Wrong funeral tie is insane! Let's know manners and how to choose!

Just as there are business etiquette rules for working adults, there are also proper dress etiquette rules for funerals.

If you behave rudely in a place of mourning, you will be subject to prejudice from those around you and will be seen as someone who lacks common sense.

Manners don't just mean behavior, but also dressing appropriately.

When it comes to clothing, this time we will learn the correct knowledge about ties.

This time, we will introduce the unconventional definition of funeral ties, as well as etiquette and how to choose them.

1. No mistakes allowed! Funeral attire No mistakes allowed! Funeral attire

At a funeral, everyone around you will be following proper dress etiquette, so if you are the only one dressed in an unnatural way, you will stand out very much and people will question your common sense.

It's not a fun place, so showing up in the wrong clothes is not acceptable.

Many people think that it is generally sufficient to wear a black suit or dress, but in fact, there are etiquette rules for accessories as well.

Among these, if you choose the wrong tie, it will stand out because it is worn as the center of your outfit.

About funeral ties

When attending a funeral, you should generally wear a black suit, dress, and tie with a white shirt and black socks and shoes.

When it comes to ties, it is important to choose a plain black tie that is not shiny.

Thinking that a tie doesn't have to be black and choosing a color other than black is a no-no in terms of dress etiquette.

There is no need to be particularly personable at a funeral.

2. Ties you should avoid at funerals
What ties not to wear to a funeral

I have always told people that when attending a funeral, their clothes, shoes, tie, etc., other than a white shirt, should basically be black.

Therefore, if you wear a tie that is not black, you will stand out from the crowd.

There is absolutely no need for playfulness at a funeral.

In addition to the color, there are some things to keep in mind to avoid being rude to the other person:

Non-black ties

The most appropriate tie for a funeral is a plain black tie.

The reason why black is used is that it is said to represent the strength of feelings for the deceased, and the darker the black, the better.

Therefore, it is important to choose a tie that is dark, almost jet black.

If you choose a tie in any color other than black, your attire will be completely inappropriate for a funeral.

Although it is just a fashion accessory that is worn as a focal point, ties are such an important item.

Patterned or embroidered neckties

Since the bereaved family and relatives will also be attending the funeral, it is best to avoid wearing a black tie or one with a pattern or embroidery.

Some people wear a black tie only to realize on their way to the funeral that it wasn't plain.

If you are heading to the funeral home with other attendees in a minibus, it may be too late to do anything about it, but if you are going alone, you can buy a tie at a convenience store and wear it.

3. The perfect tie for a funeral The perfect tie for a funeral

In particular, some people may not know what kind of tie to wear when attending a funeral for the first time.

A funeral, where we commemorate the deceased, is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so it is important to do it properly.

To avoid making any mistakes, be sure to pay attention to the following points and wear the right tie.


There is no particular rule about the length of a mourning tie.

But there is a guideline for length.

The key is to adjust the length of your tie so that it hangs over your belt when you tie it.

This way you will look smart and people around you will not think you are strange.

However, as we have mentioned many times before, you should always wear a black tie.

Even if the tie is not black and the length is perfect, it is considered poor dress etiquette and is completely pointless.


Black ties worn at funerals can be made of materials such as polyester or rayon, but it is generally safest to choose one made of silk.

So, you can't go wrong with a silk tie for the funeral.


Patterned black ties are a no-no, but woven ties with a nearly solid color are acceptable.

However, a plain black tie with no shine or pattern is best.

Also, under no circumstances should you wear a tie with a character or animal pattern.

This will come across as disrespectful to the bereaved family and relatives, and will leave a very bad impression.

Even when it comes to something as simple as a tie, there are many things you need to pay attention to when it comes to funeral dress etiquette.

4. How to tie a funeral tie How to tie a funeral tie

The color of the funeral tie is important, but you should also pay attention to how you tie it.

At a funeral, it is considered bad manners to have a dimple in the knot of your tie, so be careful.

Creating dimples can give the tie a three-dimensional look and make it look more elegant, but it is completely inappropriate for a funeral.

You don't need to look fancy at a funeral.

The main character is the deceased, not you, so everyone else should not stand out and doesn't need to stand out.

The most commonly used way to tie a funeral tie is the "plain knot."

A plain knot makes the knot smaller and gives the overall look a neater look.

Unless you create a dimple in your tie, there is no generally defined way to tie it for a funeral.

There are no specific rules, so you can tie it in any way you normally would, but the Windsor knot is also good.

The plain knot and Windsor knot are often used to tie ties to go with business suits, so it's worth remembering how to do so.

5. Whether or not to wear a tie pin at a funeral Whether to wear a tie pin at a funeral

Many people understand that it is appropriate to wear a black tie at a funeral, but some people may be concerned about whether it is okay to use a tie pin to add a stylish touch.

Originally, tie pins were used as decorative items, and their main purpose was to keep the tie in place when the jacket was taken off.

Therefore, while one might think that wearing a tie pin at a funeral is good dress code, it is generally not a good idea, as most people wear them as a fashion accent.

At a funeral, it is important to dress appropriately and without being too fashionable.

Therefore, there is no need to wear a tie pin at a funeral.

After all, tie pins are attached to the center of the body, so although they are small accessories, they are noticeable, so it is safer not to wear one.

6. Recommended ties for funerals 2 Funeral Ties
[100% Kyoto Silk] Plain necktie [18 colors | Made in Japan]

A simple black tie for formal occasions.

Attending a funeral often comes suddenly.

If you don't have a simple black tie, this is a great option just in case.

7. Summary of tie funerals

It goes without saying that you should follow proper dress etiquette at a funeral, but it is especially important to pay attention to how you wear your tie.

Basically, wearing a plain black item will avoid being disrespectful to the bereaved family or relatives.

There is no need to wear a tie that is not black.

There are no specific rules regarding the length or how to tie a tie at a funeral, but in terms of dress etiquette, the length should be such that it fits snugly against the waistband of your trousers, and the knot should be a plain knot or a Windsor knot.

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