Even beginners can do it! All about how to tie a tie

Even beginners can do it! All about how to tie a tie

For men, wearing a tie will give a sense of cleanliness if you are a businessman, and it will show that you are well versed in manners and courtesy.

In addition, it is worn not only for work scenes, but also for various occasions such as celebrations and anniversaries, and it can give you a gentlemanly charm.

But how many people actually wear them correctly? It is a small item that can appeal to the surroundings with an intellectual atmosphere, but if you wear the wrong fashion, it will look ugly.

This time, we will introduce how to tie a tie that even beginners can easily do and basic knowledge information.

1. Let's know the basic knowledge of neckties

Know the basics of neckties

Do you know the etymology of the necktie? Necktie is French, not Japanese.

The origin was once called [Cravat] in the era when Louis XIV of France was in control. After that, from the late 1600s, wigs for men began to spread, and many people began to wear wigs.

Also, there is a legend that the long curly hair of the wig hides the lace collar, so the lace collar is closer to the chest, resulting in the shape of the current necktie.

After that, it is connected to the necktie due to its influence. By deepening your understanding of the basic knowledge of neckties, you will not be embarrassed in various situations.

What is the correct length of a tie?

There are many types of ties with different lengths. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the correct length according to your height.

There are names such as [plain, semi-windsor, windsor] depending on the length of the necktie when worn. And, as a guideline for the length, the tip of the tie should cover the belt buckle a little.

The correct length of the necktie itself is about 140cm, and if it is a foreign product, the standard length is about 10cm to 20cm.

Narrow tie or regular tie?

The front side of the necktie is composed of the [large sword, small sword, and relay] parts. There are various types of shapes, but narrow ties and regular ties are often used. To be specific, regular ties are trendy and give off a classic atmosphere. Narrow tie has a sense of mode taste.

Each of them is dressed in a way that suits the times and times, but in this day and age, it would look more fashionable to match it with a regular tie.

However, people who are sensitive to necktie trends are concerned about how to wear it, such as narrow tie or regular tie, so it is good to wear it freely as an individual in fashion.

cross knot

A cross knot is one of the best ways to tie a tie.

The knot is gorgeous and beautiful. As a feature, it becomes a cross knot that one slanted line can be inserted into the knot.

How to tie a cross knot

  • 1. Take a long short sword and place it on top of the big sword
  • 2. Pass the stacked stilettos through the back of the large sword and wrap it around the other side
  • 3. Put the stiletto on top of the big sword again and wrap the stiletto on the other side through the back side of the big sword.
    (it is important to do 2 laps)
  • 4. Pass the stiletto wrapped around the collar from front to back to the other side
  • 5.2 Pass through the stiletto knot loop wrapped around from the top to the bottom
  • 6.Turn the stiletto back and tie the knot to complete the cross knot.
semi windsor knot

If you don't want your tie to look too flashy, we recommend the semi-Windsor knot.

This knot makes the knot look smaller, so it's perfect for thick ties and wide-collared shirts.

As a feature, the knot is arranged in an equilateral triangle, and it will give a serious impression to the other party. This is mainly recommended for business scenes.

How to tie a semi-windsor knot

  • 1. Put the big sword on top
  • 2. Dive the stacked stilettos once and pass from the upper left throat to the lower left
  • 3. At this time, tighten it to neatly shape it.
  • 4.Let's pass through the top of the stiletto from the lower right to the throat
  • 5. Thread it through the loop located at the top
  • 6. Adjust the knot
  • 7. Raise it to the neck position
  • 8. Once the shape and position are adjusted, the semi-Windsor knot is complete.
small knot

For those who want to make the knot of their tie smaller, we also recommend tying a small knot.

To tie a small knot, you need to twist the necktie 180 degrees, but even beginners should be able to do it easily once they get used to it.

This is the simplest and most orthodox way of tying a tie. It goes well with thick ties and narrow neck shirts.

Conversely, this knot is not suitable for wide-collared shirts or clothes with large collars.

How to tie a small knot

  • 1. Bring the big sword to the left chest
  • 2. Let's cross under the stilettos
  • 3. Bring the big sword to the front so that it wraps around the short sword.
  • 4. Pass the large sword from the back of the upper V shape on the right chest
  • 5. Pass the tip of the large sword through the knotted bag, being careful not to wrinkle the large sword.
  • 6. Tighten the knot while carefully pulling the tip of the sword down
  • 7. Let's adjust the position and shape to make it look beautiful by raising it to the neck
  • 8. Finally, make sure that the stiletto is not visible from the front and the last button on the shirt is hidden by the knot.
  • 9. If the small knot is hidden neatly, the small knot is complete.

As a way to tie a tie, a non-knot is a little difficult for advanced users.

This type of knot is more suitable for glamorous occasions such as weddings and parties than for business occasions.

Don't try it until you're familiar with how to tie a tie. As a feature of the non-knot, the silhouette of the knot is the same as the plain knot. However, it is characterized by one diagonal line in it.

Since the line can be seen quite flashy, it is best to use a plain necktie.

How to tie a non-knot

  • 1. Take a slightly longer stiletto and place it on top of the big sword
  • 2. Let's pass the stiletto from the inside of the collar
  • 3. When the stilettos overlap, pass through the collar ring from the back to the front
  • 4. Now let's pass the stiletto under the big sword
  • 5. When you can pass it through the collar, pass the small sword under the large sword
  • 6. Now pull the small sword out from the back of the big sword and pass it through from the outside so that it comes to the collar.
  • 7. Now pass the short sword that is exposed through the neck under the big sword
  • 8. Let's pass the stiletto through the knot loop made on the back
  • 9.Tighten the left and right knots to adjust the shape and position
  • 10.Pull down the stiletto on the back to complete the non-knot
2.Summary of how to tie a tie

When giving a tie as a gift, it is important to pay attention not only to the color and design, but also to the material.

How was it. There are various ways to tie a tie, from those that are easy for beginners to those for advanced users who do not knot.

In addition, there are different lengths, types, and ways of tying ties that are suitable for business occasions, weddings, meetings, parties, anniversaries, and more.

For men, tying a tie can give a more clean and serious impression to the other person. A gentleman will be liked by the opposite sex, so let's master the correct way to tie and wear a tie.

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