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[Zegna Baruffa wool] Cashmere-like luxury wool tie






●Material: 55% wool, 45% silk, made by Zegna Baruffa, Italy
-Size: Total length: approx. 143cm / Blade width: 8cm
●Country of origin: Japan


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Spring, summer, autumn and winter,
Do you always wear the same tie?

✓Come to think of it, I only have bright colored ties that don't feel seasonal.
✓ I wear a tie all year round, but I worry that people will look at me strangely.
✓I don't know what kind of tie to choose for autumn and winter.
✓I want to give a special Christmas gift, but I'm not sure which one to give.

Did you know?

Just by changing the material of the tie

Someone who can express a sense of the season and is stylish

That's the impression I got.

This year, cashmere style

With wool tie

Updated outfit.

Look stylish in the season when suits are in full swing.
Stand out with the V-zone that only wool can create.

Most of the ties that are usually worn are probably made of silk or polyester. However, there are many more types of ties available. By expanding the range of materials, you can expand the range of outfits you can wear with a monotonous suit, and you can also feel the seasons more clearly. Even with the same suit, just by incorporating a seasonal feel into your tie, you can create an outfit that gives you a sense of ease.

Besides silk, other necktie fabrics include wool, linen, and cotton. Especially in the cold autumn and winter, neckties made of brushed fabrics like wool are recommended as they instantly give you a wintery, gentlemanly look. They look even better when paired with flannel or tweed suit fabrics.

Add a wintery touch to your V-zone.
Zegna Baruffa wool, a luxury material similar to cashmere, from the Italian company

Baruffa wool is made from the finest, carefully selected wool from Australia and developed by Zegna Baruffa, a prestigious Italian spinning company founded over 150 years ago.
Its characteristics include the softness, fluffiness, and luster of cashmere, and it is recognized worldwide as the highest quality wool. Its high quality has earned it the support of luxury fashion houses and designers.
It has little fuzz and just the right amount of flesh, so it's easy to create dimples and gives an elegant V-zone. When using cheap materials, the cheap look stands out, especially in autumn and winter, when the texture is important. By using high-quality materials carefully, you can not only look good, but you can also use the tie over and over again.

I am confident that you will be absolutely pleased.
Perfect as a winter gift or Christmas gift.

Many people have ties for all seasons, but few people have ties that reflect the season. A warm woolen tie for the cold season is perfect for the Christmas atmosphere. It will be a great gift, just like a scarf or gloves, and will surely be well received.
It's also made from high-quality wool, so you can give it as a gift with confidence.
Navy and brown colors will give you a wintery look. Warm colors like camel and khaki green will help you hone your fashion sense even more.

Product name Italian Zegna Baruffa wool tie
Description of item This tie is made from the finest cashmere-like wool and is recommended for autumn and winter suit coordination.
material ■55% wool, 45% silk
It is made of a soft material similar to cashmere.
country of origin MADE IN JAPAN
Made in Kyoto.
Features ■Uses high-quality wool ties from Zegna Baruffa, Italy ■Recommended as a Christmas gift ■Comes with a pamphlet on how to tie a tie
Color options 14 colors available: Bordeaux / Red / BLACK
Brown / Brown
Moss green / green / MOSS GREEN
Dark grey / Dark gray / DARK GREY
Navy / Navy / NAVY
Gray / Grey
Denim / Jeans / DENIM
Black gray / Stripe /
Navy gray / Stripes /
Green gray / Stripe /
Navy brown / Stripe /
Navy regimental / stripes /
Gray regimental / stripe /
Brown regimental / stripe /
size Total length approx. 143cm, width 8cm
remarks ■10-day return and refund guarantee If the product you receive is different from what you expected, we guarantee a return and refund within 10 days even after opening. If you are unsure until you see the actual product, please feel free to use the guarantee to try it out.
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