A polo shirt is the perfect gift for Father's Day! Recommended 5 selections

A polo shirt is the perfect gift for Father's Day! Recommended 5 selections

Father's Day comes in early summer every year, so if you give him a cool gift, he will be pleased.

A polo shirt is recommended.

Polo shirts are a basic fashion item, so they are hard to remove regardless of who wears them.

If you give it to your father as a present, there is a high chance that he will love it, and if you have good fashion sense, he will dress up stylishly.

However, there are various colors, patterns, and materials, so if you hand over something that is inappropriate or inappropriate for the occasion, it may have a negative impact on your father's impression.

This time, we will introduce why polo shirts are chosen as gifts for Father's Day, how to choose, budget, etc.

1. Reasons why polo shirts are chosen as gifts for Father's Day

Some fathers, who often wear T-shirts, don't have the habit of wearing polo shirts.

Polo shirts were originally worn by knights during competitions, but have become popular in Japan as a result of tennis players wearing them.

It used to be called a tennis shirt, but today there are many different colors, patterns, and materials available, so it is popular as a shirt that can be casually and easily worn by fathers when playing golf.

Therefore, there are many fathers who do not have the habit of wearing polo shirts, but golf is their hobby.

Even if you don't have the habit of wearing a polo shirt, if it's a gift from a child, it's likely that they'll use it every day, so it's hard to take it off.

looks good on anyone

Polo shirts can be matched with rough styles such as jeans and shorts.

The biggest advantage is that it can suit anyone.

If you match it with a suit jacket, you can create a formal impression, and it is attractive because it can be used for any occasion.

We also sell branded polo shirts, so you can give your father his favorite brand.

There is no doubt that people around you will think that your father has a good sense of fashion when he dresses up in style.

It looks good on everyone, but each person has a different body shape, favorite color, living environment, etc.

So is your father.

If you don't choose the best one by worrying about the color, size, design, and material, not only will it not suit your father, but even if you give him a present on Father's Day, he won't be very pleased.

So, the fact that polo shirts look good on anyone is generally used as a catchphrase.

breathable and stretchable

It has excellent breathability and elasticity, so it is comfortable to wear.

So it's the perfect gift for sweaty dads and dads who play golf or sports.

Father's Day comes in early summer, so a polo shirt, which is representative of cool clothes, would be the perfect fashion item for the summer season.

Polo shirts come in short sleeves and long sleeves, so if you have both, you can wear them 365 days a year.

Dads who play golf or exercise as a habit or hobby may wear polo shirts more often.

As you move your body, the polo shirt will gradually accumulate damage, so there is a risk that it will be damaged or have holes while wearing it.

Also, frequent washing will affect the life of the polo shirt.

For a father who wears a polo shirt almost every day, don't just give him one, but if possible, give him multiple pieces so that he can wear them with peace of mind.

Rich in designs and colors

Polo shirts come in a wide variety of designs and colors, so you won't have to worry about choosing the perfect gift for Father's Day.

When gifting to your father, if possible, check the design and color of the clothes that your father usually wears, and purchase a polo shirt that matches your father's favorite color and design.

If you don't have a chance to check your father's fashion, it would be a good idea to ask your mother about the clothes that your father usually wears and his favorite colors and patterns.

As people get older, many people don't choose clothes that are too unique, so there are many fathers who want to wear clothes themselves but are hesitant to choose clothes seriously.

Therefore, by choosing the right polo shirt for your child, you can often look youthful when the father wears it.

2. How to choose a polo shirt that will not fail as a gift for Father's Day

Polo shirts are basically clothes that look good on everyone.

However, fathers also have their own favorite colors, designs, materials, sizes, etc., and are particular about them.

So, if you ignore that and choose a polo shirt randomly, your father may not be happy to receive it, and you will fail.

Even if you gave him a polo shirt on Father's Day and he was happy at the time, it's quite possible that it was a social comment.

From the child's point of view, I am relieved that my father is happy, but as time passes, I will realize that I have made a mistake because he never wears the polo shirt I gave him as a gift.


One thing to keep in mind when gifting a polo shirt to your father on Father's Day is the size.

