When giving a tie as a gift, the color is the key! How to choose not to fail

If you are thinking of giving a gift to a man, one thing that never fails is a tie.

Ties are worn in business situations, but they are also useful in private situations such as weddings, celebrations, and when going to fancy places.

I think that even if you give it to a man as a gift, he will be very happy, but if possible, it is best to take into consideration his favorite colors, patterns, materials, etc.

It is also important to give a tie that is appropriate for the recipient's position and the occasion.

This time, we will introduce how to choose the best color when giving a tie as a gift, as well as other points to keep in mind.

1. Choosing the right color for a necktie gift

When giving a tie as a gift to a man, some women tend to choose a color that they like, but the impression given can have a strong impact depending on the color.

Therefore, it is important to research the man's preferred colors and the situations in which he will use the item, rather than just buying a gift based on your own favorite colors.

Characteristics of blue neckties

If you are giving a blue tie as a gift to a man, you can rest assured that it can be used in a wide range of situations, both business and private.

Blue gives the impression of sincerity and intelligence to others, so it is ideal for important business negotiations with clients.

It is also a recommended color if the man you are giving the gift to has many opportunities to meet people who are superiors to him, so if you are in this situation, be sure to give him a blue tie.

Characteristics of red ties

Red ties are the perfect color for business people who work hard.

Red is associated with passion, positivity, and aggressiveness, so it is a recommended color for men who wear suits and work in sales positions.

If the man you are dating is not the type to like to stand out, be careful not to give him a red tie as he may feel hesitant.

Characteristics of green ties

A green tie gives the recipient a sense of security, so if you are giving a tie to a man, it is a recommended color for him to wear for everyday work and to live a healthy life, rather than for important business occasions.

Green is said to have a relaxing effect, and lighter green colors give a healthier and fresher impression, making them a great gift for healthy children.

Features of pink tie

Pink ties are often a favorite color for women, but they are not suitable for men in business situations.

Therefore, if you have a man who is dedicated to his work, it would be better to give him a tie of a different color.

Pink gives off a gentle impression and is the perfect color for weddings and parties.

For men, this is a color that is difficult for them to choose on their own, so they will often be happy to receive it as a gift.

Characteristics of brown ties

A brown tie is the color you would give to someone when they are about to undergo a drastic change in their environment, such as a transfer or department transfer.

Brown gives off a calm impression, so it is a recommended color when you want things to go smoothly.

It would also be a great color to give as a gift when starting a new job or celebrating a promotion.

2. What's important when giving a tie as a gift other than the color?

When giving a tie as a gift to a man, you should pay particular attention to the color, but it is also important to take into consideration other factors such as width, pattern, and material.

For example, if you give a gift made of wool material for autumn and winter during the hot summer months, it will be out of season and people around you will be surprised, so you need to be careful about more than just the color.

When giving a tie as a gift, there are probably a lot of things to consider.

However, the meaning of a tie is "I'm crazy about the other person and I want to be connected with them," so just giving it to someone shows a certain degree of liking.

Therefore, if you choose a tie for the man you like, thinking about the ties he wears in a variety of situations, such as at work and in his private life, it will be a great thing for him, and it shouldn't be a burden for you to choose the tie.

In particular, since men who always wear ties in business situations will use them on a daily basis, be sure to give them a tie that is perfect for them.


Ties can be worn in business situations as well as in private.

Therefore, it is important to consider whether the man you are giving the gift to wears a tie more often for work or for personal use.

For private use, we recommend a narrow tie, which is shorter than a regular tie, or a knit tie, which gives a casual impression to others .

If you are wearing it in a business setting, a blade width of 6.5cm to 8cm is ideal.


The color of the tie is very important when giving a gift, but you should be careful not to give a tie with a character design or one with a pattern that is inappropriate for a business setting, as this may cause inconvenience to the man you are giving it to.

It is safest to wear a tie with a plain pattern whenever possible.

If the person you are meeting is wearing a navy blue or gray suit and a white shirt, there is no problem with choosing a patterned tie.


Typical materials used for neckties include silk, wool, cotton, linen, polyester, and cashmere.

Depending on the season, there are fabrics that are most suitable and those that are not, so be careful not to give a gift made of a tie material that is out of season.

Since businessmen tend to wear white dress shirts, they cannot be adventurous with their suits or shirts, but they can still show off their individuality with the color, pattern, and material of their tie. It is therefore recommended to choose a tie made of a material that feels nice to the touch or that looks luxurious as a gift.

3. Consider the color of the tie and the recipient when giving it as a gift

If a woman gives a tie as a gift to a man, there is no problem if he is single, but it is best not to give it to a married man.

Basically, giving a tie as a gift implies that you have feelings for the recipient, so if the man is married and has a wife and family, it is best to avoid giving a tie.

If you give a married man a bright red tie, it will give him the impression of being passionate, which may surprise his wife and lead to trouble later on.

Also, if you give a tie that is not appropriate for a business setting, the man may be subject to prejudice from his coworkers or make a bad impression on his business partners, which could cause problems at work.

As such, when giving a tie as a gift, it is important to carefully consider the color, the recipient's position and environment, etc. before giving it to them.

It's a good idea to research what kind of ties the man likes and wears on a regular basis, and then give him a gift that is similar.

While keeping in mind the basics of how to choose a tie, be sure to consider the recipient's perspective when giving them a tie.

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5. Summary of necktie gift colors

When giving a tie as a gift to a man, it is important to carefully consider the color, material, width, the occasion in which it will be worn, and the position and environment.

Additionally, there are ties that are appropriate for business and private occasions.

If possible, try to observe and talk to the person you are giving the gift to, what type of ties they usually wear, and then give them a tie that will truly make them happy.

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