Did you know there are many types of ties? Choose a tie that suits you!

Did you know there are many types of ties? Choose a tie that suits you!

When you become a member of society, especially those who work in sales, you almost always wear a suit and tie.

There are many people who are trying to keep themselves clean and well-groomed.

However, I think there are few people who are particular about the type of necktie and maintenance.

Recently, there are various patterns and colors on the market, so it is often difficult to decide which one to choose.

By choosing a tie that suits you, you will make a good impression on the other person.

It is also important to wear clothes that are suitable for the place where you are going.

If you wear a tie that is too unnatural in a situation that is not suitable for your TPO, it will be judged that your business etiquette is not good.

In that case, the first impression may not be very good from the person you met for the first time.

Human beings are said to be creatures that make a first impression in just a few tens of seconds, so the atmosphere of the first meeting is so important.

This time, we will introduce the types of ties and points to note when wearing them for occasions such as TPO.

1. Types of ties

Ties come in a variety of designs and colors, so even if you try to coordinate yourself, it is often difficult to know which one suits you best.

Since it is worn around the neck, if you wear it and go out all day, it will be stained with sweat and dirt.

If you leave it as it is, it will cause stains and odors, so you have to be careful about maintenance.

Also, the ease of care varies depending on the type of tie.

Therefore, it is good to look for something that suits you and buy it, but we recommend that you think about the aftermath and maintenance before purchasing.

And when you wear a suit and meet the same person many times, if you change the type, color, design, etc. of the tie each time, there is a possibility that the other person will think you are a fashionable person.

That way, you'll always be clean and you'll make a good impression on other people.

Your fashion sense will improve, you will gain confidence in yourself, and business negotiations and work may go well.

〇 Narrow tie

A narrow tie is a stylish necktie with a width of about 4 cm to 6 cm, narrower than a regular tie.

The meaning of narrow is a word that is narrow, and it is easy to understand because it is as it is.

And compared to regular ties, it looks a little more casual, so it's not really suitable for scenes where you want to wear a suit.

Therefore, it is suitable for wearing at parties.

〇 Jacquard tie

Jacquard tie is the most basic type of necktie.

It is rumored that Lord Derby, a British aristocrat, often wore it when watching horse races.

Therefore, you will be able to create an atmosphere that looks luxurious and looks good.

The width of the large sword is about 7cm to 9cm.

〇 Knit tie

Knit ties are made by knitting, so they can create a warm atmosphere from the appearance.

It is better not to wear it in a very stiff place, but to wear it in a casual style with a light feeling.

Women, in particular, tend to pay attention to details such as ties, shoes, and small accessories when checking men's fashion.

Therefore, if you want the opposite sex to think that you have fashion sense, pay close attention to the details of the items you wear.

〇Square tie

A square tie, also known as a cut tie, is a type of necktie.

The tip is cut in a square shape and is recommended for wearing to weddings.

There is also a square tie that is cut diagonally, and it is a tie that can be used in a wide range of occasions such as TPO.

〇 Fresco Thailand

A fresco tie is a type of tie that is perfect for coordinating with a suit for the summer season.

Mesh fabric is used to achieve a three-dimensional and rough appearance, so you will get a cool impression from the surroundings.

Therefore, it is recommended for those who sweat easily and those who often wear a suit when going out during the summer.

However, it is easy to sweat around the neck especially in the summer, so there is a risk that sweat will soak into the suit and tie and make it dirty.

If you do that, it will look lacking in cleanliness, so in addition to the fresco tie, it would be a good idea to always have a few spares on hand.

Even if the necktie you've been wearing for a while gets soaked with sweat or gets dirty, having a spare one will give you peace of mind.

〇 Hemp necktie

Linen ties are a type of necktie that are often worn mainly in summer.

Therefore, there are hemp ties that are only available in summer in the four seasons.

Since hemp is a natural material, it is gentle on the skin and gives a cool impression to the other party.

However, it can be said that it is a type that is prone to wrinkles if it is not properly cared for.

So you have to be careful about the maintenance of hemp ties.

Although the fabric itself is strong, it requires careful handling.

〇 Bowtie

Bowties were originally worn at night parties.

However, recently, many people wear it in casual situations, and the range of use is expanding.

A bowtie is a bow tie and when choosing a size, it is important to be conscious of the balance with the size of your face.

Try to select a type that fits just between the outer corners of your eyes .

〇Wool tie

Wool tie is a type of necktie that is often worn mainly in autumn and winter seasons.

Wool material is comfortable and warm, so it is best to wear it when the temperature is low.

In addition to suits, it also goes well with a voluminous jacket.

〇 Wing tie

Wing tie, as the name suggests, means the shape of a wing.

The impression you wear is that it looks classy from the other person's point of view.

However, as with any type of tie, it is not recommended to wear your favorite color or design.

If you are a professional fashion coordinator, you can objectively judge the type, color, pattern, etc. of a tie suitable for TPO, but it will be difficult for someone who is not.

If you wear it for the wrong occasion, or if you choose the wrong tie for the occasion, you may not make a good impression on the other person.

〇 Ascot tie

An ascot tie is a type of wide necktie that looks like a scarf.

It is mainly worn at parties, but recently many people wear it in casual situations.

The ascot tie is gorgeous and gives a sense of volume to the chest.

2. Summary of tie types

There are various types of ties such as [ascot tie, wing tie, wool tie, bow tie, hemp tie, square tie, fresco tie, knit tie, jacquard tie, narrow tie].

However, if you don't wear something that suits you, you may not get a good impression from the other person.

It is also important to wear a tie suitable for the TPO.

In terms of business etiquette, there is also common sense that it is NG to wear a tie.

So, if you don't know which type suits you, it's a good idea to ask a professional coordinator or use a fashion rental service.

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