When you reach the age of your father, your basal metabolism and physical strength will drop, so even if you exercise, you won't lose fat and your body will lose shape.

There are many fathers who have beer bellies and suddenly gain or lose weight.

So, when you give a polo shirt to your father, you have to find out if the change in body shape is drastic.

If your father is prone to gaining weight, give him a slightly looser size as a gift.

If you want to give your father a refreshing look, we recommend giving him a polo shirt that is the perfect size.

Depending on the clothes, the size may change slightly, so instead of judging by the size written in English, it is better to understand the length of the father's waist and neck and compare it with the size of the polo shirt before purchasing. rises.

The best thing to do is go shopping for polo shirts with your dad and have them try them on, but you might find out if you go shopping around Father's Day.

Therefore, it is recommended to prepare gifts for Father's Day and do research a month in advance.


When giving a polo shirt as a gift, there is a point that you should pay attention to "material".

Polyester material does not shrink even if you choose it, and it dries quickly and does not wrinkle easily, making it perfect for everyday use.

However, since Father's Day is in the early summer, many fathers will sweat if they wear it at that time.

If your father tends to sweat a lot, give him a polo shirt that absorbs sweat and dries quickly, or something made of 100% cotton.

A linen polo shirt has a crisp texture and a refreshing feel, so it is recommended as a gift for Father's Day.

Polo shirts can be worn all year round.

So, if you want your dad to wear it in the cold winter months, you don't have to worry about sweat-absorbing and quick-drying polo shirts.

You don't have to limit yourself to wearing polo shirts only in the summer.

If possible, it is a good idea to give your father several polo shirts of different materials and types so that he can wear them all year round.


When giving a polo shirt as a gift, there is a "color" that you should pay attention to.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes.

Dad should have his own favorite color too.

In addition, fathers who usually wear plain-colored clothes tend to avoid wearing bright-colored clothes.

If you give a red, yellow, or blue polo shirt to your father who doesn't like flashy colors, he may not wear it.

If possible, it's safe to research your father's favorite color in advance so that you don't make a mistake and give him a polo shirt of the same color.

Dads in their 50s and 60s don't look lame even if they wear flashy colors, so if you can coordinate well, it would be a good idea to give them flashy colors.

My father was very picky about colors when he was young, and there must be many people who only wear clothes in that color, and many who were sensitive to fashion.

However, as we age, we become busier with childcare and work, and we lose the habit of paying more attention to our appearance than necessary.

If you don't show off, you can live comfortably, so you will gradually continue to wear clothes in one pattern.


Polo shirts tend to be chosen because of their stylish appearance.

However, you have to pay attention to the length and shape of "short-sleeved / long-sleeved" depending on the father's age.

Some of the fathers who usually wear long-sleeved clothes may not be able to wear short-sleeved polo shirts even if they suddenly present them on Father's Day.

Even in the hot summer months, my father usually wears long sleeves instead of short sleeves.

In addition, fathers who do not go out of the house often spend their time with the air conditioner working in the room.

So, if your dad spends most of his time in the room with the air conditioner on, it might be a good idea to give him a long-sleeved polo shirt.

We recommend that you consider whether a long-sleeved or short-sleeved polo shirt is better for your father depending on how he spends his time and the living environment.

For Father's Day gifts, if you can afford it, you can buy both short-sleeved and long-sleeved polo shirts and give them to your father.

After that, when choosing a polo shirt, you should choose the best color, material, size, design, etc.

3. What is the budget for polo shirts for Father's Day?

Polo shirts for Father's Day don't have to be expensive.

There are many things that are expensive (price), such as branded items and items with rarity in logos and designs.

If you give a polo shirt that is too expensive, the father will be happy, but you will be worried about the child's wallet situation.

Therefore, it is a good idea to give a gift that is within the range of your current income that you can afford as miscellaneous expenses.

Even branded polo shirts range in price from as low as 2,000 yen to over 30,000 yen.

So, depending on the brand, there are some that are not a financial burden, so you may be able to buy a bargain.

Statistics show that the average budget for a polo shirt for Father's Day is 5,000 to 10,000 yen.

If you're wondering how much to spend on a polo shirt for your dad, consider the average budget above.

