Present a necktie that will make you happy on your birthday! 100% satisfaction with color and material selection

Present a necktie that will make you happy on your birthday! 100% satisfaction with color and material selection

There are probably many women who do not want to miss out on gifts for their favorite men or boyfriends on their birthdays.

You want to do a lot of research on the other person and give them what you like if possible.

However, unless you are a lover, it will be difficult to hear too much.

Also, even if you can research gifts near your birthday, if you are a man with a sharp intuition, you will soon find out.

Therefore, there is a "necktie" when it comes to the thing that is most appreciated on birthdays and does not come off.

However, the other person has their preferences, and if you don't give them something that suits them, they won't wear it even if they receive it.

This time, we will introduce you to how to choose a tie for your birthday, and how to pay attention to it.

1. A necktie is a popular birthday gift!

A necktie is recommended as a birthday present for a man you like or for your boyfriend.

A necktie has a meaning such as "I'm crazy about you, I want to bind you", so it's also recommended for people who are not good at conveying their love and feelings straight to the other person.

It's a story if the other man knows the meaning of the necktie, but even if he doesn't know, he will be able to convey his feelings at the stage of giving a gift on his birthday.

However, if you give it to a man who doesn't like it at all, you may misunderstand that if the other person knows the meaning of the necktie, you like it.

If possible, give a tie to a man or boyfriend you like, and tell them that you want them to wear a tie instead of a charm so that they don't feel too heavy.

Also, you have to be careful when giving gifts to men who wear suits and ties for business.

This is because if you hand over a necktie with colors, patterns, or materials that are not suitable for business manners, when the other man wears it to the office, he may be warned by other employees and superiors.

Giving a necktie as a birthday gift is fine because it doesn't come off, but you should understand the other person's position and situation before giving them the most suitable one.

2. Points to note when gifting a necktie to someone special

When gifting a necktie to someone important to you, it's easy to pick and choose the one you like best.

Instead, you have to understand whether the other man will wear it privately or for business, and choose a tie from the other person's point of view.

Women don't have the opportunity to wear a tie like men do, so if you choose a tie just because of a woman's sensibility, you will definitely fail.

For example, women tend to love cute designs and fashionable things.

In the case of men, there are many people who want a necktie with a simple design that is easy to use rather than such a thing.

As a point to note when wearing a tie to someone important to you, research and think about the following points before giving a birthday present.

〇Think about the other person's clothes

If a man only wears a tie during business, navy blue or blue with a simple design is best.

If you usually wear a tie for play in your private life, you can give him a tie with a pattern, color, and material that is more fashionable than a business tie as a birthday present.

In this way, it is important to give the best tie after considering what kind of atmosphere the person usually wears.

If you give the other man something that doesn't match his outfit, he will receive the birthday present, but it will be put in the drawer and will not be used.

〇Adapt to age group

You have to consider the man you like and the age of your boyfriend.

This is because if the man is in his 20s, a necktie with subdued colors/materials/patterns or something flashy might be fine, but if the man is an older man, something flashy or with a character might be fine. There are many people who are not good at it.

Even in the workplace, if you give an expensive brand necktie to a man you like or a boyfriend who has started working as a new employee, when the man wears it to the company, your boss will tell you that you cannot work. You might think I'm being cheeky with a branded necktie.

o Think about your budget

If you give a cheap necktie as a birthday present, it will not be durable and will be damaged quickly, and the material of the necktie may look cheap.

On the other hand, if you give an expensive brand necktie, there is a risk that the recipient may not like the brand or the tie is not appropriate for his age.

Also, you may want to give it to a male friend instead of your favorite person or lover.

Gifting a high-brand necktie to a male friend may be considered heavy.

So, if you choose a tie as a birthday present, think about your budget and put yourself in the other person's shoes and give them the best one.

However, it is better not to get your hands on sale items because you are worried about the price (price).

Unsold ties and discounted ties always have some reason why they weren't chosen.

〇Think about materials and colors

In order for the other man to use the tie for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to the material and color.

In general, avoid ties with too eccentric patterns and colors, and avoid choosing ties made of materials that are difficult to wash.

It's something you give as a birthday present, so the man who received it should know the favor from the woman.

So, if the pattern, color, material, etc. of the necktie is not suitable for the other person's taste or position, men will be troubled by their reaction when they receive it and check it.

3. How to choose a birthday tie [Width]

Choosing a necktie as a birthday present is a product that is hard to miss, so it is OK.

However, it is important to give something that matches the taste and position of the other party.

And you have to pay attention to the "width" when choosing a tie for your birthday.

As for the basic size, we recommend that the width of the large sword is 8 cm to 8.5 cm.

4. How to choose a birthday tie [color]

When choosing a tie for a birthday present, you should pay attention to the "color".

For example, if the other man wears a navy blue suit, give him a navy or blue necktie.

If possible, choose a tie that is the same color as the suit and shirt for a balanced look.

5. How to choose a birthday tie [Material]

When choosing a necktie for a birthday present, you have to pay attention to the "material".

Avoid choosing materials that are difficult to wash, and if possible, we recommend silk, which has a luxurious feel.

The silk material is characterized by being able to make a beautiful tie knot.

In addition, linen is also good because it has a refreshing feeling in the hot summer season.

6.Recommended tie for birthday
〇 Adult color variation tie 100% silk made in Japan

Do you know Power V Zone?

That refreshing and dignified atmosphere when wearing navy and blue.

It is determined by high-quality materials and high-quality weaving.

Because of its high quality, this Japanese necktie is simple and should be worn by adult men.

We are confident in the taste that can only be produced by solids, and the production method and quality that can not be cheated.

〇Jointly developed by STYLE= and DojimaTailor Double name

[DojimaTailor] proposes neat and sophisticated designs and styles that have been handed down through generations with the concept of "enjoying the suit" as well as "wearing the suit".

Focusing on men's business accessories, we propose business items that are one rank higher and deliver Enjoyooy to businessmen [STYLE=]

A gem tie created through collaboration.

A mature gentleman's necktie with a characteristic heavy dark color. The patterns are calm and heavy.

Make sure to give a genuine Japanese necktie as a gift.

〇 100% silk A special knit tie that feels different from ordinary knit ties.

If he has many ties and is stylish, how about having him try a new type of tie?

The knit tie softens the stiff image and goes well with regular suits, as well as denim suits and casual suits, expanding the range of coordination.

Especially in the hot summer, knit ties are more breathable than polyester ties and the neck does not get hot and stuffy. Also, this is 100% silk, so we are particular about the material.

It is a necktie that is not embarrassing even as a gift.

7. Birthday tie summary

When giving a necktie as a birthday present for a man you like or a boyfriend, it is important not to choose it from a woman's perspective.

This is because many women value cute designs and fashion, but many men are different.

Men tend to keep the design as simple as possible and focus on functionality.

If you give a man a necktie, give him something that matches his position, situation, and preferences.

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