What does pocket square mean? Thorough explanation of effects and meanings!

What does pocket square mean? Thorough explanation of effects and meanings!

The "pocket handkerchief" is a fashion accessory item that has the effect of making the suit style even more attractive.

It's like a handkerchief that can be inserted into the breast pocket of a suit or the pocket of a casual jacket.

It has a role as a decoration that can give volume to the chest and give a formal impression to the other party.

Great for glamorous occasions such as work, weddings and parties.

If you are aiming to be a fashion expert, knowing how to handle a pocket square and its meaning will help you increase your value even more.

This time, we will introduce the meaning of pocket squares, their effects, and whether they can be used instead of handkerchiefs.

1. What is a pocket square?

Pocket squares have been used as fashion accessories since the Middle Ages in Europe.

It can make the suit style more sophisticated and attractive, and is used by inserting it into the breast pocket.

By making your chest gorgeous, you will be able to aim for Instagrammable and photogenic.

Unlike women, who have an abundance of fashion items, men tend to wear fewer accessories.

Therefore, it is a pocket square that can easily create volume on the chest.

A pocket square can be said to be a valuable accessory that can create a gentlemanly atmosphere and make you look more attractive.

Since it is a small accessory item, you can casually increase the degree of fashion, and there is also the advantage that it is difficult to give the impression that you are showing off too much.

Pocket square is actually Japanese

Pocket handkerchiefs are accessories that have been popular since the Middle Ages in Europe, so many people think that the foreign name was brought to Japan as it was.

But it's actually in Japanese.

In foreign countries, there are few places that call it a pocket square, and the name may differ depending on the country.

For example, in America, pocket squares are called "show handkerchiefs, pocket squares, display handkerchiefs."

Also, it is said that "pocket handkerchiefs" are common in England.

We Japanese use the word "handkerchief" on a daily basis, but the official name is "handkerchief".

In more detail, it becomes "hand kachifu".

2. About the history of the pocket square

Pocket squares were only allowed to be owned by high-ranking aristocrats during the Middle Ages in Europe, and are said to have had the same origin as square handkerchiefs.

Originally, pocket handkerchiefs were not popular from the beginning, and the aristocrats used handkerchiefs hidden in their cuffs and vests.

Then, in the 20th century, jackets with breast pockets for inserting handkerchiefs appeared, and the custom of inserting a handkerchief into the breast pocket gradually spread, and pocket handkerchiefs became popular. I started to be called.

However, during the Middle Ages in Europe, handkerchiefs did not become popular because ordinary people could not easily carry handkerchiefs, which played the role of pocket squares.

There is a history that pocket squares were a luxury item for people in the old days.

Nowadays, there are many types of pocket squares, and we can easily own one, so I think we are in a blessed era.

3.Why do you wear a pocket square on your chest?

A pocket handkerchief has the effect of making the upper body look gorgeous by inserting it in the chest area of ​​a suit or casual clothes.

If you can give volume to the chest, you can create a three-dimensional effect in a suit style, and among fashion accessories to increase the degree of fashion, it is recommended because it is possible to increase the charm very easily and firmly.

In addition, it is often thought that pocket squares are only used to increase the degree of fashion, but in fact, they also play a role as handkerchiefs.

Therefore, it can be used as a hand towel.

By putting it in your breast pocket, you can take it out immediately without getting it wet, and when you want to use it next time, it is often already dry, so it is not only a role as an accessory, but also practical. It's a fashion item.

looks cool

Pocket handkerchiefs are very useful today as fashion accessories, but in medieval Europe, handkerchiefs were worn inside cuffs and vests, so they didn't stand out.

So, the current one can be used by inserting it in the breast pocket, making it stand out and looking cool.

I think that the gentlemen of medieval Europe also thought about appealing to girls as a fashion item, but they could not wear it openly, so they could not make the most of the effect of pocket handkerchiefs. I guess they didn't.

become more fashionable

Originally, handkerchiefs were often used as headgear and hand towels, but nowadays, they are popular as pocket handkerchiefs by inserting them in breast pockets, and they are becoming more fashionable than practical.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, it was used by the aristocrats to enhance their fashion sense, but today there are more types of pocket squares, and various items are sold to match the occasion. increase.

There is no doubt that we live in a world where people can enjoy fashion more freely than the aristocrats of the past.

4. Can I use a handkerchief instead of a pocket square?

Pocket handkerchiefs can be used to easily enhance the degree of fashion, but on the other hand, they can also be used for wiping hands and sweat.

So it also plays the role of a handkerchief.

However, there is a difference in the materials used for pocket squares and handkerchiefs.

・Pocket handkerchief fabric material = hemp/silk

・Handkerchief fabric material = cotton

A pocket square can be used as a substitute for a handkerchief, but the fabric material is different, and the handkerchief uses cotton, which has better water absorption.

So, if you want to have something to wipe your hands from the beginning, it would be better to have a handkerchief that absorbs water more easily than a pocket square.

Also, it's not bad manners to have a handkerchief in your suit-style breast pocket instead of a pocket square.

However, handkerchiefs tend to be larger and thicker than pocket squares, so it is easy for the pocket to bulge and affect the appearance, so be careful.

5. Summary of the meaning of pocket square

A pocket handkerchief is a fashion accessory that is inserted into the breast pocket of a suit or casual outfit.

It has a history dating back to the Middle Ages in Europe, but at that time it was not used as a pocket handkerchief. It was a fashion accessory item.

Pocket handkerchiefs are mostly used for the purpose of increasing the degree of fashion, but they are also practical because they can be used to wipe hands and sweat.

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