You can buy one item for 5,000 yen, or you can buy two items and make a budget of 5,000 yen.

However, when purchasing a polo shirt, be careful not to choose the color, material, size, or design that you like.

And if possible, instead of just giving a polo shirt as a gift, it would be nice to express your gratitude to your father in words or write a letter to him.

I think many people are usually embarrassed to express their gratitude to their parents face to face.

It is also recommended to make good use of anniversaries such as "Mother's Day / Father's Day" and devise ways to make your father and mother happy.

4. I'm glad I got it! 5 Polo Shirts for Father's Day Gifts

Button-down short-sleeved polo shirt for men and women

A polo shirt that can be used for cool biz because the collar stands up like a shirt.

The highly formal collar gives it a cleaner look than a regular polo.

Since it is fixed with a button, you don't have to worry about it being crushed.

・Product name: Button-down short-sleeved polo shirt for men and women

・Material: 65% cotton, 35% polyester, 4.9 oz.

・Colors: White/Gray/Black/Hot Pink/Burgundy/Chocolate/Forest/Turquoise/Navy

Dry mesh polo shirt with pocket for men and women

A dry mesh polo shirt that absorbs sweat and dries quickly.

It is so comfortable and smooth that you want to stroke it.

With a UV blocking rate of 90%, it protects the skin from the sun, so it is recommended for active fathers.

・Product name: Dry mesh polo shirt with pocket, unisex

・Material: 100% polyester / smooth dry mesh fabric 4.4oz

・Colors: Light Pink/Pink/Hot Pink/Red/Burgundy/Purple/Daisy/Orange/Lime/Green/Light Blue/Turquoise/Royal Blue/Navy/White/Gray/Black

Sturdy and resistant to UV rays! Impermeable!! Strong!! Standard, long-sleeved plain polo shirt

A long-sleeved polo shirt made of a cotton-poly blend material that is durable and has a good width.

The sturdy and thick fabric does not show through, and it blocks 90% of UV rays, protecting your skin from the sun.

A long-sleeved polo shirt that can be used in a wide range of ways, from golf wear, off-duty wear on holidays, to business casual style.

・Product name: Rugged, UV-resistant! Not see-through!!

・Material: Body: 65% cotton, 35% polyester Rib: 60% cotton, 40% polyester, mixed knitted fawn/5.8oz

・Colors: Yellow/Green/Mint Green/Navy/Royal Blue/Sax/Turquoise/Burgundy/Lime

Feel and feel ◎!! Bi-color plain polo shirt

This bi-color plain polo shirt is stylish with just one piece.

Even fathers who don't care about clothes can easily wear this polo shirt, and it may be an opportunity for them to enjoy fashion.

・Product name: Soft and comfortable ◎!! Bi-color plain polo shirt

・Materials: 65% polyester, 35% cotton mixed knitted fawn/5.8oz

・Colors: White x Royal Blue/Black x Hot Pink/Pink x Hot Pink/Mint Green x Navy/Black x Turquoise/Navy x Yellow/Royal Blue x Mint Green/White x Burgundy/Navy x Gray/Gray x Hot Pink

Instant dry smooth polo shirt

The smooth and comfortable mesh fabric dries quickly after washing, so you can keep dry even when you sweat.

It is comfortable to wear not only for daily use, but also for active situations such as golf wear, so your father will love it.

・Product name: Instant drying smooth polo shirt

・Material: 100% polyester /4.4oz

・Colors: Light Blue/Royal Blue/Orange/Mint Green/Black/White/Light Pink/Navy

5. Summary of polo shirts for Father's Day gifts

Giving a "polo shirt" as a gift for Father's Day is a fashion item that is difficult to remove because it looks good on anyone.

However, fathers also have their own favorite colors, designs, sizes, materials, etc., so don't ignore your preferences and give them to your child.

In general, it is said that the budget for giving a polo shirt for Father's Day is "5,000 yen to 10,000 yen".

Recently, even brand-name polo shirts, which I thought were expensive, can often be purchased for as little as 2,000 yen.

It's a fashion item that can be worn all year round, so it's recommended to choose something that suits the season, such as short sleeves or long sleeves, rather than thinking that it's limited to the summer season.

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