Is it true that there are many types of belts? Detailed explanation of types

Is it true that there are many types of belts? Detailed explanation of types

Various types of men's belts are sold, but they can also be used as accents for coordination.

It is also important to use the appropriate men's belt for business and private use.

If you are a man, many people will continue to use the belt they always use.

However, if you keep using the same thing for a long time, it will be easy to break, so it is safe to buy more than one if possible.

If you always use the same belt, there are many people who get lost and don't know which one is better when they want to buy a new belt.

If you know in advance what types are available and how to choose the best belt, you will have a wider range of options and it will be easier to buy.

This time, we will introduce the types of belts for men, how to choose them, and recommendations for business and private use.

1. About belt types

Some men don't care about their appearance as much as women, but there are many types of men's belts, so it's important to know what kind of belts are available in order to improve your fashion sense.

A belt is a small item that doesn't stand out too much in fashion, but it also has a big impact on your impression, so it's better to wear something that suits you.

plain belt

The "plain belt" can be said to be the prototype of all belts.

Plain belts are mainly worn with suits at work, but depending on the width and color, they can also be used in casual situations.

Basically, plain belts are called "plain, embossed leather belts with a single pin buckle", but the definition is not fixed, so it is ambiguous.

Some are made with high-quality leather such as cordovan and calf leather.

double hole belt

"Two-hole belt" is also known as "double pin belt".

The buckle part is large and the width of the belt is wide, so it is recommended for men's belts for casual occasions.

As the name suggests, the belt has two rows of holes, but it doesn't necessarily have two holes.

There is no doubt that there are holes in the belt, so depending on the type of hole belt, there are some that give the impression of being cluttered.

mesh belt

A "mesh belt" is a belt in which leather and cloth are woven into a mesh.

There is an advantage that the position of the belt can be adjusted freely by sticking a pin directly into the mesh.

Mesh belts are perfect for casual occasions, but thin belts can be worn for business as well.

Recently, there are various types of belts, from cloth mesh belts using cotton and wool materials to rubber belts made of elastic materials.

western belt

"Western Belt" is a leather belt that is more decorated than ordinary plain belts such as leather engravings, rivets and conchos.

It is also a feature of western belts that buckles and decorations can be replaced.

There are various designs, from flashy to simple.

It is standard to have a fairly large single pin buckle attached.

studded belt

"Studded belt" is also known as "Studded belt".

Drive rivets, coins, etc. into a decorated men's belt.

A typical studded belt has metal rivets attached to the thorns, but there are also those with line art and patterns using rivets.

In general, it has a strong image of being worn by men who love music such as rock and punk.

Therefore, it is not suitable for business scene.

2. How to choose a belt

I hope you have understood that there are various types of men's belts as described above.

However, because there are too many types, many men are worried about which belt to choose.

Also, in order to raise your fashion sense, you have to be conscious of coordination.

If you're going to make a new one, you want to wear it in an attractive way.

How to choose a belt is important to make you look more fashionable and cool.

Match your belt and shoes

You don't have to worry about the color of the belt, but basically it's recommended to match it with the color of your shoes.

For example, if you match brown shoes with a black belt, it will give the impression that there is no sense of unity in terms of fashion.

Therefore, if you wear brown shoes, it is recommended to match the men's belt with brown, and if you wear black shoes, it is recommended to match the men's belt with black or gray.

Also, if you want to make the whole outfit chic and monotone, it will look better if you choose black belts instead of choosing brown or orange belts for men.

You may think that no one cares if you match the color of your belt and shoes.

However, that's just because I'm ignorant of fashion, and people who like fashion and those who are advanced in fashion check the details of other people's fashion.

By paying attention to small items that are not very conspicuous, the other person will think that you are a man with a clean and solid personality.

Separate business and personal

There are various types of men's belts, but it is better to separate them for business and private use.

If you wear something that does not match your TPO, it may not affect your personal use that much, but for work, you can wear something decorated with spikes like a "studded belt". If you do, you will give the other person the impression that you are flirtatious, so there is a risk that you will not be seen as being able to do your job.

People often decide the impression of a person by their appearance, so if it is a business scene, in the case of a business partner or a business partner, they will think that they do not want to have a relationship with them again by damaging their credibility. There is also the fear of losing it.

It's still good if your evaluation only goes down.

3. Plain belts are recommended for business

Now that you understand how much you need to be careful about the type, color, and material of men's belts for work, I recommend a "plain belt" for business.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, if you match the color of your shoes with the color of your belt, and don't wear anything with flashy designs or unusual colors, you won't lose your impression. .

Basically, choosing dark colors such as dark brown or black will make the whole outfit look cohesive and avoid making you look uncomfortable at work.

4.Summary of belt types

There are various types of belts for men, such as plain belts, two-hole belts, mesh belts, western belts, and studded belts.

And there are differences in the optimal belt for business and private use, so you have to wear it so you don't get confused.

The classic men's belt recommended for work is the "plain belt".

Especially in the business scene, it is important not to choose flashy designs or colors, and to coordinate with the color of the shoes and the color of the belt.

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