[Latest version in 2021] Thorough examination of the characteristics and solutions of people who skip work at telework!

[Latest version in 2021] Thorough examination of the characteristics and solutions of people who skip work at telework!

In telework, many employees of the company do not come to work and work at their own time and place.

People tend to spend a lot of time doing business alone, so it will be difficult for people who usually skip work at the company to increase productivity with telework (remote work).

In fact, the percentage of people who do not work at home has already been calculated, and it is said that 94% of those who do not work at the company did not.

When it comes to what they spend most of their time slacking off on, many people are immersed in their hobbies or playing games.

This time, I will introduce what are the characteristics of people who skip work in telework, which one is better, a hotel or a house, and whether you can skip as much as you want.

1. The shocking fact that some people skip work during telework!

Telework is currently attracting attention as a state-of-the-art work style.

There are still many companies that have just started working on it, so there are many places where they do not have a good grasp of the behavior of each employee.

In business, it is often said that there is a “2:6:2” rule.

In other words, there are 20% of excellent employees and 60% of employees with normal ability.

And the remaining 20% ​​of people are in a state of luggage at the company.

The remaining 20% ​​of people are people who can't work in the first place or who have a habit of slacking off.

It will be difficult for people who go to work and have a habit of slacking off to carry out telework work, which has many opportunities to work alone.

In fact, there is also data that 94% of people who skip telework work skipped work even after coming to work.

Some people are slacking off because they have a lot of work to do and they finished their work early.

Such people are unlikely to experience a significant drop in productivity even if they telework.

2. What are the characteristics of people who skip work in telework?

It can be difficult for co-workers and bosses to understand how teleworkers behave.

Therefore, it is easy to grasp the work content from the deliverables and judge whether you are slacking.

One of the characteristics of people who skip work in telework is that they are too lazy to think that they would have skipped work if there were no business results or reports for the day.

There are many people who have a habit of slacking off because they are not able to communicate smoothly with their company, colleagues, and superiors.

During working hours, most of the time you will be using computers and IT equipment, so when you contact your company, colleagues, or superiors, the response may be a little slow, but there will not be much time lag.

However, people who skip work due to telework leave the place where the computer or IT equipment is placed to take a break or do something unrelated to work. I don't know if they contact me.

3. Which is better for telework, hotel or home?

Telework can be done at home or on the go without going to work.

However, when working from home, there are some people who can't get enough of their work and can't concentrate on raising children.

For those who don't want to be influenced by external factors too much, going out and doing business at places such as cafes and hotels is one way to make work progress.

People who are able to manage themselves and work with goals every day will try to devise something to make their work progress at home.

On the other hand, if you can't concentrate on your work by staying at home, how about staying in a hotel and doing telework?

Eliminate the habit of slacking off at the hotel

When teleworking at a hotel, you can eliminate the habit of skipping by bringing only the things you need for work.

If possible, it's better not to bring your smartphone or entertainment equipment at all, but if you really need to communicate with someone at work, put them out of sight or mute them, and check them when you've finished your work. Let's look at.

And it is also important to put only the minimum necessary items on the hotel desk.

Unnecessary items at work can be distracting and tempting.

And in order to get rid of the habit of skipping out at the hotel, it is important to telework while playing background music that allows you to concentrate on your work, or to work while maintaining the correct posture.

Eliminate the habit of skipping at home

People who telework from home are more likely to skip work than those who work at hotels.

When you're at home, you're surrounded by things you like, and you feel safe, so it's hard to get into work mode.

To get rid of the habit of skipping at home, first of all, don't do telework while you're awake in your pajamas or clothes.

When you go to work, you change into a uniform or wear clothes that match the time of day.

Therefore, even when working from home, it is important to change clothes properly and switch from relax mode to work mode at once.

It's the same with telework at a hotel, but if you work with the TV on, your work won't get much better.

People's voices affect concentration, so it is important not to turn on the TV so as not to disturb concentration.

In this way, people who have a habit of slacking off in telework can think about the situations in which they will slacken themselves and develop countermeasures to prevent a significant drop in business productivity.

Human attention doesn't last for hours on end.

In addition, in an environment where you work alone all the time, strong self-control is required, so people who are not good at self-management tend to skip.

4. Telework can be found out even if you skip it as much as you want?

Telework involves working using computers and IT equipment, so some companies have installed "management apps" to check whether employees are actually working.

However, it is also a difficult issue because there are voices saying that it is not respecting individual human rights for companies to worry about whether they are working or not during telework. .

Therefore, some companies rely on the trust of their employees to determine whether they are working seriously even during telework.

In a company that doesn't have a management app, if employees ask if they can't do anything while teleworking and they won't find out, if it becomes a habit, there is a high possibility that they will find out.

Also, software such as "Microsoft's Teams" allows you to communicate your situation to a third party in real time.

By using this software, if an employee who is doing telework remains standing all the time, it will be found out that he/she is skipping.

In the first place, if you are hired by a company and work from home, it may be inappropriate to have the feeling that you are going to skip it and not be found out because it is a telework.

It's a good idea to take a short break between working hours, but if you make a habit of slacking off, you run the risk of being caught out, so be careful.

5. Summary of people who skip work in telework

It is said that many people who skip work in telework usually go to work and skip during working hours.

There is data that 94% of people who skip work at the company do the same during telework.

For those who are not good at self-management when working from home or when they are out, let's be conscious of setting some restrictions and devising ways so as not to reduce business productivity.

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