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[100% Kyoto Silk] Basket weave necktie [10 colors | Made in Japan]

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●Material: Kyoto silk 100%
-Size: Total length: 143 cm / Great sword width: 8 cm
-Country of origin: Japan


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Renowned for its chic, France is one of the fashion capitals, with Paris considered the global fashion capital.
The French, who grew up there, also have a penchant for refined style and high-quality materials, and generally demand high standards in design.

Wearing a tie shows professionalism and politeness. It also leaves a good impression on others and helps you expand your business. At special events and important occasions such as weddings, a tie is sometimes considered the standard attire. You want to look sharp in such situations.

With high-quality materials and distinctive folds,
This is a versatile item that will take your outfit to the next level.
Recommended for those who want to work in business or formal situations, those who want to give an elegant and classic impression, and those looking for an item that can be used for a long time.

Elegant and classic look

It is made of fabric woven diagonally with alternating warp and weft threads. Therefore, the characteristic folds stand out, and it has a more three-dimensional feel and texture than a regular silk tie. The characteristic folds give it an elegant and classic impression. Therefore, it is suitable for formal occasions and business scenes.

This weave gives the fabric strength, which makes basket weave ties stronger and more durable than ties made with other weaves.
In addition, the fabric has a firm tension, so it is less likely to lose its shape. It is less likely to wrinkle when tied, so you can use it for a long time.

Advanced technology and experience are essential

Basket weaving is one of the most skilled weaving techniques. This weaving requires detailed and delicate work to create a specific pattern or mesh. It requires precise interweaving of diagonal and horizontal threads. Moreover, silk is a delicate and smooth material that requires a good understanding of its properties and the skill to handle it.

A skilled artisan knows the patterns and methods of weaving the yarn to create precise stitches. It requires great skill and concentration, especially as it demands fine detail and an even weave. It requires attention to the evenness of the stitches, the overall finish of the tie, and the skill to ensure the final product is durable and elegant.

Elegant and classic look

Kyoto is a region rich in traditional craftsmanship, and silk products are no exception. Kyoto artisans painstakingly weave silk, bringing high quality and artistry to their products. While respecting tradition, they also embrace new designs, creating a perfect blend of classic beauty and contemporary style.

Their products, backed by history, culture, and the skills of their craftsmen, are highly regarded in Japan. While preserving traditional techniques and methods, they also respond to modern demands and designs, giving their products unique value. We use fabrics that are imbued with such soul.
This is truly a necktie that we can be proud of around the world.

Basket weave designs have a simple yet sophisticated look. The unique weaving technique gives a rich design to a simple pattern. The unique design elements combined with advanced craftsmanship give the tie an appealing look.

Difference from satin ties

Compared to regular silk ties, this necktie has more volume and texture, and a beautiful sheen that makes it stand out. It can be worn in a wide range of situations, from business to casual.

Product name 100% Silk Plain Basket Weave Tie
Description of item This tie is woven from elegant, lustrous silk fabric.
material ■ 100% silk
It features a basket weave that stands out for its beauty.
country of origin MADE IN JAPAN
Made in Kyoto.
Features ■ Tightly woven basket weave ■ Thick and fluffy tie ■ Comes with a pamphlet on how to tie a tie
Color options 10 colors available Blue / BLUE
Navy / Navy / NAVY
Brown / Brown
Wine / Red / WINE
Khaki / Green / KHAKI
Saxe blue / Light blue / SAX BLUE
Pale pink / Pink / PALE PINK
Silver / Silver / SILVER
Ivory / Skin color / IVORY
size Total length approx. 143cm, width 8cm
remarks ■10-day return and refund guarantee If the product you receive is different from what you expected, we guarantee a return and refund within 10 days even after opening. If you are unsure until you see the actual product, please feel free to use the guarantee to try it out.
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