How to choose a tie Thorough explanation of 100% silk neckties [STYLE=]

How to choose a tie Thorough explanation of 100% silk neckties [STYLE=]

This time, we will introduce STYLE='s popular product, [100% Kyoto silk | 18 colors] made in Japan satin solid necktie [plain].

This 100% silk necktie is recommended not only for everyday use, but also as a gift.

We will also introduce the points of choosing a tie and the characteristics of the material.

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1. How to choose a tie for each occasion

When choosing a tie, it is important to choose the color and pattern.
Choose a color similar to or compatible with the suit or shirt, and when it comes to patterns, simple checks, dots, and stripes are safe.
We will introduce the colors and patterns of ties that are specifically recommended for each scene.

business scene

Calm colors are preferred in the business scene.
Dark colors such as black and navy blue are common, and striped and dot patterns are standard.

formal occasions

For formal occasions such as weddings and parties, colors such as black, white, silver and gold are preferred.
Simple and subdued patterns and patterns are preferred, and solid colors, dots, and python patterns are standard.

casual scene

Bright colors are often used for casual occasions. Cute designs such as flower prints and animal prints are also popular.

2. Pay attention to the material of the tie

There are many different materials used for ties.
They range from inexpensive materials such as polyester to high-end materials such as silk.
Let's check the characteristics of each.

1. Silk

The silk material has a glossy and lustrous feel, giving it a luxurious feel.
It's smooth and has a nice texture, and it's perfect for occasions when you want to dress up.
Depending on the material of the outerwear you wear, you can choose according to the season and scene, making it a very popular material.

2. Wool

Warm and recommended for winter.
It is used for casual atmosphere such as tartan check and tweed pattern.
It can be used in formal situations, so you can definitely have one.

3. Cotton

It has a natural look and is perfect for refreshing outfits. Easy to match with casual occasions, recommended for summer.

4. Linen

It has a cool appearance and is recommended for summer. The texture and color of natural materials are attractive, and it is often used to match the natural and casual atmosphere.

5. Polyester

Polyester is known as a light and durable material. It is suitable for occasions where functionality and cost are prioritized, such as short-term use and low budget, and although it is not as luxurious as silk, it can be matched with a casual atmosphere.

3. Pay attention to the width of the tie!

It is this width that you should pay attention to unexpectedly when choosing a tie.
For casual wear and business occasions, a width of 7.5 to 9 cm is generally considered to be well-balanced.
A thin necktie with a width of 6 to 7.5 cm is also popular for fashionable places and casual occasions.
Ties with a width of 9 cm or more are commonly worn with traditional formal wear, but are not commonly used today.

[STYLE=] A thorough explanation of Japanese satin solid ties

The business accessory brand STYLE = (style equal) recommends with confidence,
[100% Kyoto silk | 18 colors] Introducing Japanese satin solid tie [plain].

different thickness

The satin solid necktie sold by STYLE= uses 100% silk on both front and back,
You can see the difference at a glance when compared to 100% polyester ties.
A firm necktie has a tight knot, giving it firmness and making your chest look gorgeous.

Carefully selected material "Kyoto Silk"

The silk fabric produced by Kyoto Silk is famous as a very high quality silk that has been used in the Paris Collection.
It has a supple, beautiful luster and a touch that makes you want to love it.
Due to the detailed weave pattern, it features a wide variety of variations from traditional Japanese patterns to modern designs.

Abundant color variations

We have carefully selected 18 colors from the over 500 colors of yarn in our Kyoto Silk warehouse. You should be able to find your favorite color, from the standard colors to the neutral colors you just wanted.

[Kyoto silk 100% | 18 colors] Made in Japan satin solid tie [plain]

・Size: total length 143cm, wide width 8cm
・Color: 18 colors
·Country of Origin: Japan
・Material: 100% silk

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