[2023] Perfect for students in their 20s! 3 recommended business bags

Students in their 20s and new graduates employed by companies,

As you will soon be entering the workforce, you will need to stock up on fashion items and accessories for work.

If you're still a student, you probably don't have that much money to spare.

If so, something affordable would be perfect.

Among them, business bags are used every day when you start working, so

It's important to buy things you won't regret.

This time, we will introduce how to choose the perfect business bag for students in their 20s in 2023.

We will introduce a comparison of sizes and materials, as well as three recommended products.

1. How to choose a business bag for people in their 20s

Since a business bag is something used for work, it is not good to give others the impression that you are not serious.

We recommend items with calm colors and simple designs.

It is best to avoid bright colours and unusual designs.

Many people in their 20s do not yet hold high positions in their companies,

If you carry an expensive brand-name business bag, you may be perceived as presumptuous by those above you.

Also, if you have something with a big brand logo on it,

This tends to give the impression that you are not suited to the job, and depending on the workplace, your boss may question your awareness as a working adult.

To choose the best business bag for people in their 20s in 2023, please refer to the following points.

A bag that won't fall over when placed on the floor A bag that won't fall over when placed on the floor

I often have to take a business bag to work.

So, for example, if you frequently meet with business partners for business negotiations,

Sometimes we talk with our bags on the floor.

If the business bag falls over easily, it will lose its shape and look bad.

It's a good idea to choose one that can stand on its own and won't tip over when placed on the floor.

When choosing a work bag that can stand on its own, choosing one with a wide gusset will give it stability when placed on the floor.

Material matters

The business bag you carry during your commute can get bumped into in a crowd,

Since it is often placed on the ground, it is prone to damage.

When you go out, it may rain and your bag may get wet, so you need to be careful of the weather.

To prevent scratches as much as possible, it is best to pay attention to the material of the business bag.

We also recommend business bags made of scratch-resistant nylon.

Most of the items are inexpensive, so there is little financial burden.

Choose a price range that is affordable

For students and new graduates in their 20s, it is important to choose a business bag within a reasonable price range.

For example, the younger generation has more opportunities to be entrusted with work that requires them to go out on the road,

My work bag gets scratched easily.

If you have an expensive business bag,

I'm constantly on edge trying not to get hurt, and it makes me tired.

It is better to choose something within a reasonable price range.

It is said that students and new graduates in their 20s typically spend around 10,000 yen on a business bag .

At first, try to buy a reasonable bag,

Once you become more capable at your job and have more financial security, it's fine to start buying slightly more expensive items.

2.What size business bag is suitable for people in their 20s? What size business bag is suitable for someone in their 20s?

The size really depends on what you put inside.

Students and new graduates in their 20s often have to learn things at work.

You will likely have to carry a lot of luggage, such as necessary documents and writing utensils.

In addition, more and more people are carrying around large items such as laptops, so

If your business bag is small, you won't be able to store everything.

There may be a risk that it won't fit in your bag and you'll have to carry it in your hands.

To avoid this, it is recommended that you decide on the size of your business bag by considering what you will put inside.

If it is a large-capacity bag with lots of pockets, you can separate it from your laptop.

You can store small items in the pockets, which prevents your belongings from rubbing against each other or getting scratched.

3. Business bag materials suitable for people in their 20s If you lose your wallet, what are the chances of getting it back?

Business bags come in a variety of materials.

If you have a job where you go out a lot, use a nylon bag,

It's important to have things that fit your fashion.

The material that suits business bags for people in their 20s is affordable, scratch-resistant nylon.

In addition, there are a variety of other materials available, including:

leather leather

Leather business bags exude a sense of luxury and elegance, and tend to give off a sense of cleanliness and trustworthiness to others.

It's also durable, so it holds up well.

The more you use genuine leather, the more the color will develop and you will easily grow to love it.

Nylon Nylon

The standard material for business bags in 2023 is nylon.

It is lightweight and highly functional, making it perfect for business people who work outside.

It is also scratch-resistant and durable, making it an ideal material for students in their 20s.


Synthetic leather business bags are lighter than leather and have high water repellency.

It is also resistant to rain and dirt, so it is recommended for people in their 20s who work outdoors.

Unlike leather, it does not change over time, so even if you use it for a long time, you will not be able to enjoy the changes in color or texture, but it is easier to care for than genuine leather products.

3. Business bags suitable for people in their 20s

There are many different types of business bags available.

Depending on the shape, the appearance will be different, so you can purchase one that suits the occasion.

It is recommended that you consider how you will use it, such as buying something that is best suited for outdoor use, before making a decision.

Below are some business bags suitable for people in their 20s.

tote bag tote bag

When you hear the term "business bag," some people might imagine something sturdy like an attaché case.

However, they also sell more casual types of bags.

A tote bag is a plain bag that makes it easy to store and retrieve business items.

Tote bags can be used for both business and personal use.

Briefcase Briefcase

A briefcase is a recommended bag for people who need to carry a lot of documents mainly for work.

There are also many items with simple designs.

Be careful, bags with short handles are not suitable for carrying luggage for long periods of time.

Soft Briefcase Soft Briefcase

A typical briefcase has square corners.

A "soft briefcase" is a rounded type that gives a soft impression.

Its functionality is comparable to that of a briefcase, so if you are considering a briefcase, you can choose one based on your preference.

3-Way Bag 3-Way Bag

When it comes to bags needed for work, many businessmen prioritize functionality, such as storage capacity and ease of carrying.

The 3-way bag can be used in a variety of situations, including as a hand bag, shoulder bag, or backpack.

Many of these business bags have many pockets and are large-capacity.

Ruck sack Ruck sack

An increasing number of young people in their 20s are carrying backpacks.

Backpacks are very useful because they have a large capacity and students can fit a lot of textbooks, food, and drinks in them.

In fact, backpacks are also easy to use as business bags, and there are many that come in muted colors and simple designs, so they are recommended for people in their 20s.

5. Three recommended business bags for people in their 20s
Business bag [Azzuro E Marrone] Original color | Style Equal
[Completely Black] Over 40 parts all black | Special edition business bag
[Completely black] Custom-made special edition business bag | Carry-on possible |
5. Summary of recommended business bags for people in their 20s

For people in their 20s, it is recommended that they choose business bags with plenty of storage space and functionality rather than expensive ones.

Nowadays, more and more young people are carrying laptops to work.

When it comes to work bags, larger capacity bags are becoming more popular.

To make your new life better, choose your business bag carefully.

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