial occasion

At ceremonial occasions, you have to be careful about the material of the tie.

A red necktie is NG to attend a funeral, and black is not appropriate for a wedding scene.

Many people understand bad colors, but many people don't know about patterns.

For example, we tend to think that any patterned necktie is fine for a wedding, but there are certain patterns that should be avoided.

It is a pattern with animals drawn on it.

It is not suitable for celebratory occasions, as it evokes images of killing.

There is no problem with standard tie patterns such as stripes, checks, and polka dots, which are suitable for the wedding scene.

3.Summary of necktie patterns

When buying a tie, you tend to choose the one you like.

At that time, many people judge the quality of the product only based on their own subjectivity, and do not think about how others will see it after wearing it.

In other words, it is not possible to be objective.

Subjectivity and objectivity are very important in business other than when buying things.

Those who cannot analyze themselves objectively may sometimes be prejudiced by those around them.

When it comes to fashion, you don't have to think about other people when coordinating in your private life, but when it comes to business, you work in an organization called a company.

Therefore, if you decide on the pattern of your tie and wear it according to your taste, it will violate business etiquette and leave a bad impression on the other person.

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