Is it true that the color of your tie can change your impression? to find the perfect tie

Is it true that the color of your tie can change your impression? to find the perfect tie

Businessmen who wear suits probably wear ties a lot of the time, except during the Cool Biz period.

If you are busy with work every day, you won't be too particular about your tie.

However, the color of the tie is important in the business scene and TPO scene.

For example, when you meet a superior, what would he think if you were wearing something flashy?

I'm sure you'll come across as pretentious and not very honest, or give the impression that you're lacking in elegance.

Therefore, the necktie has a great impact on making an impression.

This time, we will introduce the basic knowledge such as the color and pattern of the necktie and the impression it gives to the other party.

1.Let's know the pattern of the tie

The color of the necktie is important, but there are many types of patterns, so it is important to choose the one that suits the occasion.

In the business scene, too flashy colors and designs are not suitable.

Because it leads to making the other person feel uncomfortable.

Basically, in business, it is important to be able to listen and think about the other person's story. If you wear a flashy tie, you may think that you are a self-assertive person.

That's why I don't think you'll listen to me deeply. Or, if you are not good at reading the atmosphere, you may feel uneasy about entrusting your work.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the pattern, color, and type of tie and select the one that is suitable for TPO.

〇 Plain necktie

Plain ties are the simplest and easiest to coordinate.

So, basically, it looks good with any patterned suit, so if you want to wear it safely, we recommend a plain tie.

Your partner will often give you the impression that you are sincere, elegant, and clean.

And the classic pattern for a plain necktie is a blue shirt and navy blue plain necktie.

By making the shirt plain and simple, you can give the other person a more calm impression.

〇Striped tie

A striped tie can give your opponent a fresh and intelligent image.

Therefore, it can be used for a wide range of occasions, from casual to formal occasions.

And the striped necktie often gives the impression of [coolness and seriousness] from the other party.

In the business scene, it is very important to be seen as serious by the other party.

How about wearing a striped necktie for important work situations or for those who want to be seen as a sincere person?

〇 Dot pattern necktie

A polka dot tie is highly formal and can give your partner an elegant image.

Also, the size of the dots varies depending on the pattern of the tie, but the smaller the dots, the more the atmosphere you can give to the other person.

And the dot pattern necktie often gives the impression of [fashionable, disciplined, and high-class] from the other party.

Although it is a dot pattern necktie with a strong presence, it is also simple when worn, so it can be worn in various occasions.

〇 Paisley tie

Paisley neckties come in a variety of sizes and colors, so it is said that it is difficult to choose one.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, it is better to choose one with a small paisley pattern.

This pattern is mainly popular in Europe, but the pattern is sometimes called magatama, tears, or euglena.

And the paisley pattern necktie often gives the impression of being cool, clean, and refreshing.

2. The color of the tie changes the impression! impression of color

We tend to want to choose the color and pattern of a tie that suits us, but I don't think people who wear suits choose clothes and ties because they want to look stylish.

Mainly in the business scene, there are many people who want to make a good impression on the other party and make use of it in business negotiations and work.

Therefore, when choosing the color and pattern of a tie, you have to look at yourself objectively.

The impression you give to the other person will change greatly depending on the color of the tie, so it is necessary to choose a color that is suitable for TPO and a color that is not NG in terms of business etiquette.

Don't choose a tie color just because it's your lucky color or because it's your favorite color.

It is important to wear a suit and tie so as not to offend the other party.

〇 red

A red necktie is a recommended color when you have a job to win or when you are doing sales activities.

And the red tie often gives the impression of being aggressive, leader-like, and enthusiastic.

So I want to raise business results on this day no matter what! I think it's good to wear a red tie on the day when you're burning with work.

〇 Pink

A pink tie is a flashy color, so it is not suitable for business situations.

However, it is suitable for wearing on a date, such as wanting to smoothen communication with women.

In particular, women tend to love cute colors and things, so if a man wears a pink tie, he can give a cute impression.

And the pink necktie often gives the impression of [gentle, innocent, cute, and delicate] from the other party.

〇 Black

A black tie can make you look masculine.

Also, if you wear a black tie in a business scene, you will be able to exude intelligence and coolness.

However, wearing a black suit with a black tie is associated with a funeral or a dark atmosphere, so it is better to avoid it.

And the black tie will often have the impression of [manly and cool] from the other party.

〇 Orange

An orange tie is a bright color and can give a positive impression to the other party.

Depending on your personality, if you are naturally sociable and bright, wearing an orange tie can give you a brighter impression.

Therefore, it is recommended to wear it when you want to cheer up or liven up a party.

And the orange necktie often gives the impression of being sociable, cheerful, and friendly.


A blue necktie is the color you want to choose when talking to superiors or for important work situations.

You can give your opponent a refreshing impression.

And the blue necktie often gives the impression of [clever, intelligent, and refreshing] from the other party.

〇 White

White ties are suitable for occasions such as celebrations and weddings.

Also, keep in mind that the white color will easily stand out if it gets dirty.

And a white tie often gives the impression of [pure, beautiful, clean] from the other party.

〇Other colors

There are many different colors and patterns of ties, so there are many that I couldn't tell you above.

In particular, purple and brown types are often worn in other colors.

A purple tie is often perceived as [artistic and noble], while a brown tie is often perceived as [steady and calm].

Summary of tie colors

There are a wide variety of colors and patterns for ties, but it is necessary to choose the one that suits the TPO and the one that considers the other party's position.

If you don't do this, depending on the situation, if you choose according to your own preference, there is a risk that the impression of the other party will be bad, or that your personality will be judged on your own.

Therefore, choose a tie color and pattern that matches the business scene and the place you go out.

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