Terewāku challenges and problems are dangerous? Thorough verification of improvement methods and people who are not suitable for working from home

Terewāku challenges and problems are dangerous? Thorough verification of improvement methods and people who are not suitable for working from home

Telework is gradually becoming popular in Japan, but there are many issues and problems because it is different from the way of working so far.

Since long ago, when working at a company in Japan, there have been many employees who came to the company and did desk work in the company or did outside work.

Recently, however, an increasing number of companies have introduced IT equipment and personal computers, and with the promotion of work style reforms, workers are now able to do a variety of things.

Telework, which allows you to work from home or anywhere you go without having to go to the office and work, is attracting attention as a cutting-edge way of working.

The Workers' Compensation Insurance Act applies to employees who telework in the same way as those who go to the office and work in the office.

However, at the same time, there are also companies with high hurdles to introduce many issues and problems.

This time, we will introduce the challenges and problems of telework, how to improve it, and people who are not suitable for working from home.

1. Telework assignments are dangerous?

Telework is an environment where individuals can work freely without being bound by time and place, but it is easy to fall into a lack of communication between employees and with superiors.

You can have conversations and online video calls using tools such as "Skype, Chat, ZOOM, You Tube", so it's not that you can't talk to people inside and outside the company at all.

However, there are issues such as not being able to directly greet each other in the morning when employees get together, and not being able to directly see each other's expressions during morning and closing meetings, meetings, etc., so communication is not very good.

Especially dangerous is when someone causes trouble during telework.

If you go to work at the office and work, when someone causes trouble, it is possible for someone else to cover it immediately and to quickly communicate with each other, but there is a time lag during telework. There are also cases where it is not possible to grasp the situation immediately after it occurs.

In addition, it is difficult to grasp and distinguish "time management" as an issue of telework.

In particular, when working from home, the line between working hours and other hours tends to be ambiguous, which tends to lead to long working hours.

In addition, since people often work alone, people who have a habit of slacking off cannot control their desires and work while taking breaks, which reduces productivity and makes them work more efficiently. There is also a problem that you can't do it.

If you go to work at the company and work, it is easy for your boss and people in higher positions to hear about your work performance, but it can be said that it is difficult to understand and evaluate during telework. prize.

In this way, telework is attracting attention as a state-of-the-art work style, but it is also true that there are various problems.

2. What are the problems with telework?

Telework work must be done using IT equipment and computers, so there is a risk that personal information and company information will be leaked outside the company.

In other words, the risk of information leakage increases because data is stored in personal computers and IT equipment.

Also, even if you take good care of your personal computer and IT equipment, if they are stolen or lost, your personal information and important corporate data will be passed on to a third party.

Therefore, information security measures will be very important.

The more employees a company has, the greater the risk of such information leaks.

You have to be concerned about the work performance and productivity of your employees, and companies face various challenges and problems.

When telework is implemented, communication between employees becomes difficult, and where important information is usually printed on paper documents, it becomes difficult to go paperless by suddenly storing data on IT equipment or computers. .

For a long time, companies that have been conducting telework operations to some extent have had such problems, so they will think about ways to improve them and make use of them next time, but most companies have introduced telework for the first time. But there are many.

Therefore, there are many companies that do not have a system that can solve the above issues and problems immediately when some trouble occurs.

In other words, basically, it is difficult to come up with a good improvement method until some kind of trouble occurs, so companies that are still fumbling about teleworking will have more issues and problems.

3. How to improve telework issues and problems?

Many companies have not introduced telework yet, so when various troubles occur, there are many issues and problems.

Even if troubles occur as much as possible, thorough self-management by each employee will be required in order to solve them as smoothly as possible, and the use of "cloud services" will be an important key.

A cloud service is a mechanism that allows users to use data and software on their own computers as needed on the Internet.

There are groupware, project management tools, online storage, workflow systems, attendance management systems, business chats, and web conference systems.

There is an improvement method of using such a cloud service to smoothly solve the problems and problems of telework.

However, there will be a certain number of people who can master these and those who are not suitable at all.

For those who do not normally use computers and IT equipment, there is a risk that working from home will lead to a significant drop in productivity, or that cloud services will not be fully utilized, resulting in a lack of security measures.

4. Who is not suitable for telework (work from home)?

Telework (work from home) is often not suitable for people who are not able to handle IT equipment and PCs.

This is because telework itself is mostly done using the Internet, so if you do not have some knowledge of digital things, it will be difficult to work.

And since they don't have to go to work, they have less communication with employees and superiors, and they often report by typing in text or chat.

As a result, telework (working from home) is not suitable for people who are not good at using IT equipment and computers because they often communicate with each other in conversation.

Business communications and conversations will be reported to the company in writing on a computer or IT device, so if you are not good at typing on the keyboard, doing telework will make the response to the other person worse and reduce productivity. It's going to end up.

Many companies still have many problems and issues with telework, but some are gradually responding while considering ways to improve, so there is a possibility that the productivity of the entire company will increase in the future. I guess.

5. Summary of telework issues and problems

There are many issues and problems with telework for companies that have not been practicing it for a long time.

Once a problem occurs, there are many companies that carry out telework while thinking about ways to improve and repeating trial and error.

Not all employees have IT literacy.

Working from home or working freely outside the office does not necessarily improve productivity or reduce the risk of information leaks, and that is also the difficulty of telework.

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