A necktie is the perfect gift for Father's Day! ? 5 ties that will definitely please

A necktie is the perfect gift for Father's Day! ? 5 ties that will definitely please

Father's day 2021 is Sunday, June 20th.

It seems that there are many fathers who are in the prime of their lives and are on holidays.

If you live with your parents, this is a good opportunity to slowly communicate with your father.

Many people who live alone or who are married and have moved out of their parents' homes often find it difficult to take the time to talk to their fathers.

But just giving him a gift on Father's Day and showing him how much you appreciate him can bring you closer together.

Therefore, a tie is recommended.

My father, who has a white-collar job, wears a tie to work almost every day.

So, if you give a necktie as a gift, it will be used for a long time, and it is a fashion item that is difficult to remove.

Even fathers who don't wear a tie at work can wear it for weddings, celebrations, private occasions, etc., so it is difficult to remove as a gift.

This time, we will introduce why a tie is chosen as a gift for Father's Day, how to choose it, budget, etc.

1. Why is a necktie chosen as a gift for Father's Day?

There are many reasons why neckties are popular gifts for Father's Day.

Food and travel can be given as gifts, but those things are temporary gifts, aren't they?

Therefore, gifting a tie to your father is practical and may continue to be used for a long time.

If it is something that can be used everyday and is practical, the father will think of the child's face when using the gift from the child, and the necktie is durable, so as you continue to use it, Attachment will also spring up.

Also, in the business scene, a tie is a must-have item, especially for fathers who work in sales.

Based on such a point, a tie is chosen as a gift for Father's Day.

can be used for a long time

Ties can be washed and worn many times, so they can be used for a long time.

It is easy to convey the feeling of gratitude and gratitude from children, saying, "Dad, do your best at work."

Regular maintenance and cleaning are necessary, so you can extend the life of your tie by using it carefully.

If you often wear it privately, you may not wear a tie every day.

However, there are many fathers who wear it every day at work, so the tie is more likely to get damaged than when worn in private.

Father's Day comes in early summer, but there is no need to give presents that are easy to use during the summer season.

Since they are worn all year round, you can give them a knit or linen necktie just like your father wears in the fall and winter.

The trick is to choose the best quality possible.

I recommend researching what color ties your father usually wears, and if possible, giving him the type of tie that he likes.

I'm happy no matter how many

Neckties are durable, but they are consumables, so any number of ties will make your father happy.

In particular, fathers who wear ties to work every day will be more than happy to provide several types of ties rather than just one.

People around me think I'm a clean and fashionable person by seeing him wearing different ties on a regular basis, rather than my father who wears the same tie every day. You can also make a good impression.

Also, if you continue to use the tie, it will get twisted, wrinkled, and dirty.

If you have several ties, you can reduce the frequency of pain by wearing them in rotation, so it is one of the reasons why you are happy no matter how many ties you have.

If you give him multiple ties, if he doesn't like one of them, he can use another tie to make up for it.

Since it is a small accessory item, it does not take up a lot of storage space.

Therefore, it doesn't matter how many ties you have.

If there are too many kinds, you may think that it will be a nuisance, but there is no need to worry because it will be fun for your father to choose.

can be fashionable

Before gifting a necktie for Father's Day, the person who gives it to you is worried about "color, material, pattern", etc.

Usually, fathers often wear a necktie to work, so it would be better to choose a safe one to wear to work.

When it comes to safe neckties, we recommend solid colors, stripes, or dot patterns in gray or navy colors.

As long as it has a sense of luxury, even a simple necktie can be fashionable enough.

If your father wears it in private, you can be fashionable by choosing something that matches your father's taste and is flashy.

If possible, it would be a good idea to purchase and give different types of ties for business and private use so that they can enjoy fashion.

2. How to choose a tie for Father's Day

On Father's Day, it is better to match the necktie that is given as a present to the father, not to his own taste, or to match the color, design, and material of his choice.

In addition, if you are going to wear something to work, avoid choosing something flashy, and the length of your tie is also important.

If you learn the knowledge of how to choose the right tie in advance before giving the gift, you can reduce the probability of failure.

Many fathers are kind to their children, so even if they receive a necktie that they don't really like, they will be happy with it as a courtesy.

But if you really care about your father, imagine him wearing a tie and choose which tie is best for you.

Also, before Father's Day comes, it's important to research your father's favorite colors, designs, materials, etc., and choose something suitable for the TPO.

If you can't do research on your father, it would be a good idea to call your mother and ask her what kind of tie she usually wears.

Mothers have been watching their fathers for a long time, so they know most things.

Even if you don't communicate with your dad on a regular basis, doing some research and relying on your mom can help you avoid making a bad tie choice.

What suits your usual suit

As a gift for Father's Day, it is recommended that you choose a tie that matches the suit that your father usually wears.

