[Latest version in 2022] 5 Valentine's gift ties that men will love!

[Latest version in 2022] 5 Valentine's gift ties that men will love!

Valentine's Day is a day to express your feelings to your loved ones and loved ones.

At the same time, if a woman gives a present to a man and they are very happy, they will be able to spend the year 2022 with a happy feeling.

A necktie is the perfect gift.

A necktie is useful for businessmen who wear a suit to work, and it can also be worn in everyday situations such as parties and celebrations.

This time, we will introduce 5 neckties for men to give to men on Valentine's Day 2022, and about neckties with names and precautions.

1. What is the meaning of giving a tie on Valentine's Day?

On Valentine's Day, many women will confess to a man who they are not yet lovers.

It's the perfect day to convey your daily gratitude to those who are married and important people.

In addition, when giving a gift, it will be easier to convey to the other party if the gift has a meaning.

The meaning of giving a necktie has the meaning of "I'm in love with you", so it would be the best choice for a gift for a man who wants to be a lover.

Sometimes the man who is handed the necktie doesn't know what it means, but if the man is easy to talk to, when you give it to him, ask him, "Do you know what it means?" It would be nice to give it to you.

If you've dated a few times and you've built a relationship of mutual trust, there's no man who wouldn't be happy to hear that he's in love with you.

2. If you want to give a tie for Valentine's Day, it's best to engrave it with your name! What is the reason

If you want to give a tie to a man on Valentine's Day, the original "name tie" is the best choice.

In particular, men who usually wear suits for business will be very favored because they often wear ties.

Knowing the recipient's favorite color, design, favorite brand, etc., and giving them what they like should be inspiring.

However, many women in the world do it, and you can express your affection even more by making them feel special.

That is the name of the tie.

Since it's a one-of-a-kind item, every time the recipient wears a tie with his name on it, he may remember that he received something wonderful for Valentine's Day.

When people see an event or thing that has an impact, it will remain in their memory forever.

Not many women give a necktie with their name on it for Valentine's Day, so I'm sure it will be a wonderful memory for the man who receives it.

I feel special as a gift

A necktie is a standard gift for men, not only for Valentine's Day, but also for anniversaries.

If the person you like is handsome or popular with the opposite sex, other women may have given you a tie.

In that case, even if you put a lot of effort into thinking about the color, design, brand, etc. that the other person likes as a gift, it may end up being the same as the one given to you by another woman.

However, if it is a necktie with your name on it, it will have a great impact, and few women would think of giving it as a gift.

Above all, you can make the gift feel special, so you can give it a higher-grade fashion than other women who give you a standard necktie.

there is only one in the world

If you give a man a necktie with your name on it, you can add value that only one exists in the world.

The other party's name can be entered in various formats such as "kanji, romaji, hiragana, katakana".

For example, you don't have to give only one necktie as a gift, you can give multiple ones.

And you can put the name below on one and put a nickname or nickname on the other one.

Personalized ties are usually made to order, but some shops even have ready-made ties with your name engraved on the back of the necktie.

Strong impact as a gift

After all, if you really want to convey your love to someone you like on Valentine's Day and get married, the stronger the impact as a gift, the easier it will be to fulfill.

On the other hand, if you have a tie with your name on it, you can create a special feeling that is only one in the world, so it is easy to remember the other person.

There are few people who receive gifts, and there are few people who have a fashion accessory item with their name on it, and it is rare to receive it as a gift.

It will definitely be a gift that you will never forget.

3. Precautions when engraving a name on a necktie

If you want to engrave your name on a necktie, you will need time to make it because it is custom-made and requested to the shop.

Also, when making a request, please be aware of the following points.

Delivery takes time

For a necktie with a name, you have to decide the size of the letters and pay attention to the position and angle.

You will need time to discuss the work process and ideals with the store staff.

In addition, the shop takes time and effort to create a frame so that the size, position, and angle of the letters are the same, so naturally it takes time to deliver.

don't forget the name

A necktie with a name on it that you give to your favorite man or important person will be a one-of-a-kind item, so be careful not to put the name wrong.

If you give the gift by mistake, the other person may mistakenly think that you were planning to give it to another man instead of yourself.

Focus on name design

Giving a Valentine a necktie with your name on it will give you a special feeling, but in order to make them even happier, it is recommended to give them a tie with their favorite design.

If a man feels that a woman understands what he likes, he will think that he is observing himself well, and his trust and favorability will increase.

4. 2022 latest version! 5 neckties that are perfect for Valentine's Day gifts

In 2022, we have picked up 5 neckties that are perfect for Valentine's gifts, so we will introduce them.


<quote below>

"BEAMS LIGHTS / Paisley Necktie 21" has a paisley pattern as a casual accent and is made of 100% silk material, so it feels great to the touch.

Although it is not a high-brand product, it is a BEAMS product that is very popular among young people, so it is reasonably priced and perfect as a Valentine's gift.

・Product Name: BEAMS LIGHTS / Paisley Necktie 21

・Size: FREE

・Color: Navy/Brown

・Manufacturer: Made in Japan

・Material: 100% silk

Paul Smith

<quote below>

When it comes to fashion accessory items, Paul Smith is a high-brand manufacturer that boasts outstanding popularity.

The "Madras Check Tie" necktie makes your chest look sophisticated and has a luxurious feel, so it is a perfect gift for those who want to enjoy fashion.

・Product Name: Madras Check Tie

・Size: FREE

・Color: Green/Purple/Black

・Manufacturer: Made in Japan

・Material: 100% silk

nano universe

<quote below>

With the concept of European traditional, nano univers sells stylish fashion accessories every year.

The "Franco Bassi Square Motif Necktie" is perfect for businessmen's suits and can create a calm and mature atmosphere.

・Product Name: Franco Bassi Square Motif Necktie

・Size: FREE

・Color: Gray/Navy/Brown

・A manufacturer: Product made in Italy

・Material: 100% silk


<quote below>

TAKEO KIKUCHI sells ties that are perfect for Valentine's Day gifts in 2022.

The “Adult GOTO Camp Box Tie”, which has a motif of camping and glamping, and has an outdoor feel, is popular.

・Product name: Adult GOTO camping BOX tie

・Size: 80 (length x 145cm, width x 8cm)

・Color: Navy

・Manufacturer: Made in China

・Material: 100% silk


STYLE= collaborated with DojimaTailor to create a necktie that is perfect as a Valentine's gift.

This is a gem of a necktie that has been carefully selected from design to material to manufacturing. The high-quality fabric woven from 100% Kyoto silk, which is a traditional luxury material, is sure to please any man as a gift.

・Product name: Silk tie [Jointly developed by STYLE= and Dojima Tailor]

・Size: total length 145cm, wide sword 7cm

・Manufacturer: Made in Japan

・Material: Kyoto silk 100%

5. Summary of tie for Valentine's gift

It's a recommended tie for a Valentine's gift in 2022, but it's too standard, so you want to give it to someone you like or someone you care about.

Perhaps a woman other than myself may have handed it over.

Valentine's Day is a special day that only comes once a year, so giving a special gift will make it easier for the recipient to remember it.

By gifting a necktie with your name on it, you can create a special feeling that there is only one in the world.

Surely, it will be a wonderful priceless memory for the man in your heart, and you will be pleased.

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