The stylish pattern of the necktie is decided by this! How to choose a perfect tie

The stylish pattern of the necktie is decided by this! How to choose a perfect tie

A tie is worn in the center of the body, so it is very noticeable at first glance.

It's important to choose clothes that suit your mood on the day, suits, shirts, etc., but you have to be careful because the impression you give to the other person will change greatly depending on the colors and patterns you choose.

In particular, many office workers, including those in sales positions, wear suits and ties every day.

If you wear the same necktie all year round, the other person may think, "Am I washing it properly? I don't feel clean." Therefore, it is important to wear something fashionable, but it is also important to wear something that suits the season and occasion.

This time, we will introduce you to stylish patterns of ties and how to wear them without fail depending on the season and occasion.

1. A must-see for office workers! Modern stylish necktie pattern

In the business scene, wearing a suit and tightening a stylish necktie is something that every office worker should be aware of.

And if you deepen your understanding of the fact that there are various types of necktie patterns, you can select the type that suits your business scene in a different environment.

By doing so, the first impression of business negotiation partners and customers will be good, and not only will you have a sense of cleanliness in your appearance, but you will also be able to give a fashionable impression to the other party, so you will have a good sense of fashion and work. It will make it easier for people to think that it is possible.

To be honest, it depends on the individual as to what kind of pattern suits them, as each person has different tastes and different business situations.

If you don't know the pattern of the tie that suits you, it's safe to choose a "plain" one and wear it.


The plain necktie pattern can be worn with any patterned suit, and can be said to be a classic fashion style.

In addition, it is recommended to use a simple plain shirt as it can give a more calm impression to the other party. And the recommended combination for a plain tie pattern is [blue shirt x dark blue].

If you are not confident about coordinating, why not try wearing a plain type for the time being and polish your fashion.


The plain necktie pattern can be worn with any patterned suit, and can be said to be a classic fashion style.

The striped necktie pattern has a wide variety of patterns, so you can create a stylish look with a variety of patterns.

And in the business scene, narrow stripes are good. Along with plain patterns, striped patterns are also commonly worn.

Therefore, if you don't want to make a mistake in choosing a tie pattern, choose a plain or striped pattern.

small pattern

The Komon pattern necktie pattern is listed as a type of Japanese clothing.

Some patterns are regular and others are irregular.

In other words, if the Komon pattern is small, you can create a classic feeling, and conversely, if the Komon pattern is large, you can give the other party a casual atmosphere.

And in the business scene, a design with a small pattern is good. The reason for this is that by selecting items with small patterns, you can create sharpness when coordinating.

Komon patterns come in a variety of designs, so they are suitable as an accent when combined with a suit.

dot pattern

Compared to plain and striped ties, polka dot ties are not very well known and few people wear them.

However, it is a pattern that can be enjoyed in all four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and it is recommended because it can create a refreshing impression on the other party.

And for the business scene, it would be safer to choose a design with a small dot pattern.

A tie with a large dot pattern is fine for work, but it is better to choose a tie with as few dots as possible.

It is divided into three types, small (pin dot), medium (polka dot), and large (coin dot), depending on the size of the dot.

paisley pattern

The pattern of the paisley pattern tie is the type with a plant pattern.

As a trend pattern, there are some that are attracting attention every year, and many people wear them because they are generally familiar designs.

Compared to the striped and dot patterns, some designs are a little larger, but if you want to wear a suit stylishly, choose a light paisley pattern as much as possible, without destroying the atmosphere of the suit. You can also show off your good fashion sense.

The pattern is perfect for business occasions, but we recommend pairing it with a navy suit.

2. Change the pattern of your tie according to the season

Many businessmen have jobs that require them to wear suits and ties. If you wear the same pattern or type of necktie all year round, your necktie will wear out quickly, and the other person will give you the impression that you're lazy, that you can't do your job, and that you don't feel clean. There is a risk that it may fall off. Therefore, it is important to change the pattern of the tie according to the season of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

By changing the tie according to the season, the period of wearing one tie is shortened, so the tie is less likely to get damaged.

Also, people will notice, so if you change the pattern of your tie according to the season, you will be more likely to be seen as a fashionable person.

In particular, women check the fashion of men's accessories more thoroughly, and if they can pay attention to details, they may think that they have a good personality and are likely to be able to work.

Therefore, changing your tie for each season will not give a negative impression to the other person, but it will give a positive impression.

However, it is important to pay attention not only to the pattern of the tie, but also to the color and material, because if you focus only on the pattern and the color and material are inappropriate, you will fail. .

3. Change the pattern of the tie for each occasion

The pattern of the tie has something suitable for each scene. For example, in the job hunting scene, stripe patterns such as "red and blue" are standard for interviews.

Also, during the first interview, wear a red tie to show off your motivation and passion, and during the second and final interviews, wear a blue tie to show your sincerity. Recommended for business people.

Also, it is said that during business negotiations or interviews with customers, a tie with a navy or blue color or a plain or fine patterned pattern can give a good impression to the other party.

For weddings and parties, we recommend a tie with bright pink or blue, and a tie with a solid color or a small pattern.

As you can see, there are various scenes that are suitable for the pattern of the tie, so let's wear it so as not to fail.

Summary of fashionable necktie patterns

Depending on the type of tie pattern, the impression you give to the other party will change greatly.

There are various types, such as plain, fine pattern, paisley, dot, and striped patterns, but the safest one is the plain necktie pattern.

In order to give the other person a fashionable impression, it is important to choose a pattern that matches the season and wear clothes that match various occasions and occasions.

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