Depending on the father's occupation, there is also a difference in what kind of tie is recommended.

For example, if the father is a civil servant or banker, it is best to wear a solid color such as gray or navy because it is necessary to give a firm impression.

And if you're a father who works in sales, you might choose a tie with a bright color that makes your face look softer.

When choosing a tie, it is best to choose one that is the same color as your suit.

Before Father's Day, if you ask your dad what color suits are available, he might find out.

So instead of asking your father straight, if your father goes to work early in the morning, wake up early in the morning and check his suit and tie while eating breakfast together.

When you can't do research, you can ask your mother, go shopping with your father and see how they respond to suit and necktie corners.

Don't choose flashy ties

In general, when it comes to scenes where fathers wear ties, it is more common for work.

If your father wears a tie at work, it would be better to give him a gray or navy color that is not too flashy as a gift for Father's Day.

Also, if the color is colorful, it will give the other person a cheap impression.

Cheap ties often come in a variety of colors because brightly colored ties are a good deception for quality.

Plain colors are easy to match with any suit.

The striped pattern can be worn in business situations, and it can be fashionable.

And if you choose a design with a reduced color tone for the dot pattern, you can create a calm impression and create a freshness, so it is recommended as something to wear at work.

In addition, there are paisley patterns and patterns, but it would be a little unreasonable for fathers to wear them to work.

It is good to use when you want to show your individuality and improve your fashion in private.

be aware of the design

It is important to think about what kind of scene your father usually wears a tie when choosing.

For work items, choose simple and calm designs as much as possible.

If you give a very eccentric design as a gift for Father's Day, if you are a father who usually wears a necktie to work, people around you and people at work will see the eccentric design necktie. There is also the fear of being reprimanded or prejudiced.

If it's for private use, it's still a relief, but if you fail to wear a tie at work, it will affect your father's image.

It is important to choose a necktie carefully, especially for business use, as the necktie may give a bad impression at the company or cause misunderstandings.

be aware of the length

If the tie is too short or too long, it will not look stylish, so be careful.

It is best to choose a tie that is long enough to match your father's height.

To be more specific, it should be just the right length for your belt buckle when you tie your tie.

For example, if your father is 165cm tall, a tie length of about 145cm will not spoil your style and leave a bad impression.

As mentioned above, one way to choose a tie is to choose one that suits your business and private occasions.

There are various things to keep in mind, such as researching and choosing colors, patterns, materials, etc. that are particular to your father, and choosing a tie that matches the length of the tie and the suit.

3. What is the budget for a tie for Father's Day?

There are many types of ties, so many people may be worried about the budget for a tie for Father's Day.

However, basically, fathers are happy with the feeling of what they get from their children, rather than the difference in price (price).

It doesn't make sense if you stretch yourself and give someone an expensive brand necktie and your living expenses and pocket money are greatly reduced.

If you can afford it, you can give a slightly expensive necktie for Father's Day, and if you don't, you can give it as much as you can.

In general, statistics show that the average budget for a necktie for Father's Day is about 15,000 yen.

The prices of ties range from cheap to expensive.

There are many high-quality, even unbranded ties, so give them something reasonably priced and stylish.

And if possible, when you give your father a tie, you can write a letter to express your gratitude and gratitude to your father, or say a simple "thank you."

4. I'm glad I got it! 5 neckties to give as a gift for Father's Day


100% Kyoto silk, made in Japan. It can be worn for any occasion, and the pale colors are also recommended for formal occasions.


100% silk made in Japan. One of the important points for ties is the thickness of the fabric. Mass-produced ties such as poly ties are thin and have a smooth texture. On the contrary, high-quality silk ties have moderate elasticity, and you can see that they are thick even when viewed from the side. Made in Japan, which boasts to the world, is a good material. There is no doubt that it will be an attractive V zone.


Putting the pride of a tailor into "comfort", we will make the best one just for you. DOJIMA TAILOR & We want you to be happy with everything from design to price to service. Propose a business item that goes up one rank. STYLE= A gem tie created by collaborating with "two feelings". “Thoughts on this necktie” → I chose it consciously so that I can feel the sense of the season in terms of color. Solids and stripes emphasize ease of use in various scenes. The paisley, dot, and square patterns are designed to be used as an accent when wearing a suit.


A cute tie and tie pin set that makes a great gift. Starting with the most popular golf set, airplanes, fishing, baseball, and more are all playful.

5. Father's Day gift tie summary

As a gift for Father's Day, a "necktie" is a practical and long-lasting fashion item that is hard to remove.

Fathers often use it in the business scene, so it would be a good idea to give a work item in a safe color such as navy or gray.

It's important to think about ties for work and personal use separately.

Also, you have to know your father's favorite color, design, material, etc., and be careful about the length of the tie.

The average budget is about 15,000 yen.

No matter how many you have, you'll be happy, so it's better to give multiple than just one.

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