What type of MUJI storage case is recommended for storing business cards? Introduce how to organize and frequency of management

What type of MUJI storage case is recommended for storing business cards? Introduce how to organize and frequency of management

When you become a member of society, the first thing you need is a business card holder and a storage case.

Business cards are important items that contain information about the company you work for and your personal information.

And while working hard as a businessman, if you get to know various people through your work, the number of people you exchange business cards with will increase, and the number of cards will increase.

In this way, it is very rude to handle the increasing number of business cards or leave them unattended. Above all, there is a risk of damaging your business opportunities, so you should manage your business cards properly.

And when it comes to inexpensive storage cases that are recommended for storing business cards, it is a product from MUJI.

This time, we will introduce MUJI storage cases and types recommended for storing business cards, how to organize them, and how often to manage them.

1.What type of MUJI storage case do you use to store your business cards?

If you neglect to organize your business cards, you may end up with piles of business cards in your desk drawer or forget where your important business cards are.

To prevent this from happening, you have to store it properly in a business card holder or storage case.

As a businessman , a slovenly work and life will inevitably affect future work appointments and ability to work.

So, use the MUJI business card storage case and become a successful businessman.

MUJI has released types such as [thin card case, aluminum card case, and polypropylene card case].

Thin card cases are popular for being easy to carry because they are not too bulky even if you put a lot of cards in them.

And the aluminum card case is characterized by its simple and stylish appearance.

In addition, it is light and durable, so it can last for a long time, and storage cases with different thicknesses are also available.

The polypropylene card case is translucent, so you can immediately see what is inside.

Choose the type of business card storage case according to your business environment and purpose.

2. Introducing MUJI storage cases recommended for storing business cards

We will introduce MUJI storage cases recommended for storing business cards.

MUJI manufacturers have many high-quality products at low prices, so I think many businessmen love their products.

There are various types of storage cases, but it is not just a matter of choosing the one that can be stored and organized smoothly.

Later, review the business cards that you have stored, or choose one that has features that make it easy to find.

Therefore, the MUJI storage case recommended for storing business cards is [Polypropylene card case].

It has a simple structure and is translucent, so it is easy to check the stored business cards.

It is also convenient for you to easily customize it yourself.

It is not a double-sided pocket, so you can check the front and back of the business card, so it is a recommended storage case.

Of course, it is important to choose the type of MUJI storage case that is easy to handle, depending on the working and living environment of the person working as a businessman.

3. Recommended method for storing business cards

If you are a business person who exchanges business cards a lot, you probably have a lot of them in stock, but many of you probably don't have time to organize them.

Even if you plan to store them properly later, you may end up with more and more business cards at hand, and you may not have time to calm down and organize them.

And there is also a fear that it will be left together in the desk as it is.

Therefore, the recommended way to organize business cards is to get into the habit of storing them immediately after exchanging business cards.

I also recommend that you collect the business cards you have on hand and separate them into those that you will need in the future and those that you will not need.

Just by doing this sorting method, you will be able to select only the business cards you really need and quickly take them out.

Even if the business card of a customer you are not currently in touch with, you may be involved in the future for some reason.

So, even if you don't need it now, it's safe to classify the business cards of customers who are likely to have a business relationship later.

Also, in addition to the storage case, it would be nice to have a new business card holder and classify and store it in it.

You can make your business card management even more efficient by arranging the business cards of special customers, business cards of companies that bring great benefits to the company you work for, and so on.

4.Which is recommended for business card storage, digital or analog?

We will introduce which is recommended for business card storage, digital or analog.

I have told you that MUJI storage cases are good for storing business cards.

However, business cards can also be managed digitally using a computer or smartphone.

There are many types of business card management applications today, and if you manage business cards digitally, you can quickly find the business card of the customer you are looking for using the search function.

However, unlike analog storage methods, digital storage methods can be hacked if security measures are not taken properly.

In that respect, there is no danger that an unspecified number of people will be able to know the information in an analog type that uses a storage case as much as a digital type.

Both have their pros and cons, so it's hard to say which one is better.

People with high internet literacy and those who can take all possible security measures should manage their business cards digitally, and people who are not good at using computers and smartphones should try managing their business cards analogously.

5.Introducing the management frequency that prevents stress from accumulating in business card storage

If stress accumulates while storing business cards, motivation may decrease and affect future work.

So you have to be careful about how often you manage and organize your business cards.

In order to avoid accumulating stress as much as possible, it is important not to manage business cards all at once, but to divide them into several times.

In addition, it may be less stressful to store business cards digitally using Excel, Word, or a smartphone app instead of the analog method.

The method of putting business cards to be sorted into multiple containers will also make it easier to store and organize them later, so you can buy several new business card holders and put them in separate containers.

We sell a lot of business card holders that are inexpensive, durable, and long-lasting, so don't underestimate them just because they're cheap.

Doing business will make your work more efficient so that you don't get stressed.

If that happens, you will inevitably be blessed with business opportunities, so aim to be a businessman who can work.

Summary of business card storage

MUJI's storage case is convenient for storing business cards and is loved by many businessmen.

The reason for this is that it is inexpensive, wallet-friendly, durable and long-lasting, so it can protect the business cards of important customers.

There are various types of storage cases, such as thin card cases, aluminum card cases, and polypropylene card cases, but everyone's business environment is different, so choose the one that is easy to handle.

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