[Latest version in 2022] 5 recommended computer case mail order! Long-lasting and easy-to-use case

[Latest version in 2022] 5 recommended computer case mail order! Long-lasting and easy-to-use case

As of 2022, IT products are becoming more and more sophisticated, and it is now possible to browse the Internet and create simple documents smoothly even with inexpensive laptops.

You often see people carrying laptops and working in cafes or on the go.

Be careful when carrying it, as it may be dropped or bumped.

Therefore, you can rest assured that you have a computer case that protects your important device from dirt and shocks.

Also, even if you don't use your laptop much, it can prevent dust, so it's not a loss to have it.

This time, we will introduce the latest computer case mail order recommendations for 2022 and how to choose a long-lasting and easy-to-use product.

1.2022 computer case mail order recommendation

If you choose the best laptop case for your intended use, you won't regret it later.

For example, if you want to be able to move your notebook PC as smoothly as possible, choose a compact type.

If you want to carry various accessories such as chargers, mice, business goods, etc., buy a sleeve type that has a high storage capacity.

Here are some recommendations for computer case mail order in 2022.


<quote below>

Elecom's "ZEROSHOCK Inner Bag" has a double zipper that allows for smooth opening and closing of the zipper.

If you take your laptop in and out many times a day, the zipper may suddenly break.

If it is a double zipper, you can rest assured that if one is broken, the other can be opened and closed.

And thanks to the action of low-resilience polyurethane (low-resilience wave foam), it absorbs shocks from the outside, so it has excellent impact resistance.

・Product name: ELECOM ZEROSHOCK inner bag

・Size: Width 34.5 cm x Thickness 2.5 cm x Height 27 cm

・Color: Gray/Black

・Material: Surface: PVC / Lining: Polyester / Core material: Low-resilience polyurethane

Sanwa Supply

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The "Sanwa Supply IN-MF15GY Shock Absorbing PC Case (15.6" Wide)" is perfect for those who want to protect their laptop from external shocks as much as possible.

The interior of the computer case is lined with low-resilience urethane to prevent accidental impacts such as dropping or bumping into the computer, and to increase its defensive power.

・Product name: Sanwa Supply IN-MF15GY shock absorbing PC case (15.6 inch wide)

・Size: width 42.5cm x thickness 2.5cm x height 30.5cm

・Color: Gray/Black

・Material: Polyester


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In 2014, Porter's computer case, which won the Good Design Award, is still popular in 2022 for its safety, durability, and ease of use.

Among them, the "PORTER PORTER OPTION" is a recommended product that is fully functional as the case has a D-ring and eggplant hook attached so that it can be used not only for storing a PC but also as a mobile bag.

・Product name: Porter PORTER OPTION

・Size: Width 34cm x Thickness 4.5cm x Height 24cm

・Color: Gray/Navy

・Material: Nylon twill/Polyester pile


<quote below>

For users who love macbook laptops, we recommend "Incase Facet Sleeve with Recycled Twill 13" when it comes to computer case mail order in 2022.

Mainly, it will be a special case specialized for 13 inches.

The MacBook itself is an expensive laptop, so it would be quite a shock if it gets dirty or dropped when you are carrying it outside.

If you want to make it last as long as possible, you need to choose a computer case that fits the storage size of your device.

"Incase Facet Sleeve with Recycled Twill 13" uses recycled polyester with durable water repellent treatment, so it's okay to get wet in a little rain or water.

This product is not only waterproof but also shock resistant.

・Product name: Incase Facet Sleeve with Recycled Twill 13

・Size: 13 inches

・Color: Black/Navy

・Material: Recycled polyester

2. How to choose a computer case

If you want to store your laptop in a computer case, there are many people who want to use it when carrying it somewhere.

At that time, each person has a different use.

As much as possible, it is better to choose a light computer case for those who emphasize the simplicity of carrying so that the luggage is not heavy.

If you don't particularly care about the weight of the computer case and you have a lot of luggage to store and carry gadgets and PC accessories, it is better to choose a case with a high storage capacity.

Please refer to the following for the 2022 latest version of the criteria for choosing as a recommended computer case mail order.

Bag type/sleeve type

If you don't need to carry a lot of accessories and small items in addition to the laptop itself, we recommend a "sleeve type" computer case.

Many sleeve types are lightweight and thin, so they don't add much bulk to your bag or backpack.

And for those who want to carry various peripherals, we recommend the "bag type", which has a lot of storage pockets in the computer case.

There is also a type that is equipped with a handle and a shoulder belt, so there is also the advantage that it can be easily carried.

Match the size of your computer

Laptops come in various sizes, so it is important to choose the size of the computer case according to the size of the computer.

If the computer case is smaller than the laptop, it may not fit all the way in and the zipper may not close.

Conversely, if the size of the computer case is too large, it will be easy to store, but there will be a lot of empty space inside and the laptop will not hold well.

In that case, the vibration may shake the notebook PC and damage the device, which may lead to damage or loss of data.

The best way to be sure is to go directly to a gadget store and ask the salesperson which computer case is the correct size for your laptop.

Even on online shopping sites, the sizes are clearly marked, so if you order correctly, you can save time and money, so online shopping is recommended if you want to save money.

choose by endurance

People who carry laptops in a computer case have different ways of carrying them, such as walking, trains, bicycles, and cars.

If you often carry your computer by bicycle, it is better to choose a computer case with excellent durability because vibrations are likely to be applied to the computer case.

When you walk or drive, you don't have to worry about vibrations and shocks that much, but when you get on a train, there is a risk that the computer case will be hit hard by being pushed by the crowd if you get on a crowded train.

Therefore, if you are concerned about vibrations and impacts when carrying, we recommend purchasing a "polypropylene" product that has excellent durability.

Decide whether or not to store peripheral devices

When you carry your IT equipment on the go, there is no one who will be satisfied with just the laptop itself.

If you don't bring peripheral devices such as chargers, mice, mouse pads, batteries, etc., it will be very difficult to work.

Also, if you use a laptop for work, you will need a variety of accessories such as company files and USB memory, so a computer case with high storage capacity is essential.

If you want to decide whether or not to store peripheral devices, we recommend the bag type, which has a higher storage capacity, than the sleeve type.

3.Summary of computer case mail order recommendations

We have introduced the latest 2022 PC case online recommendations, but since each person has a different purpose for going out, it is best to choose a sleeve type if you want to keep your luggage compact and portable.

If you want to carry various peripherals such as chargers, mice, mouse pads, batteries, etc., a bag type with a high storage capacity is recommended.

Also, carrying a laptop increases the risk of dropping it, bumping it, or getting it dirty, so consider durability, waterproofness, and impact resistance to choose the best one.

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