By height! A professional teaches you about the correct length of a tie

By height! A professional teaches you about the correct length of a tie

According to the average height of Japanese people, the best necktie length currently in use is 140cm.

This type of length is common as a business etiquette, but there are individual differences in height, so depending on the person, the length may be too short or too long.

If the necktie is longer than the trouser belt buckle, it will give the other person a slovenly impression. There is also

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a tie that is neither too short nor too long to maintain your appearance.

This time, we will introduce how to choose the length of a tie according to height, and how to adjust the length.

1. There are etiquettes about the length of a tie

As for the length of the necktie, it is considered common sense to wear a necktie of about 140 cm in business etiquette.

There are some differences depending on the manufacturer and brand, but the normal type is this length because it is the length that matches the average height and body shape of Japanese men.

Therefore, especially if you are a beginner to tie a necktie, before choosing your preferred length, pattern, color, etc., first purchase a necktie with a length of about 140 cm, which is suitable for business etiquette.

And if the tie is too short, you can't add it to make it longer, so you have to get another tie.

If your necktie is too long, you can change it to the optimum length by adjusting the length or knotting it. is.

Also, there are not many people who can maintain the same body shape for many years, so if your body shape changes due to gaining weight or losing weight, there is a risk that the length of the necktie you have now will not suit you. prize.

If your necktie is not well-groomed, you may be warned by your boss to re-tighten your tie.

If the necktie is too long, it can be dealt with by adjusting the length or changing the way it is tied, but the problem with bad manners is that if you can't tie your tie well, the difference between the front part and the back part will increase. As a result, the appearance becomes very uncool.

〇 Too short or too long is uncool

A tie that is too short or too long can look ugly, so be careful.

As I mentioned earlier, if the length of the tie is too short, it can make you look chubby, which often leaves a bad impression on the other person.

Conversely, if the length of the tie is too long, the tie will come under the buckle of the trouser belt, so it will protrude from the suit or become loose, giving the other person a sloppy look. is.

So when you tie your tie, stand in front of a mirror and adjust it to the optimum length and check it several times.

In particular, many working adults who wear suits and ties tend to be busy getting ready in the morning.

If you rush to tie your tie, the final check will be lax, or you will compromise, which will lead to you coming to work in an incomplete state.

2. Tie length by height

As for the length of the necktie, if you are a beginner, it is better to wear a necktie with a length of around 140cm, which is made to match the average height and weight of Japanese people.

On top of that, it is recommended to have several spare ties that match your height so that you can deal with both when the length of the tie is too short or too long.

〇165 cm

For a man with a height of about 165 cm, the length of the tie should be between 140 cm and 145 cm.

In general, the average height of many Japanese men is in the range of 165 cm to 170 cm, so for people of this height, the standard type necktie, which is the easiest to purchase, is just the right length.

If you have a slightly thicker body or neck, you may want to choose a slightly longer one.


For men who are about 170cm tall, a tie length of about 155cm is considered to be just right.

Basically, it is important to choose a necktie that is about 15cm shorter than your height, so the 155cm type is a good guideline.

Nowadays, there are more and more Japanese people who are taller than 170cm, but in the past people were shorter, so neckties around 140cm became mainstream.

Therefore, in the future, it is possible that the basic length of neckties will become mainstream in the 150 cm range.

〇 175 cm

A man with a height of about 175cm is probably one of the tallest Japanese people.

Therefore, in many cases, the long type that is worn by foreigners looks good.

For foreigners, even if it is a long type for Japanese people, the length is normal, so the standard type is a necktie with a length of about 155 cm to 160 cm.

Many of the brand neckties sold overseas are about this length, but the overseas brand neckties sold in Japan are sold in a slightly shorter length for Japanese people. There are many.


For a man with a height of about 180 cm, the standard length for Japanese people can be said to be short.

Therefore, it may be difficult to find a tie that fits you.

A necktie of 160cm or longer is required, so it is necessary to have a long type from the beginning.

Currently, we also sell one-touch long ties for tall people, so we recommend that as well.

It looks like a normal necktie, but it has a neat shape and is easy to tie, so you don't have to worry about tying it.

Also, many of the adjusters have fasteners with stoppers, so you don't have to worry about them slipping off while wearing a tie.

〇185 cm

I don't think there are many Japanese men around 185cm tall, but the taller you are, the harder it is to find a necktie with a length that suits you.

Most Japanese people are around 170cm tall, so even if you go to a store looking for a necktie, it may not be available.

However, there are many people overseas who are around 185cm tall, so if you are around this height, you can buy a necktie made overseas on an online store, or go to a tie shop that overseas people often stop by and find the one that suits you. let's buy

〇 190 cm

There are few Japanese men who are around 190 cm tall, but there are many athletes and athletes.

You can wear the one-touch long necktie that is suitable for tall people introduced earlier, look for a necktie with a length that suits you at overseas brand fashion shops that are purveyor to athletes and athletes, and purchase it on mail order sites. Recommended.

3. If you cannot adjust the length of your tie

Choosing a tie that matches your height is also an important point in tying a tie well.

Considering your height, it is said that the most suitable necktie length is about 15 cm less than your height.

However, since there are individual differences in the thickness of the neck and body shape, please understand it as a guideline.

And if you can't adjust the length of your tie well, there are ways to adjust it by tying it or stitching it.

〇 Adjust by tying

The easiest way to adjust a tie is by tying it.

There are various ways of tying knots, but the most commonly used tying methods are double knots, plain knots, semi-Windsor knots, and Windsor knots.

For example, if the fabric is soft and thin, use a double knot.

If the fabric is stiff and hot, try using a plain knot to adjust the length.

〇 Adjust with the seam of the tie

Most ties are cut diagonally and sewn together.

So if you look at the lining of the fabric, you will find the diagonal seams that connect the fabric.

After hanging the necktie on the collar, you can use the seam on the lining as a guide and adjust the length of the large sword and small sword to tie it neatly and tightly.

〇 Put it in slacks

It is not recommended to adjust the length of the tie, but if the tie is too long, you can hide it by tucking it into the slacks.

The point is that it can be done quickly and easily, so if you don't have to take off your suit or jacket, why not try it?

4. 3 recommended ties

Do you know Power V Zone?

That refreshing and dignified atmosphere when wearing navy and blue.

It is determined by high-quality materials and high-quality weaving.

Because of its high quality, this Japanese necktie is simple and should be worn by adult men.

A tie that doesn't need to be washed anymore.

The secret lies in the water-repellent finish.

By coating the fabric with fluorine resin, it repels moisture and makes it difficult for dirt and stains to adhere.

100% silk tie from Kyotango.

The material is good and luxurious, and it creates an adult atmosphere.

There is dignity in the impression given to the other party.

5.By height! Summary of how a professional teaches you about the correct length of a tie

As for the length of the necktie, since the average height of Japanese people in the past was shorter than that of today, around 140 cm is used as the base style.

However, nowadays, there are many Japanese who are taller than 170cm, and we live in an era where even long ties from overseas brands can be worn stylishly.

Tall men may find it difficult to find a tie that is the perfect length for them, but one-touch long ties that do not need to be tied for tall people are also popular, so it is recommended.

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