How to store a tie so that it can always be used neatly! To keep your tie from getting wrinkled

How to store a tie so that it can always be used neatly! To keep your tie from getting wrinkled

When you become a member of society, you tend to forget to clean your suit, trousers, and tie when you get home from work, or to store them in an orderly manner.

If you live a sloppy life, you run the risk of becoming routine and irrelevant. In order to keep your tie clean, it is important not to store it properly.

If you store it properly, it will cause wrinkles and stains on your tie, and it may take time to find where you put it.

Also, if you hang it on a single hanger, it will be difficult to choose, and it will fall off the hanger and lose its shape.

This time, we will introduce how to store ties neatly and correctly, and how to organize them.

1. If you store your necktie properly, it will be full of wrinkles.

When storing ties at home, I don't think there are many people who put them directly on the floor, but there are many people who hang them on hangers or leave them in storage cases.

Small items are troublesome to keep in order, but if they are stored properly, they may become wrinkled.

When you wear a necktie, especially if you are a businessman, you often visit business negotiations and customers, so if you wear a tie with wrinkles, it will immediately give a bad impression to the other party.

People who can't keep their appearance clean will likely be seen as messy at work. Do you want to date someone who looks good or someone who looks bad?

You are definitely a good looking person. The method of storing ties can be broadly divided into [hanging and rolling].

The size of the room at home varies from person to person, so let's decide for yourself which one is better. If you don't have much storage space for your tie, we recommend the "hanging" storage method.

Use tie hangers, wire netting, or tension rods to keep your tie from wrinkling.

And if you have a relatively large storage space in your room, we recommend the "rolling" storage method.

By rolling up the tie and storing it, you can quickly select various types, so it is also good for busy businessmen.

Recently, storage cases that are easy to store in 100-yen shops are on sale, and it would be nice to purchase a dedicated tie rack and use it.

2. The correct way to store a tie

In order to prevent wrinkles, dirt, and bugs from sticking to your tie, you must practice the correct storage method. It is also important to iron your clothes regularly and send them to the dry cleaners to keep them clean.

If you are a businessman who doesn't wear ties often, you don't need to have many types, but it is convenient to have several.

In addition, if you wear the same tie all the time, people who you meet many times may worry or give a bad impression, such as "Do you always wear the same tie and don't have enough money? Are you washing it properly?" I have.

So, if you have multiple ties, you can change them according to your mood, and you will feel better.

And if you practice the correct storage method, you will be able to trim your appearance even more beautifully.

roll up

One of the correct ways to store a tie is to "roll it up". If you buy a storage case that can hold a lot, you can store dozens of ties.

In addition, the neatly arranged ties are easy to choose, so you can see what kind of tie you have at a glance, making it perfect for busy mornings.

When rolling up and storing, fold the necktie in half and roll it up so that the folded part is inside and the tip of the necktie is on the outside.

When rolling, it is recommended to roll loosely instead of compressing tightly to prevent wrinkles and deformation.

Lay flat

One of the correct ways to store a necktie is to lay it flat.

In that case, fold the necktie in half and store it in a transparent plastic cover to prevent dust and insects from sticking to the necktie.

When laying flat, the trick is not to stack the ties too much. If you put a lot of them together and put them in the cover, there is a risk of leaving wrinkles on the two folds.

So, if you want to keep it from getting wrinkled, be careful not to stack your ties on top of each other and lay them flat.


One of the correct ways to store a tie is to "hang" it.

If you don't have a lot of storage space in your room at home, it's a good idea to set the tie hanger in a place that doesn't get in the way.

If you have a closet, set two tension rods on the sides of the closet to hang your tie.

One is fine, but by setting another tension rod, you can suppress the spread of the tie and prevent it from getting caught, so it will not fall off.

Instead of hanging multiple ties on a single hanger, store them on hangers that allow you to hang ties one by one to prevent wrinkles.

3. Keep things organized so you can quickly find the tie you need

It is important to practice the correct storage method for ties, but it is also very important to organize them so that you can quickly take them out when you need them.

For business people, you know how important it is to reduce wasted time. If you don't mind being tidy, your office desk might be cluttered with clutter. The efficiency of your work will also decrease, and the impression from the other party tends to be bad, so let's clean up and organize it regularly.

Separate by color and pattern

There are various ways to store ties, but if you sort them by color and pattern in advance, it will be easier to take them out.

Inevitably, there are some businessmen who wear only the necktie they like, but because it is not neatly stored and organized, they get bored and keep wearing the same necktie. Some people

However, you have to wear something that is suitable for business occasions and occasions, so you should have a variety of items and organize them neatly by color and pattern so that you can choose the best tie for the place you are going. Let's keep

Divide by a tie that seems to match the season

Fashionable senior businessmen choose ties that match the season. For example, in the summertime, I would add a linen material that gives the other person a cool impression. Also, for those who change clothes, it will be fun to choose a tie when changing clothes.

use a special hanger

In order to be able to take out the tie immediately, it is better to hang it on a tie hanger. Recently, we also sell products that prevent slipping, so even if you put a tie on it, it will prevent it from falling off. And by hanging it on a dedicated tie hanger, you can take it out immediately when choosing it, which is convenient.

Summary of necktie storage

Ties can be stored flat, hung, or rolled up.

If you don't have a lot of storage space at home, we recommend using a tie hanger, or if you have to go to work early in the morning, roll it up and store it in a storage case.

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