I want to present a necktie on a special day! What to do to avoid failure

I want to present a necktie on a special day! What to do to avoid failure

When it comes to gift giving from women to men, ties are one of the items that are usually not the wrong choice.

In particular, men who work in sales will be very pleased with the gift of a necktie. You don't want to fail to give a gift to a man, even if you don't want your favorability to go down.

However, there are many different types, shapes, and designs of ties. Even if the item itself is pleasing, there are many things to keep in mind when choosing a tie.

This time, we will introduce you to the points to keep in mind when choosing a tie and how to avoid mistakes.

1. A classic gift! Things to keep in mind when choosing a tie

First of all, if you give a tie to a man as a gift, he will naturally have his own favorite color.

On the other hand, there may be some colors that you don't like, so it's important not to choose based on your own preconceptions. If possible, it's a good idea to research the color and design that the other person likes in advance so that you don't find out that you're gifting a necktie.

There are also important points to keep in mind when gifting a necktie to a senior or boss. That is, depending on the person, the necktie is reminiscent of a collar.

Since it is something that is tied around the neck and tightened, there is a fear that a man with a skeptical personality may feel like a fool if he dislikes you.

If it's a junior or a friend, you can get away with it as a joke, but when giving a necktie to a senior person, think carefully about whether you might think that way.

Choose between narrow tie or regular tie

Neckties are worn in various situations such as business scenes, weddings, and parties. Therefore, it is good manners to wear clothes that are suitable for the occasion, such as design, shape, and color.

It would be better to give a tie after observing what kind of scene the man who gives the present usually wears a suit and a tie.

For example, for a business scene, we recommend a regular tie that looks serious and has a clean atmosphere. And in situations where casual coordination is OK, a narrow tie would be best.

If you give a tie to someone who doesn't wear a tie often, they won't have a chance to wear it. And depending on the person, there may be a problem with the storage space, so it may be a nuisance.

Choose your favorite design and color

If you are going to give a tie as a gift, it is important to choose a design and color that the other man will like as much as possible. In addition, the color of the necktie may be associated with the impression of the other person, so be especially careful.

For example, a black tie will make you feel like you can work. However, it can also be intimidating.

And if it's a light blue necktie, it will make you feel a "gentle" atmosphere. However, it can also give a youthful impression, so there is also a feeling that it does not suit older men.

Then, plain colors can give the impression of [normal] and are safe, so there will be few mistakes as gifts. However, if the other person has a unique personality, on the contrary, a plain tie will not leave a strong impression, so the impact tends to be less.

In this way, depending on the design and color of the necktie, the impression of the other man can change dramatically.

Choose a tie that is appropriate for the person's age.

However, choosing a high-quality tie or a tie that you like does not necessarily make the other person happy. It is also important to choose one that is age-appropriate.

If the recipient is young, I think it would look good on them if you gave them a necktie with a flashy design or color. However, gifts for older men tend to look better with subdued colors and simple designs.

As much as possible, in order not to fail in choosing a tie, it is best to imagine the person actually wearing it and research what kind of occasions you will wear it often before deciding.

If you don't think about the other person's position and present a necktie that you like, depending on the man you are dealing with, you may get lost in which occasion to wear it.

If that happens, you may not be able to get a necktie as a gift, so be careful.

The material of the tie should also be taken care of!

The color and design of a tie are very important, but it is also better to be particular about the material. Depending on the material of the tie, cleaning and maintenance costs may be very high.

In order for the other man to wear it for a long time, it should be durable. The necktie recommended for year-round wear is made of silk with a smooth surface.

Also, knit ties are good for the spring and summer seasons. And for autumn and winter, warm wool is recommended.

In this way, by sticking to the material of the tie, the range of coordination will expand.

Avoid characters with strong likes and dislikes

As a point of caution when gifting a necktie, you should also pay attention to the ones with characters printed on them.

In particular, if you give a necktie with a character to an elderly man or an older person, there is a risk that they will think you are trying to impress them.

Also, if it's a character that the other person doesn't like, there is a possibility that it may be perceived as a sarcastic gift. Therefore, it is safer not to send ties with eccentric patterns, colors, or characters with strong likes and dislikes.

If you are a fashion expert, you can wear it without difficulty, but most men are not so particular about coordination, so be careful.

2. The color is confusing when choosing a tie

Color is so important that it is said that the first impression of a man is determined by the color of the tie.

It is important to choose the best design, color, and material while imagining the recipient wearing a tie.

Blue and navy represent sincerity

As for the color of the tie, blue and navy bring out sincere personality and intellectual charm. Therefore, it is the color that I want to give mainly in the business scene.

You can give a serious impression to those around you, so if your partner often wears a tie at work, it would be a good idea to give him a blue or navy tie.

Red of passion can feel positive

For men who work hard, red ties are recommended because they can give a passionate and aggressive impression.

When men are presenting at meetings or negotiations, wearing a bright red necktie tends to give a favorable impression to their business partners.

green is calming

A green tie is a color that has a relaxing effect on those around you. You can give the other person a sense of security, so you will be able to feel the impression of calmness.

In addition, it can give a healthy and positive impression at the same time, so if the man you want to give as a gift is serious and quiet, it would be perfect.

pink for celebrations and events

Pink is the perfect tie color for weddings, celebrations, and events. You can give a soft and gentle impression to the surroundings.

It is also a color that women like, so it is recommended to give a pink tie as a gift to a man who has many opportunities to meet women.

If you want to attack safely, go plain

As much as possible, the color that is hard to be seen as strange by the other man and the people around you is plain. Plain ties without patterns are the most orthodox and can be safely combined with suits and shirts.

And since it is also simple, you can give it as a gift without worrying about the age of the recipient.

3. Summary of tie gifts

When giving a tie as a gift, it is important to pay attention not only to the color and design, but also to the material.

Depending on the age, atmosphere, and scene of the other man, some ties look good and some don't, so be careful.

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