What is the average men's belt size? What are the popular brands and colors recommended for people in their 30s?

Many people probably say, "My body shape has changed compared to when I was younger," or "My fashion sense, etc. has changed."

Men's belts are especially important when coordinating men's clothing.

Not only will you know the belt size that suits you, but if you also gain a deeper understanding of the popular brands and colors that are recommended, you'll definitely be seen as a stylish person by those around you.

1.What is the average men's belt size?

Here are the average men's belt sizes.

The standard size for men's belts is set to fit the average man's waist size of about 80cm .

Most belts have a maximum waist size of about 100cm.

The belt can be worn nicely by fastening it through the holes at a point that is about 20cm longer than your waist.

The belt itself is an item that is part of the overall outfit and is not particularly eye-catching, but a man in his 30s looks good when he has a stylish belt visible over his trousers.

2. How to measure a men's belt? About the size of free size belts How to measure a men's belt? Free size information

To understand the correct men's belt size, it is important to know how to measure belt length.

      1. Wear pants you wear often
      2. Pass the tape measure through the belt
      3. Measure the "size when fastened tightly" and "size when fastened"

    Belt length is indicated in five parts: size, total length, shortest length, longest length, and belt width.

    The free size belt is basically 75cm to 85cm, which is 30 to 34 inches in European inches.

    If you can wear a belt that fits your body properly, you will not feel any pressure or discomfort and will be able to wear it comfortably.

    3.What are the popular belt colors? What is the most popular belt color?

    Here are some popular colors for men's belts.

    When wearing a belt, it is important to match the color of the belt with the color of your shoes .

    Many men aren't very interested in fashion, but women love style, so they often check out men's fashion and notice any unfashionable points.

    When it comes to the overall outfit, women tend to check their fashion in areas that we don't usually pay much attention to, such as shoes and belts.

    Popular colors for men's belts include not only the classic black, but also brown.

    A good color for a belt to use in a business setting would be black, or navy if you want to add a bit of fun.

    On the other hand, there are no particularly popular belt colors for men's belts to wear in private, so it is a good idea to choose a belt color that matches the color of your favorite shoes.

    4.What are some popular belts recommended for people in their 30s?

    We will introduce popular belts recommended for people in their 30s.

    Belts come in a wide range of prices, from inexpensive to expensive, but cheap products tend to have buckles that break easily or the color peels off, making them look cheap.

    Having a high-quality belt is a great way to use it in a variety of situations.

    At Style Equal, we carry belts that are carefully designed, down to the individual components.

    [Genuine Leather] Midnight Black Belt | True "black" with meticulous attention to detail

    A commitment to "black." A genuine "black" belt made with meticulous attention to detail.

    The all-black genuine leather belt buckle and stitching are all black, giving it a sexy look.

    Elegant "black x black" items add a luxurious atmosphere

    Size: Total length of obi approx. 105cm (maximum waist 95cm) / obi width 3cm
    ・Design: 4 patterns ・Country of origin: Main body leather/India, Buckle hardware/China, Final processing/Japan ・Material: Both sides cowhide

    [Genuine leather] Belts made in Japan | 5 colors | Made entirely in Japan, even down to the manufacturing of the thread

    I hope that only those who love Japanese "manufacturing" will wear it.

    This belt was made by Japanese craftsmen with that idea in mind, and is made entirely in Japan.

    You can experience the quality of the real thing, made with the heart and skill of Japanese craftsmen.

    Available in five traditional, deep colors.

    It can be used in a variety of situations.

    Size: Total length of obi 108cm (maximum waist 98cm) / obi width 3cm
    Color: Black/Chocolate/Brown/Navy/Wine Buckle type: Mirror/Satin Country of origin: Japan Material: Cowhide (front)/Pigskin (back)/Brass (buckle)

    [Cowhide] Long belt | Fits up to 140cm | Pursuing both appearance and usability

    This is a long belt that pursues both appearance and ease of use.

    This belt is not just long, but has an emphasis on design, so it is stylish despite its long length.

    You can choose from a wide variety of options, including 8 designs and 2 colors.

    It can be easily cut to size, so you can adjust it to your needs.

    Product name: Long belt [fits up to 140cm]
    Size: Total length of obi 150cm (maximum waist 140cm) / obi width 3.4cm
    ・Material: Cowhide (front)/Synthetic leather (back)


    The average belt size for men in their 30s is around 100cm. Choose a belt that fits your waist size perfectly.

    We recommend black or navy for work, and your favorite color for private use.

    Enjoy fashion with a belt as an accent!

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